Unfortunately, this card in my opinion is horribly overpriced.

What do you want to get from it: negate next attack.

Baring some exceptions (Rhino with Charge or Bulldozer) you can use ally with 1 hp to do just the same, except an ally will do something before that - Mockingbird will stun the enemy and thwart/deal damage (for the same price), Nick Fury costs 1 more but will give you back most of his cost, the list goes on and on, but in my opinion, the more cost 3 or less allies we get, the even worse this card will become.

TL;DR: if you think of using it, don't, flood your deck with cheap allies instead

Aatxe · 3
I have to ag — Southy · 278
Ignore last comment, site messed up. I have to agree though. Negating one attack is not much. I wouldn't even run this in my Cap Protection deck, just run 3 copies of Expert Defense. — Southy · 278
I run this in a Black Panther aggression deck that already has all the cheap allies and still wants more of the effect. The physical resource is the main draw, mostly because I can't stand Honorary Avenger. Yet it also lets you stay on the offence for longer in exactly the same way that allies do; the retaliate is only 1 point but its about what you'd get out of Mockingbird. So yeah, this is an example of cards being actually better in practise than game theory suggests. — The_Wall · 4
One of the worst cards in the game, by far. With some exceptions; you could play a cheap ally to get the same result if not better (because it might have an effect and it gets to THW/ATK first). I honestly hate this card. — Othello · 212

I'm looking forward to trying this card out (the card has not been released yet at the point of writing). The ability to ignore the consequential damage when an ally attacks or thwarts, particularly if you were planning on doing so with your hero anyway, is strong in itself, particularly for the more expensive allies. But when you consider the ability this has for getting around the weaknesses of some allies (looking at Wonder Man and Lockjaw in particular for now, but I'm sure there will be others that will benefit from this going forward).

Old Ben · 264
The problem is its not as good as First Aid at doing what you suggest, because we have no 3-pip consequential damage allies. It also requires you to perform the action with your hero which detracts from allies being resistant to obligations etc. It isn't bad in practise, but put 3x First Aid in before any copies of this and you will see results. — The_Wall · 4
There are corner cases where this better. WonderMan is probably the strongest example — Myriad · 1
Great for using Wonder Man without paying an extra physical every time you want yo have him ATK. — CBRAvengerIronMan · 1
Similar in functionality to Honorary Avenger — IceHot · 1
Rapid Response

This is an absolutely fascinating card. I don't think it's an auto-include in every leadership deck, but depending on the allies in your deck - this card is fairly strong. The main combo points for Rapid Response (RR) are currently Nick Fury and Heimdall. While the numerical advantages of these interactions are fairly tame, the actual benefits it can provide in practice are nuts.

  • Nick Fury's effect is powerful, and being able to activate it a second time (for a cost of 3) as needed, is good. You won't ALWAYS need to do this, since Fury will still leave play at the end of the turn, but if you really need the damage, thwart, or draw 3 - it's available.
  • Heimdall's effect is also pretty good. But unlike Nick Fury, Heimdall will stick around after RR resolves. This means you can play Heimdall for 5 (6 if you include himself). Activate effect. Get 4 uses out of him (ideally thwarting). Then rez him again with RR as a cost 2 (3 if you include RR itself). Activate effect. Get 3 uses out of him (6 thwart total for 3 cost). It's pretty valuable.

The above two were the most notable card combinations currently. But there are still some other good ones to work with:

  • Falcon's stats AND effect are good.
  • Vision's stats are good. His effect doesn't benefit from being replayed, however.
  • Lady Sif's stats are okay, but her effect can be very good.

Sadly, Rapid Response cannot be used with Make the Call to combo with out-of-aspect allies. This is because Rapid Response specifically designates "your discard pile".

It's worth adding that Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow will get significantly more value out of this card than any other hero in the game. Making Leadership Black Widow an oddly tempting choice.

Overall, it's a wild card to think about. The growth potential is certainly there. Each new leadership or basic ally that's released will need to be examined under this card's microscope. As will any hero's unique ally in their deck. Personally, if you plan on running this card, I would recommend 2 copies. Since only 1 can be in play per player, you increase the odds of drawing more Rapid Response than you need. Likewise, with only 1 copy - you risk never having it at all. The number of available targets can of course change that recommendation. If a deck is constantly popping Rapid Response, then 3 copies may be warranted.

EDIT April 3rd, 2020: With Spider-Woman now revealed as a dual-aspect Hero; this card receives a huge buff. Dual-aspect Heroes can utilize this card in conjunction with other bizarre card effects or allies. Combined with Team Training or Agent Coulson (which makes it an infinite).

Othello · 212
Black Cat’s ability only works when she is played not when she is put into play. Otherwise great write up — tredavi · 12
Good catch! — Othello · 212
How's about Maria Hill? It's a bit of setup, but you can possibly chain Maria Hill's death into a series of Rapid Responses. — Darthcaboose · 1
Maria Hill is certainly okay: She's effectively a 2 cost, thwart 4 (in solo). Great stats. Rapid Response turns her into a 2 cost, Thwart 2 (solo) - average stats. In multiplayer, she becomes an excellent target. With 2+ players in game, RR makes her a 2 cost, Thwart 2 each ally draws 1. — Othello · 212

Hercules is capable of dealing 12 damage (3 dmg x 4 health). If you have one minion engaged, that's 5 for 12. Two minions, 4 for 12. Three minions, 3 for 12. Needless to say, these are insane numbers. Hercules is a great target for: Inspired (in multiplayer), making Inspired a 1 cost, deal 4 damage or thwart 4. Honorary Avenger would be a 1 cost, deal 3 damage. And even heavily incentivizes the use of First Aid - making it a 1 cost, deal 6 damage and Med Team (in multiplayer), making it a 3 cost, deal 18 damage.

As far as future proofing goes; any card that boosts the HP of an Ally will improve the efficiency of Hercules, with the goal of playing him only once and keeping him on the field for the rest of the game.

Othello · 212
The Power of Leadership

I've seen debates on the pros/cons of "Power of" cards. When looking at leadership; all allies cost 2 or more resources to play. As more Leadership allies are added to the game, PoL only cements itself further as a must-have card in any ally-related leadership deck. It can be used for Make the Call or as payment for resource-specific cards due to the wild resource it provides - a significant advantage to all Heroes and against all Villains.

Othello · 212