Attack. Giant.

Cost: 3.

Play only if you are in Giant hero form.

Hero Action (attack): Deal 1 damage to each minion. Deal 8 damage to an enemy.

"I'd run if I were you." — Scott Lang
Miguel Sepulveda
Ant-Man #3. Ant-Man #2-3.
Giant Stomp

WOW! This is absolutely insane! Just think about this: Swinging Web Kick does 8 DMG for the same price, but no DMG to minions. Ground Stomp does 1 DMG to each enemy for a cost of 2.

This is REALLY strong!

neothechosen · 10312
This card is so good it honestly seems under-costed. With Team Building Exercise you can play it for 2 resources. — MyLtlePwny · 56
This was a lifesaver against Ultrons drones. Ant man cleared the whole board on multiple occasions. — Todde_B · 1