Electrostatic Armor

An absolute staple of Protection that came out in the first wave of cards. Any Hero that intends to Defend frequently makes exceptional useof this card. If you are able to get it out early enough, Electrstatic Armor could easily deal 6 damage over the course of the game, making it an excellent value at only one cost.

The new Defense rules only did this card a favor, allowing for dealing damage if any card with (defense) is played, Previously, you had to actively exhaust to be considered the defender of an attack.

Judicator82 · 80
SP//dr Command

Very powerful once you're set up - discarding a card to ready Host Spider, and by extension your hero, is good value.

Especially valuable at the end of late game All Systems Go! turns: attack, use attack interface, ready with Host Spider, Thwart, use Thwart interface, ready interfaces with All Systems Go, ready with Host Spider, attack, use attack interface, Command to ready Host Spider to ready hero, Thwart, use Thwart interface.

If you don't need that much Thwarting, or on earlier turns, you've also got the option to draw a card for an unused interface, which is great. Don't sleep on this card!

Fry · 140
Never Back Down

If you're playing an Armored Vest type of deck, which basic defends regularly, this is a great way to get effectively two defenses in one (by stuffing a later attack with the Stun). One of the rare ways to inflict Stun in the middle of the villain phase, which has value at higher player counts.

Much less effective against Steady/Stalwart villains, to the point where almost any other defense card would be better. I try to build fairly general purpose decks, so I don't like to include large numbers of this in case I'm up against Thanos or whoever.

Fry · 140
Symbiote Suit

I think the best heroes this card fit is Wolverine. He can benefit the 10+ hit point to easily pay attack events. Combine with +1 card and +1 attack, he can have insane round. Nevertheless, it's still situational. I don't think i want to play this kind of card at the begining of a game.

Mutant Protectors

This card combos really nicely with Colossus. Lowers his cost even further, Colossus defends with his Tough status & can be used again later for an attack 3 and another defend. Polaris works well with this card too, she even gives the extra flexibility of allowing the player to choose which X-Man receives the Tough status

jamman39 · 1