Hammer Throw

This is the card that makes Thor's deck powerful, and there are only 3 copies. I think realistically, unless you're playing MP you can maybe luckily send off 2 copies for 16 damage. Either way, turn 1 with Mjolnir you can do 11 damage turn 1. Or 14 if you're packing a Mean Swing. This is the card I mulligan for, not Lightning Strike, or any other card, I want to throw the hammer again and again. Sure other targets like God of Thunder will definitely help, but Hammer Throw will get you to the finish line. Having GoT in play is also key to returning your hammer without having/needing a card in hand, so keep that in mind.

For Asgard!

The most useless card in Thor's deck? Probably. What do you really want to pay 2 cards out of hand, or 1 if you're lucky, for when paying for For Asgard!? Well, not Lightning Strike. Maybe Thor's Helmet, if you'll die otherwise, but really there's only 1 prime target, Hammer Throw. You only have 3 of these, so that's 24 damage you can lay on the villain. You know who else has that damage capability? Spider-Man with Swinging Web Kick, but he only gets 3. Thor, theoretically could use a fourth copy by bringing it to hand with For Asgard! Not that likely, but even so you want that card to be in your hand because you'll be 8 damage points closer to victory once each time you play it.

I would play this card for Lady Sif. She's that awesome. — gustave154 · 2
You can’t get Hammer Throw, it isn’t Asgard traited. What you really want is Asgard to make up for his bad hand size. — Servicious · 1
Under Surveillance

Without having played with it (hopefully soon!), this will make Rhino so much easier to deal with in solo. Besides that, I think having more time to build up (Iron Man for instance) without losing to threat is always good.

Trebge68 · 2
Dance of Death

Just came to my mind that Widow with Jarnbjorn might be fun. It will cost you 6 resources and a card, but you'll be able to trigger Jarnbjorn three times from this event. And potentially attack normally and use jarnbjorn 4th time.

1+2+2+2+3+2+2+2 damage sounds nice. Probably not really doable right now (other than with insane setup, but still. 16 damage. And you can split it as you want.

picollo · 9
If Black Widow is Stunned, does that prevent the entire card, or just the first attack? The card says "3 attacks", so my guess is that it only blocks the first one (the 2 damage attache and 3 damage attack still trigger). Has FFG confirmed this? — MyLtlePwny · 6
It prevents the entire card since the card is an attack. You would play Dance of Death and then unstun. — GenArt · 1
Are you sure about this ? The card clearly states that this is 3 attacks. I think you discard your stun card after the first attacks. It will surely be in the next FAQ, but that is the way I see it. — Baker · 1
Only the first one is canceled as confirmed by designer there https://hallofheroeslcg.com/official-ffg-rulings/ — Baker · 1
What's the expected reaction with Klaw's "Solid-Sound Body"? — alexsuch · 7

Heimdall is the most expensive non-variable-cost card printed. Most characters will need to dump their entire hand just to play him in alter-ego form, to the exclusion of other cards that turn. Not every hero can afford this luxury, and sometimes when you draw him you simply will need to do something else (especially when under Shadow of the Past or expert mode pressure).

The response is absolutely ridiculous in solo play or duo with a stunned villain, choosing the villain's boost card and your next encounter card, but is much more lukewarm in larger games where it will usually only affect the order of boosts.

However, what we have in this card is probably the first ally that you absolutely do not want to use to defend. His 8 threat thwarted over 4 turns is simply unparalleled in a single card, essentially twice as potent as an empowered For Justice!. Moreover you can decide to use his last point of health to instead throw a Haymaker. The flexibility might not rival Nick Fury, but the longevity certainly does, especially when you consider that this investment is worth supporting with other cards such as the ever- amazing First Aid.

In summary, don't write this card off because it is hard to use effectively. It isn't as flashy as Energy Channel or Shield Toss, but in this game that forces constant decisions about opportunity cost, the payoff can certainly be found here.

The_Wall · 4
it must be said... thanks to his Response it can take out Loki very quickly — Andrea88 · 7
Sadly the upcoming Sentry Card which is also a 2 THW and 3 ATK with 5 HPs only cost 4 points with the detriment of receiving 1 encounter card. Makes Heimdall totally over priced by comparison. Yes the Sentry is Aggression not basic but really any value in Heimdall is even less sustained once Sentry is in the mix. IMO. — CBRAvengerIronMan · 1