Groot is in hero form and has 2 growth counters and a tough status card. If he takes 2 damage, I'm thinking I have to remove 2 growth counters first, as it is a forced interrupt, before I would get to discard the tough status card. Likewise, if I took 3 damage, I would discard 2 growth counters first and then the tough status card for the remaining 1 damage. Rules gurus, take it away! Thanks!

jedimattb · 1
This is addressed in the GMW rules insert - tough always takes precedence. Say he has 2 growth counters and a tough status, 3 damage incoming. The tough is removed and he keeps the growth counters — Stretch22 · 165
Awesome, thanks! — jedimattb · 1

Not really a comment, but Does anyone else think he looks way more menacing and cool with the Glowing red eyes. Now onto the important stuff, Taskmaster is pretty Average. Never had problems with him but I can see how he can mess some people up. His boost however is actually pretty Good (for taskmaster). I think they should have at least given him 1 to SCH and ATK.

MrEnricks · 3

Imagine how cool it would've been if Blade was a Hero. Either way this card is pretty Good for Aggression and Soaking damage. I like the fact that it Replaces Consequential damage with a Payment method, making him feel more like a Hitman/Mercenary. If you've got 1 or 2 Cards you didn't want that has a fist resource than just buy him for one resource and just deal good damage on minions. He gets better if you're playing leadership Cause you can put some good upgrades on him (Reinforced Suit, Sidearm, and Inspired). If I could recommend Blade on two Hero's they would be Star-Lord, and Hulk, Star Lord because he can turn all his Allies to have the 'Guardian' trait which opens up to even more Upgrades (Laser Blaster, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Honorary Guardian). I would recommend Hulk because He has almost all of his cards being Fist resources. Overall I really like Blade, He's good, long lasting, And just a cool character overall.

MrEnricks · 3
Problem Solvers

Wow. I know players can't give other players resources, but assuming other players in a multiplayer game can exhaust their heroes and allies (with the correct required traits) in order to satisfy the requirements for this card to trigger . . . BOOM! Potentially massive amounts of threat gone from the board in a single turn!!! This card will definitely find a welcome home in the right decks. :)

bmay511 · 74
Other players can help you pay resources, as per the "Alliance" keyword on this card. Can remove a lot of threat but very expensive to play! I would want to see at least 3 schemes out — Stretch22 · 165
@Stretch22 - Yep! Some villains (and modular sets) bring out a *ton* of side schemes, so best usage of this card would definitely be in that kind of environment. And I actually hadn't looked up the definition of the "alliance" keyword yet when I typed my initial review. Expensive, but great card in the right situation! — bmay511 · 74

This card is better than Laser Blaster in a lot of ways.

  1. Ranged is better than overkill (for allies)
  2. Isn't locked to leadership
  3. Isn't Locked to Guardian allies
  4. (not related to gameplay) Has The Punisher on the card Which is his only appearance in the game However If I was playing Star-Lord on leadership I would Bring Yondu and Laser Blaster
MrEnricks · 3