Loki is a way harder nemesis to deal with than any of the others. The chance for him to heal with the random mechanic means you really only want to defeat him when you know what is coming or you have no other option and have to hope. Otherwise you are wasting actions and damage unless you get lucky.

McV0id · 7
Iron Man

With the current cardpool this effect is pretty bad. The only Upgrades available in Leadership that can be played on allies are Inspired and Honorary Avenger. Honorary Avenger already costs 0, so you would be putting this card in your deck only for your three copies of Inspired. 2 Atk 2 Thw is great statline, but 4 resources isn't an amazing price. This will make the cut in some decks just because of the statline, not because of the effect.

If any aspect would get access to some great ally upgrades, Leadership is the obvious choice, but until then this card is basically blank.

MyLtlePwny · 7
How can i search for decks with this card? When i put iron man into search it adds me Tony Stark and search for Iron man hero decks :/ — Wosho · 1
Iron Fist

Such a good card! Will become a staple in every protection tech, 3 damage and a stun twice then use him as a blocker or heal him and use him again for 2 damage twice and then a blocker. So potentially 10 damage and stun twice.

Chrispw87 · 5
Momentum Shift

This is a nice card for any identity that prefers to stay in Hero form a majority of the game (like Captain America, Thor and to some extent, Black Panther and She-Hulk). Ms. Marvel also benefits from this card significantly, due to her ability to return an event to her hand.

Numerically, the card is okay:

  • Typically, 1 Resource = 1 Heal as shown with cards like First Aid or Second Wind.
  • Typically, 1 Resource = 2 Damage. There's many examples of this, especially in non-hero specific cards.
  • This card costs 3 resources and is 2 Heal (2 resources of value) + 2 Damage (1 resource of value), making this card completely average.

Because of the attack element, this card loses the benefit of being used in Alter-Ego form (and on allies/other players) like First Aid and Second Wind. Identities that heavily rely on Alter-Ego form (most notably, Tony Stark, and to a lesser degree, Peter Parker) will probably benefit from this card the least.

Despite the numerical values of this card being average and unexciting, the card itself is pretty nifty. Being able to stay in the fight longer while also dealing poke damage is a plus. The problem with a card like Second Wind is that it can take up nearly your entire turn as a Hero with an effective cost of 4, while not really advancing the game state that much.

Momentum Shift can be used to knock-out Tough status cards, take out low health minions (especially those with Guard) or one-shot pests in scenarios like Ultron. It has good synergy with Captain America's Shield and Black Panther - their retaliate effects allow you to put this in the golden 3 damage zone that defeats a high number of minion cards in the game. It also works well with The Power of Protection. And with Energy Barrier you can stay Hero form much longer while also dealing damage.

Overall, it's an okay card. I think in a solo setting it will shine more than Second Wind. In tandem with preventative-counter cards like Energy Barrier (and kinda Counter-Punch), this card finds a pretty good groove and a "untouchable" kind of play-style.

Othello · 430

Great card to let your fellow heroes go to their Alter-ego. It doesn't specify it needs to be an attack boost. You can trigger while Villain schemes to prevent up to 3 threat. Plus 3+1 damage, that's a great value.

Alarin · 3