Teamwork seems to get it's stock raised cycle by cycle.

In RoRS and Kang, we saw the increase of Retaliate on Villains and minions, and so consolidating your attack power reducing the amount of retaliate damage you'll take.

In GMW, a couple of the scenarios encourage you to keep Allies into play by punishing chump blocking, so this easily extends their life.

Giant Man in general also loves to be paired with this card as keeping his health high keeps his Str at 4

For folks who blew this card off a year ago, they really need to give it another look

Earth Dragon · 708
Enhanced Physique

If you build a Hulk deck and this card isn't in it, you likely did it wrong.

With the Power in all of us and the free resource from Banner's Lab, you get ahead on the resources, and get stuck with less trash in your hand you have to discard!

Earth Dragon · 708
You don't actually come ahead on resources which is a bummer with these cards (need to count the card itself as a resource you could have spent). In the combos you described, Power in All of Us and Banner's Lab are getting you ahead on resources, not the Physique. It's a nice option for decks that want frequent access to a physical resource though — Stretch22 · 44
You are transitioning the Power within all of us and a "dead" Banner's Lab resource in useful resources in later turns. That's the value you are getting. Power in All of Us is only a single resource to any of Hulks signature cards, so you are viewing it from a false lens to say that wasn't resource gain. — Earth Dragon · 708
Actually, if you include no resources in hulk, you always have enough to get 1 3 cost or 2 1 cost cards. You need 2 resource gen to make it worth it (because of enraged). — zephyr100 · 19
Second Wind

The Key to this card is the fact it is an "Action" and not a "Hero Action". Allowing you to heal other players while getting the superior card draw from AE mode and set-up your own board is this card's big strength

As of this listing, there are two heroes who should likely be putting this into a Multiplayer Protection Build: She-Hulk and Wasp.

She-Hulk is already looking for Mental symbols for Superhuman Law Division. Her +2 cards in AE mode gives her a lot of incentive to create builds to take advantage of that, and between her AE ability and Superhuman Law Division, it's easy to maintain a 3 threat reduction off the main scheme every turn. This card allows her to act as a pocket healer but still swinging up to do burst damage like She-Hulk likes to do in Hero mode.

Wasp loves Mental symbols, and operates in a tool kit style. She is able to reshuffle Second Wind back into the deck when ever the board needs it. Her ability to also shuffle back in copies of Perseverance in conjunction, gives her the opportunity to heal herself or others and flip up with a Tough token. With other great cards like Pin-Point Strike and Giant Help grabbable by GIRL as well, you're able to reload on your most needed cards to take care of any situation.

Earth Dragon · 708
Spider-Man is also a good option for this card since he can generate a Mental resource in AE form. — Nuke_Dukem · 4
Black Panther might also consider it. The Golden City draws 2 cards as an alter-ego action which makes him hungry for things to play outside hero form. — OrionJA · 4
Hand Cannon

It's about time aggression got some new weapons outside of Jarnbjorn. 2 resources (3 cards) for what's basically 3 Skilled Strike plus overkill on just one card is a hard offer to turn down. And if you don't want to use its effect right away, just bludgeon the enemy with it via Mean Swing. I could see this card enabling a "basic ATK" archetype for aggression when combined with the two aforementioned events and some hero with naturally high basic ATK like Hulk or She-Hulk. But, with the exception of ally-focused builds, I think just about any aggression can't go wrong packing a little bit of extra heat in their arsenal.

Nuke_Dukem · 4
The problem with this card is that it is restricted, so it is hard to use with Jarnbjorn and heroes like Thor, Cap, and Hawkeye who use permanent restricted cards. — Onions · 17
There are a lot of aggression builds that rely mostly on attack events and prefer exhausting the hero to thwart or defend. I think this will definitely be a centerpiece card for a new archetype but it's by no means universally good. — OrionJA · 4
Bug also fits really nice into the basic atk build — Kyonda · 1
I built a Spider-Woman deck based around Basic Attacking/Hand Cannon/Bug — trowa060 · 7
Flora and Fauna

Putting extra charge counters on a Rocket Launcher or Particle Cannon is a BIG DEAL. A 1-cost card that represents 8 damage? Sign me up. Of course, you'll use it on Groot if you have to Groot, but it doesn't do quite as much there.

Consider this an auto-include if you've got Rocket and Groot as heroes at the same table, and you probably play it with one hero solo and the other as an ally too. This is a fun twist on the Team-Up cards we've seen before that it has a more hero-specific effect, and having options is always great.

Stretch22 · 44
I would probably play it in a Rocket deck with the Groot ally because 8 damage is a big upside and the Groot ally can stay on the board for a long time. I doubt I would bother with it in a Groot deck with a Rocket ally. — OrionJA · 4