Full disclosure: Hellcat is my favorite superhero, so I was always going to build my deck around utilising her, but she's proved generally effective and interesting in my games so far.

Pros: Provides wild resources, allowing for reliable activations of cards like Relentless Assault and Vision

Almost never dies from consequential damage, allowing reliable activation of cards that rely on you having allies such as #all_leadership_cards

Often allows you to thwart away 4 to 6 threat in a single turn

Can repeat combos across consecutive turns, creating a reliable engine

Cons: Low ATK makes damage lines less effective

Requires a lot of resources to be utilised to full effect

Singleton (pretty please print a tutor for allies FFG)

Overall Patsy is exactly as reliable a friend to Jen as she's always been in the comics, looping in and out of the hand to apply the thwart and damage that your hand might otherwise be unable to do.

Notable Lines and Combos: Play Hellcat - exhaust - end turn - exhaust - bounce - loop (Most basic loop, 4 thw/2atk each turn)

Play Hellcat - exhaust - bounce - Play Hellcat - exhaust - bounce/pass turn (Possible with 2-resource cards, or the reload from Split Personality)

Play Hellcat - exhaust - Get Ready - exhaust - bounce - loop (more efficient leadership version of the standard loop, utilises all avaliable hit points with only one extra lost resource)

Any above line + Inspired or Lead from the Front can make the atk version of the loop worthwhile, but should usually be saved for opportunities where you have multiple/stronger allies

Make the Call gives recursion and allows you to squeeze the value out of Patsy's last hit point before bringing her back

Rating: 11/10 best girl = best card

Comic recommendation: Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! by Kate Leth and Brittney L. Williams

The Triskelion

I don't think that this card is there yet. The current 3 ally limit is a solid amount of allies to have on the table. Those allies are there to do a couple helpful items for a turn or two and then they will typically take one for the team and chump block for the hero when the villain attacks.

I think there will be a point in time or a specific super hero that has access to extra allies. Or there will be enough cheap allies that putting a couple out a turn or even three on a turn isn't unreasonable. Then this card will start seeing some play. But until then, this card should remain out people's decks at the moment.

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Maria Hill

Maria doesn't look like much at first glance, but she is a very powerful ally; even in single player. She's basically only costs a single resource since she pays herself back a card. Occasionally she will also be free by drawing into a 2 resource card. And for that cost of 1 resource she can remove 4 threat from the table over 2 turns. That's amazing for the cost. She's a great chump block character if you only need 2 threat removed as well.

Not to mention, that in multiplayer she hands resources and options for your entire team of heroes when she hits the field. Your teammates will thank you. She will see play for a long time to come as a powerful low-cost ally.

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Interrogation Room

This is one of those cards that seems to be villain situational. In a scenario with Rhino, you don't really have that many minions. In a scenario with the other two villains those chances go up. I would include this as a single copy in a Rhino game and multiple copies of it in a villain set that has more minions.

Since more cards are drawn from the deck in multiplayer games, you will see more minions on the field. It doesn't matter if the minion is engaged with you or not. It just matters if you take them out. So, with three other heroes this card's usability goes up considerably.

A situational card for me that goes from 1-2 copied, but I don't think warrants a third since you can only have 1 per player and the other 2 would be dead cards.

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Chase Them Down

Chase them down is arguably one of the first staple cards in M:CH, especially for certain Aggression builds. On the whole, Aggression lacks threat removal, and so having this option on hand is huge. Let's break it down:


-- The only cost is the card itself. 0 cost for 2 threat is very good by the standards of any class, even Justice.

-- Adds much needed threat removal to the Aggression aspect.


-- Requires a hero to attack and destroy a minion. In the core set, this makes this card not very playable for Iron Man or Spiderman, who both tend to do other things (Thwart and Defend, respectively).

-- Highly situational, and can end up as a dead card in the wrong situation or villain/scenario.

HERO SYNERGIES (as of Ms. Marvel pack):

-- She-Hulk: She-Hulk has two huge advantages when it comes to this card. For one, she is almost always attacking, and the other is that she is in Hero form nearly every turn.

HERO DYSERGIES (as of Ms. Marvel pack):

-- Iron Man: Iron Man wants to thwart whil in hero form. His one attack doesn't lend itself well to attacking, and he's got his gauntlets and events for that. Plus, he's gonna be in alter-ego for a lot of the game, making this a dead card.

-- Spiderman: Spiderman tends to defend, in part because of his awesome defense stat and in part because it accelerates his economy. He won't be attacking a minion that much.

Final Rating: 9/10

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You can also use this when you defeat the first stage of a villain. — Archimboldi · 1