Having just played a game to try out the starter deck, I don't think this is good for Peni. Discarding a tech is quite a cost, especially considering how most of them in your deck are your identity-specific ones which you need for your resources and abilities.

It's better if you have a deck where you don't mind throwing away cheap techs such as Energy Barrier which is fortunately in this deck. Building around it might not be too bad, but I can imagine other characters like Iron Man who have lots of tech out and can dig for them easily wouldn't mind playing this card. At the moment, I think it's very awkward and unless you build around it, won't find its way into many decks.

HatfulBob · 1
On paper, it should be fine in that deck: you have both Energy Barrier and Forcefield Generator as disposable Tech that you can wring some value from, then Repurpose. After that, you have Host Spider to ready again, for an additional use of the stat bonus. — Fry · 82
I'd agree though it's a bit tough with your handsize, considering how Forcefield Generator costs 3 so you're a bit stretched on resources. — HatfulBob · 1

All you need is Vivian plus Make the Call/Rapid Response and forget about the nastier attachments in the game, like Sonic Converter, Solid-Sound Body, Vibranium Armor and Upgraded Drones (just to name a few).

But what puts Vivian's ability in another level is to negate the Infinity Gauntlet: as long as you can play her again and again, forget about the most powerful weapon in the entire game! (This alone makes Vivian the best ally in the whole game imo.)

And if there aren't any nasty attachments in play, you still can deny nasty effects on non-elite minions and side schemes.

The fact that Vivian is a basic card without trait restrictions is the cherry on the top.

And, as if she wasn't good enough, she provides you with 1 threat removal and one free block. What's not to like?

The Bifrost

The Bifrost is fantastic. "Search for and play" a card is pretty much a better version of "draw a card," and Avengers Mansion costs 3 more than this does! The drawbacks are that the number of Asgard allies is pretty small (and mostly focused in Aggression) as is the number of Asgard heroes, so there aren't many decks that can run this. Occasionally you'll have turns where you've already drawn the ally you wanted to play, which is awkward. But it's easily possible to grab 2-3 allies out of your deck per deck cycle, which already pays for The Bifrost, and any more you get than that is value.

Being able to grab Angela or Throg on exactly the right turn is great, and there will be plenty of times when you can use an otherwise muddy hand to play a Thor, Valkyrie, or even Heimdall.

Fry · 82
Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation is fantastic. After playing it, you'll still have the same number of cards in your hand, but you've discarded a card that isn't currently relevant, and hopefully you've found something that helps you out right now: an ally or event to deal with a current problem on the board, an upgrade or support to build up for later, or just a multi resource to pay for whatever it is you're doing.

The only drawback is that you're rushing faster to an extra encounter card when you cycle your deck. Assuming that you've got a 40 card deck and have 10 cards sitting in play, that's fifteen plays of Spiritual Meditation per extra encounter card. In that time, you've probably gotten 3-5 extra multi resources you wouldn't have otherwise, you've set up your supports and upgrades turns faster (worth more extra cards and resources), and you've had better events on hand to more efficiently deal with the problems presented by the board state. All of that more than pays for one extra encounter card.

If someone were to play Marvel Champions "professionally," they'd probably put the maximum number of Spiritual Meditation in every deck that can play it.

Fry · 82
SP//dr Suit

I wasn't sold on SP//dr. A hero I didn't know about when there are lots of other that fans have been asking for? 3 cards hand size (remembering how 4 cards heroes have all been received)? 2 separate cards for the same hero?

And yet I've been proven wrong. The designers have had a great idea with the "interfaces" that utimately turn SP//dr into a functionnal and unique hero, very resourceful when you've put all of your interfaces in play. Feels great!

neothechosen · 5489