Cutthroat Amibition

How this technique interacts with Into the Fray? If I kill a minion with it... Should I choose to either remove threat from the Scheme or deal damage to the villain, or I just do both? I'd say that I do both, but I am not sure at all...

wehehe · 33
My guess is both. It's similar to what happens when you use Moment of triumph with overkill, you still get the heal. In this case, you DO deal excess damage, so you remove threath, and you DO have overkill... I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work. So I agree with you, both. — neothechosen · 2365
Both. Anytime an attack deals more damage than an enemy’s remaining health there is some amount of excess damage. Most of the time, excess damage is wasted and doesn’t matter. All Into the Fray does is remove X threat where X=excess damage. All overkill does is deal the excess damage to the villain - but it is still excess damage so it still applies to Into the Fray and Moment of Triumph. — Death by Chocolate · 1
Daughters of Thanos

The card costs 1, so 2 "equivalent cards" as some like to count for 3 cards AND you need to fill the Team-up condition while neither the Gamora ally nor the Nebula ally gives you a good reason to keep them alive (contrary to the Rocket Raccoon and Groot allies).

AlexandreP · 10
The Sorcerer Supreme

Frankly, I don't understand why this wasn't an 'aspect exclusive' card. Don't get me wrong, I am glad it is available for any Hero with the 'Mystic' trait (despite there being only two in the entire game) but it's such a game-changing ability!

Card draw is the quintessence of random draw card games. You reduce variance and improve performance by drawing cards. I'm astounded that I regularly see Dr Strange decks on this site that don't include this card. I can only assume that they don't own the hero pack or fail to thoroughly read the cards. This is an 'auto-include' for Strange and Scarlet Witch. I just hope we get more mystics in the future.

MacGhille · 29
Good news! We get a third soon with Adam Warlock. — Death by Chocolate · 1
The Night Nurse

This is such a fantastic card, and is a ridiculous bargain. For one resource, you can remove a negative status card three times. Athletic Conditioning has the same cost, and only removes one status card once.

Yes, Night Nurse comes with a caveat, since she will also remove 'Tough'. But frankly, that is an almost meaningless concern. Her damage healing is just a bonus effect tacked on to an incredible ability. She removes negative status effects! Essentially freeing your hero to act a full turn early. If you're relying on the Night Nurse for healing, you've made many other bad decisions to get to this point.

Her ability and its cost is so broken, that they have not included her anywhere else...ever. There is a single copy of this card in everyone's library because she only came with Doctor Strange. At this point, even Cosmo (who can synergize with Strange in a ridiculously broken way) has been in more than one expansion.

The Night Nurse is an automatic 'include' in any Protection deck.

MacGhille · 29
She is unique and despite there being only her title that's a specific character from comics, saying that yes, her efficiency is on top of the curve, its auto-include in EVERY protection deck, I remember the first thing I've done after I opened Drax pack was to remove Athletic Conditioning and put Nurse in — Aatxe · 5
The healing may be a secondary concern for you, but the fact is she’s ALSO above rate even if she only healed damage. For the same cost, First Aid heals 2. — Death by Chocolate · 1
Armored Vest

It is hard to overstate how excellent this card is. One resource, and you get +1 DEF for the rest of the game. Considering how weak the DEF stat is for so many heroes, I a have to believe this is an automatic 'include' for any deck with a Protection aspect.

MacGhille · 29