Iron Man

Thematically, I think this card should have had the AERIAL tag, and it would have helped subtly improve a slightly underpowered card, as decks that are using Air Supremacy would get an extra benefit from this card. I know that you can play Sky Cycle, but it just seems odd that Iron Man, of all people, would need it.

Rotoiti · 2
I don;t want to sound crazy, but do you actually think that Iron Man is *underpowered*? There are decks built around him, he is one of the original Voltron allies. — Judicator82 · 55
yeah, Iron Man isn't a strong card to just include on it's own in a deck, but when you build around him, he is incredibly powerful. thematically, sure, I agree that giving him aerial makes narrative sense, but you probably still wouldn't include him in a wide board Air Supremacy deck because of how expensive he is, and it would have no benefit to him in a Voltron deck where Air Supremacy isn't a good card. — Death by Chocolate · 2
Jack Flag

I'm trying him out in an Adam Warlock deck. Comms Implant boosts his THW to 3 and Adam's Battle Mage protection card discard can heal the consequential damage - so he can always alternate a THW of 3 with a 2 damage play without taking damage if a protection card or the Innovation card is used. This gives a lot of flexibility to Adam.

As for his cost - I added a Team-Building Exercise and "Welcome Aboard" which can reduce the cost to as low as 1. So in this case - leveraging the ability to interplay leadership, justice and protection aspect cards as well as the Guardian trait to focus on Jack Flag - he can provide serious help and longevity to Adam's deck as well as get the most out of Jack's abilities.

Vigster · 13

Emergency in itself isn't usually a card I include in any deck, as its effect is too small to justify the opportunity cost of having a different card. However, there is a very niche situation where this card becomes critical: expert mode Ultron with a single hero.

In that scenario, Emergency breaks the scenario to bits. Holding Ultron in Stage 1B gives ample time to set up without the pressure of multiple drones; once the scenario inevitably advances, Emergency blocks the Forced Response effect of Stage 2B entirely in solo, preventing the drones from spawning and defending Ultron III. And even better, should the game progresses to Stage 3B, emergency is worth an extra round and is one of the few thwart effects that works (because it prevents threat from being places, doesn't remove it). As scenarios with similar conditions inevitably appear, Emergency might be worth including in solo as well.

SUMMARY: too niche to be played, but very effective against Expert Ultron.

Stef · 21
Correction: I just noticed that it only works when the villain schemes, so those interactions don't really work. ^^" Still worth it in Ultron for Stage 1B control. — Stef · 21
Across the Spider-Verse

It is worth pointing out three effects on this card that make it significantly better than Make the Call.

  1. You do not pay the ally's cost to put it into play from your discard pile, so you get some savings on recycling your 3- cost and 4-cost allies, and it bypasses the tricky requirement of Spider-Man (Peter Parker).

  2. You are a player. You can choose yourself to repeat the effect, exhausting the ally that you just put into play to help pay the cost. In this way you can put 3 (or more!) allies into play so long as you can pay the resources.

  3. The cost specifies exhausting a web warrior CARD, so Web of Life and Destiny counts, and since it functions perfectly well while exhausted this should be the first choice.

Web warriors get a lot of value out of recycling their allies repeatedly, with both Ghost-Spider and Silk wanting to enter and leave play often, and Web of Life and Destiny being extremely pushed even with just 3-4 allies. Across the Spider-Verse plays right into this and therefore is be a slam dunk pick in any deck looking to use this package.

The_Wall · 94
How do you interpret that you can put three allies into play with this card? The card doesn't seem to allow for repetition. At most you can put two allies into play,, one for two cost and one for three. — Judicator82 · 55
The ability repeats, which includes the text about the ability repeating. So after you put the second Ally into play, if you somehow have another three resources, you could get a third. — Fry · 67
Exactly as @Fry said, you repeat the entire ability. So if you had an extra 9 resources you could switch in 4 allies, even without Triskelion, you would need to discard one but then that would trigger Web. This card is up there with Yawgmoth's Will. — The_Wall · 94
Web of Life and Destiny

Any character can pack and play this unique location, and it is absolutely the centerpiece of the new web warrior cards. This is the Avengers Tower or Knowhere for this new keyword, albeit unlike those cards it does not increase your ally limit; instead the card draw aspect is massively pushed.

If you are in hero mode and your hero has the web warrior trait then you do not need to pay the resource cost; currently this only refers to Spider-Man and Ghost-Spider, although Spider Ham has also been announced with the trait. If your hero does not have that trait then you can still play this card, and it then counts as a web warrior card itself so allows you to then play Spider-Man (Hobie Brown) and Ghost-Spider, while also turning on the abilities of Silk, Spider-UK, and Spider-Man (protection Miles Morales).

Very importantly, the web should be the first card you exhaust when playing Across the Spider-Verse, because there is no opportunity cost for doing so. It still works perfectly well while exhausted.

And then we come to the payoff: being able to allocate any player to draw a card any time anybody's web warrior ally leaves play. There are two very important points to make here:

  1. You do not need to control the ally to allow somebody to draw a card. So while this is an unique location, once somebody has one it is turned on for everyone in the game.

  2. The card draw effect triggers whenever any qualifying ally leaves play for any reason. Defeated by consequential damage or a villain attack, discarded by a treachery, discarded to Go Down Swinging shenanigans, even discarding for playing an ally over your ally limit lets this trigger.

From testing with even just the grey allies in Miles Morales, this is still an extremely pushed card with a continual payoff that can be exploited and shared among the team. The web joins a very elite group of such unlimited effects that includes Jarnbjorn and Drax's DWI Theet Mastery.

Nuff said, true believers!

The_Wall · 94