Defensive Stance

This card isn't useless, but it really is quite mediocre. Spending three effective resources to prevent three damage is not an efficient use of resources, and Endurance generally does the same thing as this card and more cheaply. However, it does have value in certain decks. In particular, since it cancels the damage outright it can potentially be useful in a Defend action deck that has a lot of effects which trigger when you defend and take no damage. It also can sometimes prevent villain from triggering effects from damaging the hero, and it can be played on top of Endurance if you are really desperate for the extra hit points (though you are unlikely to be desperate for the extra defense since you are, after all, a Protection hero). And although the card is overpriced, you can wait until you have a dead turn or a Power of Protection to help play it. So I've been known to use the card from time to time in certain decks, but even then, this is a card that is likely to be used as a resource most of the time.

cnalexander · 42
I would play every 2-cost ally before I play my first copy of this. Will need to see more preparation support before it becomes viable — Stretch22 · 56
Desperate Defense

This is one of the staple cards for a Defend action deck. The general idea is that you have a good enough defense to reliably trigger the ability to ready your hero, and thus you end up spending two effective resources to cancel an enemy attack. This is really not bad, not quite as efficient as having allies block for you, but close, and simpler to set up and reduces the demand on your always valuable allies. But the real kicker for this card is when you combine it with Defend action bonuses like Unflappable, stacking on bonuses like that are the real heart of a true defender character.

In general I find this card much better than Indomitable, as defender characters generally have lots of ways to ensure that no damage gets past their defense, and if your defense isn't very good you shouldn't bother with Indomitable either.

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Drop Kick

This is a stand out aggression card, a highlight in any deck capable of including it. There aren't many good aggression attack events, but this one is an exception as long as you are running a “fist” deck that can reliably trigger it. It can even be better than your hero-specific attack events. The only limitation is that you can only stun the villain once per turn, so the more players you have the greater the chance you both want to stun the opponent and end up interfering with each other.

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"You'll Pay for That!"

This is a fine card for the right kind of hero, one of the few really effective Aggression cards for removing threat.

This card can feel somewhat disappointing because it is rather situational, a lot of the time you are in alter ego mode or you are avoiding damage or just not taking that much damage or you have other things to do, and it just sits in your hand unused. Luckily, the great thing about Marvel Champions is that useless cards in your hand aren't useless, they can be used as resources to pay for other cards. It is OK that most of the time this card is being used to pay for other cards, in return for sometimes letting you remove an impressive four or five threat for a measly two effective resources.

The important determination on whether your hero would want to include this card, is that you want to use it on a hero who normally takes big hits from the villain and heals from them, someone like She-Hulk. If you are a fragile hero who plans on doing everything you possibly can to avoid taking big hits by the villain, you don't really want to take this card.

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Agent Coulson

Agent Coulson is an excellent ally. He has the key statistics you would want from a cost 3 ally (thwart 2 and hit points 3), but he effectively has a net cost of 2.

Agent Coulson looks on the surface like he is a very specialized ally you would only want to take in a heavy preparation deck (i.e. Black Widow), but in fact this isn't the case, he can be used pretty easily by just about anyone. All you need is a single preparation card in your deck that you don't plan to leave in play (perhaps a Counterintelligence that you use at the first opportunity), and he will be able to find and draw that card from the deck or discard pile to get the benefit from his ability. If the card is in your hand instead, just spend it to play Agent Coulson, or for some other purpose, so that it goes to your discard pile and you can pull it back out.

cnalexander · 42