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andyr · 4107

Rogue is the only hero who can copy what other heroes do. This makes her the mime.


We all know identity-specific events are usually a hero's most powerful or most efficient events (except for Crisis Interdiction), but Rogue's Superpower Adaptation let's her copy a hero's best events. This deck leans right into that.

Any time you get Superpower Adaptation, place Touched on your friend's identity and grab their strong card for whatever situation you're in:

Warning: Don’t touch a hero with less than 3 hits if they can’t heal before the villain phase and your obligation is still in the encounter deck. This is a really fun deck, but that fun dies really quickly if you touched a hero into their defeat.

Help Your Friends

It’s always fun to grab a powerful, unique event from another hero’s discard, but it’s more powerful to sometimes help them set up. When playing with Ironheart, it really sped up her upgrades if Rogue grabbed Fly Over and finished a scheme. Same for Unleash Nova Force or Schadenfreude. This is where the mime shines. I can only imagine how this would help Groot stay strong if you kept grabbing Root Stomp or Fruition. I mean, it’s 0-cost, but it’s two extra damage or thwart for Groot.

Paying for it

X-Gene works for "an identity specific event." This is great because it doesn't have to be your identity specific event. So grab Ghost Spider's Ghost Kick and pay for it with X-Gene.

The X-Jet and Deft Focus are also meant to help you pay for Track by Scent. This also helps you still play your set up cards or allies to help with defense. So don't ignore your own cards.


This deck is also chock-full of resources and uses the 'Pool resources to help pay for everything, especially your allies to give you a defense and activations.

Optional This deck has three open slots to adapt Rogue to the table or game. For the published version, I chose the pool resources. They pay for 99% of the cards grabbed from Superpower Adaptation. However, you're welcome to sub those for any three cards. If you know you'll be doing a lot of thwarting, opt for Sense of Justice and Heroic Intuition. If you're going against a heavy-hitting villain, grab Armored Vest and Indomitable.

Cycle Your Mimic

Once you have one or two Superpower Adaptation in your discard pile, shuffle it back in with Mutant Education. X-Mansion is here to help you benefit with the card draw from using it.

You always want to be shuffling in Superpower Adaptation, so you can draw into it with Nick Fury...or just go find it with Hope Summers.

Your Cards

While you always want to prioritize Superpower Adaptation, your other cards are also incredibly powerful. It's okay to touch an ally so you can thwart for 5 with Goin' Rogue or touch the villain for a Bulletproof Belle. Then you can take that tough and play Steel Fist :D.

Multiplayer Only Mostly

This deck centers around Superpower Adaptation. So if you're playing a solo game, this deck might fall flat. The deck is strong enough to still win on expert in solo, but the fun of the deck is on miming other hero’s events and doing incredibly strong things for the table through it.

Take it for a spin and see for yourself. Rogue can copy whatever the other heroes are doing. She's a Mime, and it also makes her pretty unique...because she can copy everyone else. I'm not sure unique is how you describe someone who copies, but I was amazed at how fun this was when playing with Venom and Hulk.

Character Role Decks:

Each of these decks are meant to be mixed and match in multiplayer with the other role decks below. Feel free to check out some of the other character roles


Jan 26, 2024 RTimMorris · 147

Those 'Pool resources are great, but do you find those 3 cards worth it considering you might also need to deal with the Dreadpool module?

Jan 26, 2024 andyr · 4107

Dealing Dreadpool wasn’t too terribly bad. Crisis of Infinite Deadpools came out once. I did do more overkill in that game.

However, I appreciate your callout. If you (or the group) have less risk tolerance, you could easily replace them with any card that will help you adapt to the other heroes you’re with. If you think you might grab thwart events because there’s no Justice player, take Overwatch, Sense of Justice, and Skilled Investigator (or Specialized Training).

In my play testing, I rarely took damage (or was able to quickly heal back from X-Mansion), and those triples were so nice to pay for an ally or setup card.

Jan 27, 2024 dr00 · 39850

another fun deck! 41-card meta let's goooooo lol

i also love these really fun builds that do crazy stuff like only including 3 aspect cards haha. great job :D

Jan 27, 2024 andyr · 4107

Thanks, @dr00! It’d be kinda funny to have a deck building brand of always doing 41-cards :)

It definitely cracked me up on the first iteration that it was all gray…and Armored Vest because I was nervous about health…but it’s nice, three cards to do whatever you want with an aspect on

Jan 28, 2024 techfun06 · 1

Just played this with Cable’s Round Table, and that was insane grabbing his events and doing crazy damage and thwart with him.

Jan 29, 2024 andyr · 4107

@techfun06 that's awesome! yeah, i think there are tons of cool hero possibilities. this might be a con of heroes deck, just because of its support and offense capabilities.