Player Side Scheme
Cost: 1.
Threat: 5.

Victory 0.

When Defeated: Each player who does not control a SPECIALIZATION upgrade chooses 1 set-aside SPECIALIZATION upgrade and puts it into play under their control.

X-23 #21.
Specialized Training

Just for reference (as they are not linked on this page) :

Edited because I said something to add more words and I was wrong, you cannot get 2 specializations in a 2-players game ;)

captainfire · 122
No, you'd waste a lot of thawrt and still only have 1 specialization — Bushidough · 2
Also Specialized Training has Victory 0, so it goes into victory display and cannot be played again. — Eetami · 1
@Bushidough Yes, it's clearly written on it, what was I thinking ^^''' — captainfire · 122
@Eetami You technically could play the same side scheme twice (or more) in a game if 2 (or more) players have it in their deck. You only need to not play them at the same time as the Unique rule only applies for cards in play and not in the Victory display :) — captainfire · 122
Even if you played a second Specialized Training, to get a second upgrade you need to have discarded the first one. — HikariRyu · 118
Why would you need to discard the first one? — Kaza42 · 1
Because it says that only a Player that does not control one of those upgrades gets a new one. You would need to discard the first upgrade, then defeat the sencod Specialized Training. — HikariRyu · 118