Inner Demons

[The marvelcdb-text says "You may flip to your alter-ego form. Choose:", but the actual card says "Change form (flip your identity). Then:"]

A rather unique and particular nasty obligation. It never gets removed from the game, and Hulk's tiny hands can't do much after discarding two cards. Plus, many of his events key off of his prodigious native ATK, so either way it is rough. Oh, and it has 3 boost icons instead of the usual 2.

Legal Practice

Needs Errata to be from multiple schemes or 1 + X (instead of just X)...

Dead card, as signature card, make She-Hulk sad

Dead card, as signature card, make She-Hulk mad

Dead card, as signature card, make She-Hulk bad

DAVEzilla · 1
Agreed, it's super expensive as it is. You don't have to look further than the base set to see how poorly this compares to other cards. For justice removes 4 threat for a cost of 2, this removes 4 threat for a cost of 4. If it was 1+X then it would still be slightly more expensive to account for the versatility. — L3w15 7 · 3235
She-Hulk, sadly, has a few unexciting cards. Even though I love this hero, I have to admit that Legal practice isn't good. Also, I believe signature cards should be better than basic cards / aspect cards, so it should beat To the rescue but it doesn't... how sad. — neothechosen · 1849
Nick Fury

Nick is a great card, 95% of the time you should take the 3 card draw making this effectively a one cost card for 2 THW and a chump block in the villain phase. He almost always finds a way into each of my decks.

Oliverjn · 3
Exactly. Base case you mentioned is great, and hey sometimes you’ll just want to nuke a side scheme or minion. A card I’m never ashamed to play — Stretch22 · 44
I think the only biggest downside of nick fury is not always getting full value out of his block. If you play him when the villain is stunned or when you want to change to alter ego he can be little underwhelming. But even then, 1 cost thwart 2 is definitely not the worst effect in the world. — L3w15 7 · 3235
Hand Cannon

Iron Man might find a use for this Tech card because it adds to his hand size in hero mode, and once it is spent it can be returned from the discard pile using Stark Tower. This is nothing new for Tony; he was already doing this in protection with Energy Barrier and Electrostatic Armor, and in leadership with Power Gloves and Reinforced Suit. Yet being able to build his hand quicker in aggression opens up some interesting options to turn him into a pretty fierce basic attacker, thanks to Arc Reactor, Combat Training, Bug, and possibly Earth's Mightiest Heroes with some of the decent red avenger allies. It doesn't even clash with another weapon because he doesn't have any other hand-held / restricted items in his kit!

Another hero to really make good use of Hand Cannon is Quicksilver, for many of the same reasons with the multiple attacks per round to pile on the damage, and the lack of a clashing weapon.

Thor, Black Panther, Captain America, and Hawkeye all prefer Jarnbjorn. The real question is which weapons are going to find a home in Agent Venom...

The_Wall · 8
Hand Cannon itself has a physical resource, so you can always feed it to Jarnbjorn if you have Jarnbjorn in play. Black Panther could play both a JarnBjorn and a Hand Cannon. Also, I think Thor might actually prefer a Hand Cannon over the JarnBjorn. Thor doesn't have an easy time paying for Jarnbjorn, and if he ever uses Lightning Strike it's likely to set up a minion for a Hand Cannon Overkill. — OrionJA · 4
Deft Focus

This is the strongest, though most restrictive, non-hero resource generator we've seen yet due to is low cost of only 1 resource. It's important to note that all current Superpower cards are hero cards (yes I'm pretending Invulnerability doesn't exist), so you can't actually build a deck around Deft Focus, but some heroes will benefit from it more than others. Here is a list of heroes ranked by how many of their cards can take advantage of Deft Focus. Obviously, this excludes cards like Fruition that are Superpowers but zero cost.

Tier 1: close to an auto-include

Quicksilver (13), Groot (12), Spider-Woman (9)

  • Deft Focus is obscene with these heroes simply due to how many Superpower cards they have.

Tier 2: warrants consideration

Hulk (6), She-Hulk (5), Scarlet Witch (5), Thor (5), Spider-Man (5), Captain Marvel (5), Ms. Marvel (5)

Iron Man (3): This can only pay for Repulsor Blast, but that card is super powerful and Deft Focus itself brings an energy resource to help justify it

Hope you like my breakdown, and let me know if you've tried it and found success, especially with the Tier 2 heroes!

Stretch22 · 44
Hey! I like that you took the time to count everyone of them, thx! This will be useful! — neothechosen · 1849
Scarlet Witch only has 4 cards that benefit from Deft Focus, because the timing doesn't allow you to use Deft Focus on Warp Reality. — OrionJA · 4
I think it won't work for SpiderMan's 'enhanced Spider sense', since you can't do a Hero Action (like Deft Focus does) in the villain phase, so it's 3 for Spidey — warboykurgan · 1