Webbed Up

Effectively 2 stuns for the true cost of 5 (printed 4 + the card itself). As best as I can tell, in the existing card pool, this is one of the least efficient ways to prevent enemy attacks.

If we assume that you usually get 1.5 damage / 1 cost, we can try to evaluate the stun-specific cost of other cards like Superhuman Strength and Heroic Strike.

Superhuman Strength - stun cost of 1.67

  • Cost of 2 (true cost of 3)
  • Adds 2 damage to an attack. Assuming 1.5 dmg / 1 cost, the expected cost is 1.33
  • True cost of 3 minus the 1.33 expected cost of damage leaves a balance 1.67 cost
  • The card offers 1 stun, so we can assume the stun is costing us the entire remaining 1.67 cost

Heroic Strike - stun cost of 0 (YES, ZERO!!)

  • Cost of 3 (true cost of 4)
  • Puts 6 damage on an enemy. Assuming 1.5 dmg / 1 cost, the expected cost is 4
  • True cost of 4 minus the 4 expected cost of damage leaves a balance of 0 cost
  • The stun actually costs you 0 additional cost above and beyond the expected cost of the damage!

Now, if we assume that an ally block and a stun are effectively the same (which they aren't exactly due to boost cards), we can pull in another data point like Mockingbird (who offers a stun AND a block).

Mockingbird - stun/block cost of 1 each

  • Cost of 3 (true cost of 4)
  • At her most efficient she is thwarting instead of attacking - so we will assume a 1 thwart / 1 cost
  • This puts her expected cost at 2
  • True cost of 4 minus the 2 expected cost of thwarting leaves a balance of 2 cost
  • The card offers 2 stuns (technically 1 stun and 1 block), so we can assume that each stun/block is costing us 1 each.

Going back to Webbed Up, it's clear that offering 2 stuns at a true cost of 5, or 2.5 cost per stun, is a poor trade off.

The final point to consider is that Webbed Up offers a NEGATIVE synergy with Spider-Man's Spider-Sense ability, by stopping the villain's attack before it is initiated.

**Edit: I was discussing with another player recently and they made the "negative synergy" point a lot more elegantly than I did:

  • If you are playing multiplayer and prevent 1 attack on yourself, Webbed Up effectively costs you 6 cards (4 cost + the card + missing 1 Spider-Sense draws).
  • Playing solo, you prevent 2 attacks, making the effect cost 7 cards (4 cost + the card + missing 2 Spider-Sense draws)!!
diesel · 45
This review seems a little short-sighted to me. Remember- two stuns *isn't legal* any other way, and therefore Webbed Up is offering more value by virtue of breaking a rule. Resource analyses are helpful, especially when comparing similar cards, but in this case it's an incomplete analysis because nothing else in the game can *do* what Webbed Up does. — ImpossibleGerman · 453
Thanks for the feedback. I agree that strictly a resource analysis doesn't provide a complete view on *any* card, but I think it is still relevant to Webbed Up. I'd also take slight issue with the statement that nothing else in the game can do what Webbed Up does. I agree that no other card specifically acts as two stuns, but I think Mockingbird is absolutely a fair comparison - in that it *does* prevent two attacks. And Mockingbird does so at a 1 cost discount. And you get the added value of attacking or thwarting twice. And she synergies better with Spider-Man's Spider-Sense ability by allowing the villain to initiate on you before she blocks the attack. Now we even have Iron Fist that - for the same cost as Webbed Up - can potentially prevent 3 attacks (2 stuns and 1 block) while dealing 6 damage. So, yes, maybe there's something to be said for having two stuns banked at the same time, but I still think the value proposition is extremely shaky at best. — diesel · 45
It’s an expensive card to be sure. Mockingbird and Iron Fist are also both S-Tier cards, to be fair. It would be nice if Webbed Up was as unequivocally strong as those cards, but it’s a bit of a moot point anyway- Spider-Man is forced to pack Webbed Up, so might as well make use of it! — ImpossibleGerman · 453
Hero cards - on average - should be better than aspect cards, as they represent the unique powers the hero has in their arsenal. That being said, I think it's fair to compare any hero card to "S-Tier" aspect or basic cards - hero cards should at least be in that ballpark. And, while you can't choose to leave Webbed Up in the binder, I think a deep dive into the card can help players decide if the card is actually worth playing. — diesel · 45


  • Looking at it purely from a cost perspective, you’re paying 2 ER (Effective Resources) to gain 3 resources. In other words, you are taking a small tempo hit when you play this card to gain a small tempo boost the next few turns.
  • However, I believe the true value of this card lies in the fact that it produces 3 -resources.
  • The obvious use for the -resources is to play cards that require a specific Printed Resource.
  • Perhaps less obvious is how incredibly useful these -resources are in helping you to efficiently discard Villain Attachments.
  • It is worth noting that a HERO Resource Action is required. This is something I expect is often overlooked simply because in the game you mostly generate resources from hand, which does not care about Identity card side.

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Francois · 62

Great card and a must-have for Justice with a spy character (Mockingbird, Black Widow, Spider Woman, etc). The best part about this card is canceling high priority encounter cards like "Shadows of the Past". What's nice is that it triggers in both modes, so you have a security blanket in place whether you're hero'ed up or cooling down as your alter-ego. It is balanced out by having to draw another card to replace the one you just canceled, but that is why you save it for that really bad encounter card. Once you know "Shadows of the Past" is out, you can risk using it on other potentially bad cards. Remember also that it cancel's "ANY" encounter card including side schemes and attachments unlike "Grappling Hook" which can only works against "Treachery" cards while in hero mode as well. Plus, you can put multiple copies down since there is no limit for the amount in play other than the maximum of 3 in your deck.

As always, it synergizes better with Black Widow, since it has the "Preparation" keyword.

DoxaLogos · 28
Against Crossbones, it may be worth carrying just to negate Full Auto. — Schmendrix · 232


  • Spider-Man’s only threat control card.
  • For 2 ER (Effective Resources) you get 3 threat removal, which is a very good ratio.
  • The fact that this card requires a Minion makes it conditional.
  • This means this is a good card against heavy Minion decks, otherwise it is too conditional if/when you get to play it.
  • A corner case cheap upgrade to discard to Caught Off Guard.

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Francois · 62
Aunt May


  • Being able to heal Peter Parker for 4 HP indefinitely for an upfront cost of only 2 ER (Effective Resources) is phenomenal!
  • If you flip to Alter-Ego naturally, you can heal 8 HP total before you flip back to Hero Form next turn.
  • You can heal 4 HP if you encounter Eviction Notice before flipping back to Hero Form.
  • A cheap Support to consider discarding to Caught Off Guard, especially if Spider-Man’s health looks good.

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Francois · 62