I'm Gonna Smash It

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andyr · 2194

Wolverine wants to take matters into his own hands and fight with those bare hands. He's a monk that wants to keep the fight on the ground.


This deck aims to beef up Wolverine's attack stats so he can do devastating damage with that stat. Specialized Training for Combat Specialist, Combat Training, and Adamantium Claws means Wolverine will have a base 5 ATK. Then as you play attack events (this deck has 12), you can boost it more with Fluid Motion to have a 7 ATK.


This deck tries to do healing through Precision Strike and Healing Factor. So try to defend with allies when possible. Hulk is a giant shield who's usually good for 2 defends.

With Precision Strike, if you can set up an enemy to be defeated on its own, do that. If you need some help, use Wolverine's Claws and Directed Force so it's 4 damage. So the exchange is to lose 1 health to gain 2. Not as nice, but still nice.

Phantom Rush

Directed Force has so many good targets. Once Adamantium Skeleton is in play, it can be used to do extra damage on Wolverine's base attack. It can be used with any Claw enhanced attack. So, Lunging Strike can do 10 damage. Quick Strike can do 9 damage if both Fluid Motions triggered.

Wolverine can rip through any villain and is a great asset on any team. He's ready to do hand to hand combat and clear the field of minions...and villains. This deck is built to be used in multiplayer and can do big damage quickly because of his claws, but by the middle of the game, he's usually ready to do big damage and make it the end of the game.

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Feb 09, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 4716

Very cool concept. Deck is flooded with attack events that Wolverine can easily pay for with his claws, Fluid Motion buffs his ATK stat for the attack event Quickstrike to synergize dealing damage equal to his boosted attack. Looks extremely fun!

Feb 09, 2024 andyr · 2194

Thanks, @Web-Warrior Fanatic! It was fun pairing this with a thwarting cap and just blitzing Red Skull