Quite intrigued in knowing how this card works with Wasp's Giant ability. Can I declare an attack to the villain and then split the damage between him and some minions ? If that is possible... the +2 ATK is applied only to the villain damage, or I can use those "2 atk" to damage a non-unique minion ?

These are some questions which I'm not sure of how they must be ruled.

wehehe · 4
I think as long as one of Wasp's targets is a unique enemy (and takes at least 1 damage) then you divide the other 3 damage (or more potentially) as you like. That meets the requirement of "a basic attack against a unique enemy" and it doesn't say that enemy gets +2 damage, but that the attack gets +2 ATK. — MattJJKenny · 1
Quite interesting interaction, I'd say the primary target of attack must be unique, so 2 examples, while playing Klaw: engaged with Weapons ->Runner — Aatxe · 4
Sorry to have it in 2 comments, so Klaw with Weapons Runner - you can select Klaw as target and divide damage to defeat minion, but if it was Armored Guard, I'd say no, as he has guard, and you need to attack him, before you can attack Klaw, that's how I'd rule it — Aatxe · 4

Combine enraged on Cosmos in a Doctor strange deck to hit at 3 damage each turn and discard your top invocation card, thus not taking any consequential damage, it was a interesting combo Personally, i build the deck with neutral card (like lockjaw, meditation,...) and only this aspect card and it was rolling

krys619 · 2

Better than it seems at first glance.

If you can see what's in the top of a deck (Star-Lord, Jessica Drew, Heimdall...) You can ensure that he won't take any consequential damage.

Also... not 100% sure if that works, but if it does... just put him an Enraged in a Spider Woman deck and enjoy 3 attack without consequential damage.

wehehe · 4
That's a really good point about engraged. I can't see any reason why that wouldn't work, so I guess that makes Cosmo the most compelling reason to use enraged so far. — L3w15 7 · 3235
I just tried a Doctor strange deck with a neutral build with cosmo + enraged in play and it was efficient. You do 3 damage each turn and cycle in your invocation deck — krys619 · 2
Good point with the Invocation deck, I didn't thought on it ! — wehehe · 4

I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!

Yondu brings his magical arrow into Marvel Champions! Here is the first non-character ally with no consequential damage on his basic attack, similar to Black Cat, meaning he can whistle off his attacks turn after turn for the entire game. This is provided you can keep him around; 2 health can be squishy against indirect damage as used by certain villains, but thanks to the ranged keyword he at least ignores retaliate.

Making the most out of Mary Poppins means delving into upgrades to boost his attacks, the only difference from Black Cat is you're limited to leadership (unless using Spider-Woman). Here is a list of supporting cards to help turn your Ravager Captain into a troll-collecting Voltron:

Even two or three of these will make Yondu into a powerhouse that can ping off multiple minions and make meaty progress against the villain's health. Consider also using other allies that enjoy such buffs, including Iron Man, Ronin, and Cosmo (the latter being quite abusive and likely to receive errata).

Note that Star-Lord cannot do his usual cheese of playing Blaze of Glory then switching back to alter ego to prevent the damage to Yondu.

Also note that many of the upgrades you want to put onto Yondu are tech cards, so Iron Man can increase his own hand size whilst powering up his new B.F.F.!

The_Wall · 8
A solid round-up of information for Yondu! Thanks a lot! — neothechosen · 1849

One trick I have found that really brings Quicksilver up to another level is knowing when to flip to alter ego. If you already have Friction Resistance (the best card in the game) and Serval Industries out then just flip down to alter ego on the turn when there are between 9-5 cards left in your deck. Check your discard pile. If there 2 Maximum Velocity left then shuffle 1 Maximum Velocity and 1 Always Be Running back into your deck on the turn you go down otherwise shuffle 2 Always Be Running.

On your next turn in alter ego form 1st shuffle 2 more Always Be Running into your deck. Then look at your hand. Depending on how many of the good cards you drew you and how many cards are left in the deck you can either use Superpowered Siblings to discard 2 cards to hopefully draw the last 2 always be runnings or just wait until the next turn if the majority of the cards are still in the hero deck. (The goal is too have as many of them together in a single turn as possible.)

Best case scenario is this. You go down with 5 cards left in the deck with 1 Running or Maximum still in there. You go down to alter ego and shuffle 2 more into the deck leaving 7 cards in it. Next turn you draw 6 cards leaving 1 card in the deck. You shuffle 2 more into the deck making it now 3 cards in the hero deck. You use Superpowered Siblings to discard 2 cards and draw 2 to hopefully draw the cards you just shuffled into the deck.

Unless you are very unlucky you now have 1 Maximum Velocity and 4 Always Be Running in your hand plus an extra card you will use as a resource with Friction Resistance to play Maximum Velocity.

You will be doing 1(Base ATK)+2(Max V)+1(Reinforced Sinew) X 6(4 always be runnings and his normal 2 activations)=30 damage. If you have Combat Training, #3 Adrenaline Rush, you can increase that to 48. This can be done fairly reliably each time you are close to decking.

Personally I think this now makes Quicksilver the most powerful hero in the game for multiplayer. (I even think there is now an argument to nerfing him a little bit as this is a ridiculous amount of damage in a single turn.) You can obviously also remove tons of threat instead with Heroic Intuition and Civic Duty.

calderc23 · 20