Two Against the World

I wish this card would also let you search your hand and discard pile! Frustrating when you have the reinforced chassis or the shoulder cannon already in hand when you play this. Seems to have good value when playing War Machine though, as you can usually find at least a 2 cost upgrade.

Chappykinz · 1
Badoon Grunt

This card gets revealed as a boost. It is put in play engaged with me. This is the same wording as when a minion is revealed during and therefore its boost effect definitely triggers its Forced Response.

Starlordxx · 36

Daredevil is worth consideration for most solo protection decks, and close to a must include for solo or multiplayer in certain scenarios. First of all, he's a two-cost ally that can ping twice for one and then block, or more importantly, thwart for two and and then block, which is great value and something most solo Protection decks sorely need.

What really sets him apart from other Protection allies though is his ability to deal with annoying minions that ping you for one damage, like Ultron I and II drones, against which he's like an Energy Barrier that never runs out of reflection counters — you can keep him out for a long time as long as you promptly discard Upgraded Drones attachments.

He's perfect tech for dealing with annoying guard and patrol minions that only attack for one damage but have tough, like Armored Guards or Ultimate Bio-Servants — in multiplayer, instead of having him chump a villain attack, I would consider leaving him on the board as long as I could to defend against those guys and remove their tough status cards, unless another player has a lot of piercing attacks. For this kind of minion, Daredevil is the clear choice over Victor Mancha. While V.M. also allows you to ignore one of those minions, Daredevil can remove it from the board after a few turns if your hero is too busy dealing with side schemes, other minions, etc.

Oops, forgot that Ultimate Bio-Servants don't have guard. Still, Daredevil is great for handling one of those if your hero is too busy putting out fires elsewhere. — eclecticMel · 2
Split Personality

This is something that you really only want to play while you start in hero form. It costs 3 resources, but you should almost always be able to pay that unless you spent cards during the villain phase or an encounter card forced you to discard something from your hand.

So essentially what you do is replacing a hand of 4 cards with a hand of 6 cards, then you flip back to Hero form and you deal 2 damage to an enemy.

In other words for 4 ER you gain 6 ER (with a net gain of 2) and deal 2 damage. Moreover this also gives you a chance to recover without ending your turn in AE form, and/or a chance to use Legal Practice, Superhuman Law Division or any card that can only be used in AE form.

There aren't really many reasons not to play this card every time you can. One reason may be that you really need to end your turn in AE form, but those should be pretty rare cases. Another reason is if in your 4-cards hand there's one that you really want to play. However this would assume the worst scenario where you don't have anything that can boost your resources. Helicarrier, Genius/Strength/Energy, Focused Rage, Quincarrier, there's a lot of options that can allow you keep one or two cards in your hand and play split personality anyway. The effect doesn't really changes, you'll still have 2 more cards than what you started with.

Killbray · 1
I'm perfectly happy playing this when I've started the turn in Alter Ego, I just tend to wait until after I've switched to Hero form to do it. That's really the key: you want to be using Split Personality to switch from Hero to Alter Ego, rather than the other way. — Fry · 103

i think this is a good side deck card for when you have friends that run things like Spiderman (peter parker/miles morales), Ghost Spider, Spiderham, SP//DR , etc causing you not being able to play your ally cards because a unique ally cant be played when Heros with the same name exist on the field (both as an ally and a player's hero card)

there is no image on the main site so i had to check what the artwork was: