I didn't understand what Hellcat was doing in this set when I first saw her. I wasn't sure what tricks the bouncing enabled, playing her again for 3 every time felt expensive, and I wasn't especially interested in Leadership decks building around it.

But now I understand that she's not just a gimmick card; she's also a strong staple for She-Hulk, no tricks required. Here's the two key bits:

  1. She's a very reliable source of thwart, helping make up for She-Hulk's 1 THW in aspects like Aggression.
  2. Her ability is most commonly useful as "Action: Spend three resources -> Heal all damage from Hellcat and ready her."

Three resources is the same effective cost as playing First Aid and Get Ready from hand. It's worth 4 THW total, which is pretty good return for 3 resources—the same as an activated For Justice!. This wouldn't usually be good enough value on an Event (sorry, For Justice!), but as an effect you can do any time forever? That's very very flexible and strong.

When playing She-Hulk, keep an eye out for times when you have extra resources you don't know what to do with, and dump them into Hellcat. May as well keep that engine running!

(Consider Avengers Tower with her, too: it's not unrealistic to bounce her back up every turn, especially for 2 resources instead of 3!)

matchu · 9

He's very fun...once or twice !
Then it's always the same to me (my opinion, don't hurt me ;) ) : Get a lot of HP, Maximum Effort and This Card is Fire. This will one-shot most villain in solo and you will, usually kill any villain pretty quickly (understand, before dying to threats).

I find that a bit boring but once in while, why not... ;) The real problem I have with him is in multiplayer !
And the more players, the worse it gets :

  • It Ain't Over... will soften the impact of all those Acceleration Tokens you'll add but it still more weight for the others to deal will every turn.
  • He deals a lot of damage but he can't do it every turn reliably. In 4 players, something will mess a bit with your plan/health/cards and you won't be able to heal, Maximum Effort / "Yoo-Hoo!" and Fire as often as you'd like. It means you will deal huge burst of damage but overall you'll perform like most strong heroes.
  • Finally, and mainly, YOU CAN DIE ANY TURN ! Yes, it seems weird because that's his entire thing but there are more ways to truly die than you'd think at first glance ==> a Boost that deals you 1 damage before the villain damages you, any Boost/Encounter card that deal you (indirect or not) damage, Kraken-like abilities, things that cancel your identity text-box like the #@%*ing Tabula Rasa 16 included in your nemesis set.
    I mean...what the hell, your game plan is to literally do THIS (being at 1 HP to "die") again and again so, at one point, you will inevitably die to one of those effects if the game last too long (and it will in 3-4 players if not everybody is rushing the villain)
  • Okay, I'm not finished ^^ It is frustrating for YOU and for YOUR FRIENDS when you don't see the end of the game and have to wait 30 minutes or you force them to reset it. And sometimes you will die, discard your It Ain't Over... and make them lose because you thought 9 Acceleration Tokens was manageable :p

Anyway, he's incredibly good, but for solo, otherwise, you might be very frustrated.
Target Acquired can counter most things that can truly kill you, so I wouldn't play him without it in multi if I were to play him again (it saved me multiple times) :)

captainfire · 34

Note the lack of "1/turn" or "exhaust itself"...so you can dump into it multiple times in a turn. Great to combo "hand dumping" with Mulligan. Also the same if your entire team is playing it (unique) and the next person wants to start using the same trick. :)

Sluggie · 1

I would say that this is the most intriguing 'pool ally.

  1. THW of 2 is very welcome on any ally (with the bonus of no consequential damage foreseen)
  2. His response is fantastic
  3. His Icon is proviing the requisit for "I Got This" to gain extra activations.
Japara · 104

A surprising card to not have a review yet and one of Leadership's staple allies. With 15 events in your deck, you're above 90% to hit an event in your top 5 (not considering other information about your discard + hand), and you're above 60% to see 2 or more, which provides powerful selection that is much better than simply drawing a card. Kaluu is very easy to use since the Response doesn't care if you're in Alter-Ego or Hero, and it is an "enters play" ability, not a play from hand ability, so it works with Make the Call or Rapid Response. I'd say about 12+ events is where you want to be to play Kaluu, but even less can be acceptable if your deck wants to dig to a specific event. Easy inclusion in many Leadership decks

Stretch22 · 381
Spot on great card, I almost never play a Leadership deck without him. — vintagebuyer_80 · 31