Rocket Raccoon

I consider this an auto-include in any Guardian deck that can play it. Gets off two 4 POWER attacks before blocking. A 3-cost (4 card) play that deals 8 damage is already at-rate, and Rocket still has 1 health left. We usually take for granted that an ally will activate until it has one health left then block, but you may even consider attacking 3 times with rocket because he packs so much punch. Last Stand anybody?

Of course, you need a minion in play, but you can let Rocket sit out until one comes along. As with other minion-focused cards, Rocket scales well in multiplayer where more encounter cards are revealed throughout the game.

Perhaps the most comparable card is Spider-Man who has the advantage of thwarting for 1 more on the first turn, but deals 2 damage less on his second (and possible third) attack.

I think Rocket will be a staple of Guardian Leadership decks, and I am excited to see what other ally buff cards come out in future Guardian hero packs, as the popular "Voltron" decks these days play several upgrades that require the ally to be an Avenger.

Stretch22 · 44
Hard to Ignore

This is a card every protection player should be aware of going forward. Outside of Bait and Switch, this is the only Protection card that explicitly removes threat, addressing one of Protection's greatest soft spots. Unlike similar Protection cards in this vein - Unflappable, Electrostatic Armor, and Dauntless - Hard to Ignore lacks the "Max 1 per player" restriction, allowing us to jam 3 in a list and not think twice about it.

Obviously this goes up in value the more you want to be defending and the greater ability you have to prevent damage. Groot fits the bill best due to his growth counters, but Spider-Man and Quicksilver also come to mind as heroes who can defend often.

For a 2 card investment, we expect about 3-4 threat removal (Inconspicuous, Multitasking, Lay Down the Law), and we can definitely get there with Hard to Ignore.

A strong card I think you should play!

Stretch22 · 44
Don't forget the Hulk! I just built a deck with Hard to ignore yesterday... most fun I've had with Hulk! — neothechosen · 1849
I'm loving this with Spidey in solo. I can imagine Black Widow also enjoying it. — RabidHobbit · 4
Just keep in mind that Crisis shuts this card down, completely, and it can't be used on Side Schemes, so Threat Removal is still needed to take care of those. — RabidHobbit · 4

I like this card a lot for heroes who can build their hit points up (Hulk, Thor). Also I think this card is an upgrade rather than an event. fyi :)

Galaxy's most wanted is a really fun set! Excited to see what else the designers do.

turtles04 · 3
Agree - certain heroes will be better with it than others. I love cards like that. Endurance is a nice 1-of too in a Dauntless deck and gives any hero a better chance to make use of it. — Stretch22 · 44
Iron man also has a lot of hp upgrades. He could benefit from it in a tech/dmg prevention deck. — neothechosen · 1849

It crossed my mind today that you can play Honorary Avenger on Ronin. For 3 zero cost upgrades he becomes a THW:4 ATK:5 HP:6 ally. And being Leadership that is just the beginning of what could easily be an absolute powerhouse...

fixeddice · 7
Unfortunately you are wrong, if there are upgrades on him, he gets +1ATK/THW, he does not get it per upgrade — Aatxe · 4
Yeah, wouldn't that be the dream? Still a beast in almost any Leadership deck though. — Nuke_Dukem · 4
He'd be sooooo broken lol! It's a common mistake, lots of people got it wrong at first. Still, with inspired it's 4 ATK for an ally... quite awesome! — neothechosen · 1849
Even Caleb played it wrong during a live-stream — Kyonda · 1
Thank you for the clarification. Wishful thinking I guess. Lol — fixeddice · 7
Limitless Strength

Let's address the million dollar question: Is this strictly worse than Energy Absorption? While the "hero form-only" restriction does limit its usability, it synergizes well with Hulk's entire hero-specific set and enables big, efficient plays with Sub-Orbital Leap, Drop Kick, and, of course, Hulk Smash in a way not dissimilar to how Energy Absorption enables Captain Marvel to make big, efficient plays with Photonic Blast and Energy Channel. The question, then, becomes not one of "Which card is better on paper?" but that of "Which deck can make better use of their respective 'big resource' card?" Hulk inherently has more cards that require strength kickers that arguably provide better effects than "Draw 1 card", but Captain Marvel has the advantage of being able to hold on to it or bank it by dumping it into Energy Channel. I think the answer ultimately comes down to how you value resources, whether you prefer to spend them right away or store them up over the long term.

Nuke_Dukem · 4