Max 2 per deck.

Hero Interrupt: When you spend this card to play a Attack event, that event deals 1 additional damage.

Mutant Genesis #47.
Aggressive Energy

Looks like Red Ants are back on the menu, boys! Giant Stomp synergy is awesome, but as a wild, it also works well with Wrist Gauntlets, even if you don't get to use the extra damage in that case.

Defensive Energy is probably better in general, but in specific synergies this is pretty nice. Certain heroes are always looking for wild resources to add to their deck; the [aspect] Energy cards do just enough to make them worth it compared to Adam Warlock's resource cards

betadjinn · 5

Playing this card amounts to points of "free" damage over the course of a game. The opportunity cost is so low that it should be considered even if you don't have that many attack events, just like Audacity. The only catch is if you put too many resource cards in your deck like Energy/Genius/Strength and the "Power Of"s, you can draw hands of all resource cards with nothing to play. If you can mitigate that with card draw, or resource sinks like Jarnbjorn, this is an easy inclusion for your decks. Note that it reads like Embiggen! and Honed Technique, where multi-damage events like Melee and One by One get bumps to each instance of damage.

Edit: Removed a line saying Honed Technique works with Black's Widow's Dance of Death (thanks Clintparker13). But Dance is another card Aggressive energy combos with!

Stretch22 · 557
Honed Technique is for aggression events only. — Clintparker13 · 121