Armored Vest

It is hard to overstate how excellent this card is. One resource, and you get +1 DEF for the rest of the game. Considering how weak the DEF stat is for so many heroes, I a have to believe this is an automatic 'include' for any deck with a Protection aspect.

MacGhille · 29
One Way or Another

Very interesting in a Ms. Marvel justice deck: if you have this and Multitasking in hand, search for a side scheme, reveal it, draw your cards, play Multitasking, remove 2 threats from the main scheme and the side scheme (4 and 4 if you have Shrink in play), then take back in your hand Multitasking if you need to replay it for a total of 4 or 6 to each scheme.

Plus, as we are talking about Ms. Marvel you will probably place this under Bruno Carrelli to recover it at the best moment: when you have Multitasking in hand (or also under Bruno Carrelli) and there is only 1 scheme in play and you are not in a rush to play other cards from your hand.

AlexandreP · 10
I don't get the excitement for this card outside of solo play. Sure, you are drawing 3 cards but if you don't remove the scheme for less than 2 cards than you spending a card to make the board in a worse state than if you had just used One Way as a resource instead. In solo play that is possible. In multiple player outside of niche situations like the Ms Marvel one above this card seems like a waste. — calderc23 · 71
It's mostly as a way to force the various cards that trigger on completing a side-scheme. Cards like Followed, Justice Served, or Skilled Investigator (probably the more relevant option). Aggression has a similar situation with Minions. There are a lot of cards that are anti-minion; but you may have a scenario in which Minions never enter play due to the random nature of the game. That can happen with side schemes too. The card being able to potentially break-even on its own is pretty nice. — RolandWright · 1065

I think this can be very efficient in a Groot deck thanks to "We Are Groot": the tough status card prevent all the consequential damages so as long as the ally attacks only when it has the tough status your ally as simply +2 ATK.

It's especially interesting with Rocket Raccoon as when he attacks a minion, he now has an ATK of 6 and Overkill !

Of course you only have a single copy of "We Are Groot" in your deck so you can't use enraged Rocket raccoon on each minion unless you have several copies of First Aid

AlexandreP · 10
Brains over Brawn

Wasp with Wasp's Helmet and Heroic Intuition is 4 damage. If I'm thwarting and use Rapid Growth, do I deal 4 damage or 6 ? If the damage is 6, I think it could be worth to play Brains over Brawn with Wasp.

wehehe · 33
Actually, Rapid Growth states "+2 to that power for his use", not "for this turn". So my guess is Brains over Brawn does 4 DMG, not 6. — neothechosen · 2365

What is being cancelled as "Boost" effect? Is it the boost ability text only, or both boost icons and ability text? Target Acquired clarifies it's only the boost ability is why I ask (thus I am leaning the latter, it's both).

Tromdial · 5