Down Time

Definitely a card that I would include only one in most lineups particularly if I need to go into alter ego mode more often to recover. It almost doubles the effectiveness of healing for a lot of heroes across the board and just makes that turn more efficient if you're trying to recover long enough to then flip back into hero mode. I probably would not include it in a good protection deck, since that aspect comes with a lot of heals and damage prevention allowing you to stay in hero form longer. It's cheap and solid.

Yeah, I think people sleep on this one, but it's pretty good across the board. — ecamel · 9

(Comment on pre-release version of printed text in marvelcdb) It should be noted that there is an asterix on the 1 hit value. She Hulk gets +1 ATK for each damage token here.


I think this is a fun little card. Have an extra resource to spend? Or your Black Widow's Gauntlet has nothing to do for a turn? Spend a point here and put this on your board. The next time you get a surge out of the encounter deck you get a nice little bonus out of it.

bwridge · 3
The problem with it is that you're spending 2 cards now (Espionage itself and whatever paid for it) to get 2 cards later, at a point you can't really control. That slot is much better spent on something a lot less slow. — ecamel · 9
From a pure cost point of view, you have a point. I reserve this card to put in my deck when I know a lot of surges are in the villain deck like Expert/MODOK. The surges are beyond your control too, so what you're paying for is an opportunity to get two cards into your hand to deal with the extra actions the villains is getting through surge and guarantee you can pay for whatever needs to get done compared to a normal hand. It's not an auto include in every deck. It does come in handy. — DoxaLogos · 33
I think for non-black-widow decks I'd rather run with Resourceful these days. — OrionJA · 4
If you are running BW deck it isn't JUST draw two cards. If you have the Synth-Suit down getting a surge on ANY PLAYERS encounter cards = 2 cards, 1 damage dealt and ready BW. That is GREAT VALUE plus they stack! I have had a turn where a surge came up I discarded all three Espionages, gained 6 cards into my hand, dealt 3 damage and readied BW. That is INSANE value for a card that can by paid for by just using one of her gauntlets. — Novawyrm · 29
Energy Channel


  • Such a versatile card. Being able to charge this card up at and as needed is great.
  • Being able to turn any -card into 2 damage means that any -card has good value regardless of the card’s normal value. This enables Captain Marvel to fairly efficiently run any -cards that are highly situational or relies on combo pieces to work.
  • A good option to discard to #Caught if this has 1 or fewer counters on it.
  • This card’s efficiency increases with every counter placed.
  • Fully charged up this card becomes 6 ER (Effective Resources) for 10 damage, which is great.
  • Once you have 3 counters on, this card becomes good value with 4 ER resulting in 6 damage.
  • Don’t be afraid to use this card before max efficiency is reached if the situation warrants it. This card’s flexibility is one of its strengths.

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Francois · 91
Captain Marvel's Helmet


  • If you don’t have Aerial, this costs 3 ER (Effective Resources) for only 1 DEF, which is terrible.
  • What makes it even worse is that it brings Captain Marvel only to 2 DEF, which means defending has to compete with Captain Marvel’s equally useful thwarting and attacking.
  • If you do have Aerial, 3 ER for +2 DEF is good value.
  • Being able to get to 3 DEF means that there is definitely a High DEF-Archetype available to Captain Marvel.
  • Since you need Aerial for this card to be worth playing, you need to add the subjective cost of getting the Aerial keyword, which depends on the value Aerial adds to your whole card pool.
  • Unfortunately the card is only worth playing in a Captain Marvel Protection build.
  • See my Cosmic Flight review to read my full thoughts on Captain Marvel’s Aerial options.

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Francois · 91