Grasping Tendrils

Am I the only one particularly annoyed that you can play Behind enemy lines with sense of justice, but this and savage attack seem to have their needed resource reversed when looking at Nerves of steel and martial prowess ?

Apart from that, amazing card. Prevent 2 attacks for 2 resources is amazing. Have an hellicarrier out and use venom's power to bypass the requirement for specific resources on any Venom's event, and you're golden.

Galdanor · 1
Unfortunately I don't think helicarrier can be used during the villain phase because it's an action. I've been using one enhanced physique in my decks (outside aggression which has lots of strength resources). — itsevaaan · 1
Wonder Man

Wonder Man is an interesting ally. His strength is that, while if you have him attack twice he has the same total cost as a cost 4 ally, he is much more flexible than a cost 4 ally. You don't have to have all the resources all at once, you can even choose to put him out without using him at all and wait for a later turn to pay for his attacks. Or if you don't need the attacks you can just put him out and thwart one or twice before blocking with him. While this may seem disappointing, it actually isn't a bad option since a standard cost 2 ally is mainly for blocking anyway. The point is that you only have to pay for his attacks if and when you need his attacks. The downsides are that you are forced to discard cards rather than pay resources for his attacks, that it isn't very efficient to heal him unlike a real cost 4 ally, and that in general a lot of the cost 4 allies are better than Wonder Man. I think he is a good middle of the road ally who fits in some decks and not in others, and is interesting to play with.

cnalexander · 42
I like him in Teamwork decks, but he has been outclassed recently as we keep getting strong allies — Stretch22 · 56
Lead from the Front

I keep trying to include this card in decks, you can have some fun using it from time to time, but it really is a pretty mediocre card. The problem is that in order to even break even from an efficiency standpoint, your team needs to thwart three times after using this card, or do a combination of 4 attacks and thwarts. But even a full team of you and three allies is only four characters, which will usually have at best 4 actions of various types to perform, and thus will at best break even. Now of course, there are ways you can produce extra actions and potentially make this card hyper efficient, such as by increasing your ally limit and using effects that ready characters, but this is usually outweighed by how overwhelmingly likely it is that you have less than a full ready team to play this on. There are just so, so many reasons why you would not have a ton of allies in play or you would not want to exhaust every one of those allies for an attack or thwart. So unless you have set up a specific clever combo to maximize use of this card, it is likely to be a card that is only OK some of the time and gets used as a resource the rest of the time.

cnalexander · 42
Tl;dr It's a combo card and not a value card — Bojkan9413 · 1
It may be better in characters who have native untaps themselves, such as Quicksilver, Captain America, and Iron Man because then you only need one ally in play to break even, but I can't say that I've been particularly impressed by this card either. — Death by Chocolate · 1
As Bokjan says, it’s a combo card that is best used with ready effects. If you get 2 attacks from a 6 wide ally board at +1 ATK, then you have paid 3 true resources for 12 damage and have made an efficient play. It just shows that most cards need to be evaluated in the context of specific builds rather than in a vacuum. — Ionichk · 1
Desperate Defense

This is one of the staple cards for a Defend action deck. The general idea is that you have a good enough defense to reliably trigger the ability to ready your hero, and thus you end up spending two effective resources to cancel an enemy attack. This is really not bad, not quite as efficient as having allies block for you, but close, and simpler to set up and reduces the demand on your always valuable allies. But the real kicker for this card is when you combine it with Defend action bonuses like Unflappable, stacking on bonuses like that are the real heart of a true defender character.

In general I find this card much better than Indomitable, as defender characters generally have lots of ways to ensure that no damage gets past their defense, and if your defense isn't very good you shouldn't bother with Indomitable either.

cnalexander · 42
Down Time

This is one of those game changing cards that makes me feel that Ms. Marvel is the first expansion pack you should get. This becomes one of the main powerup cards I consider whether each character should take, alongside Avengers Mansion and Helicarrier. Any character who feels like they don't have enough recovery can take this card and be vastly improved. Even if you do have enough recovery, this is great as it gives you even more recovery. You only have to use the recovery bonus twice to feel that you really got your money’s worth out of it, and even using it once is just as efficient as many other healing effects such as using First Aid on yourself.

Of course, not every deck will benefit from this card. It is meant for decks that regularly take damage and need to take recover actions to heal from it. Some decks dislike their alter ego form and do everything possible to stay in hero form, where they won't benefit from this card. Also, I tend to avoid giving this card to characters who already have a very high recovery compared to their hit points, such as Ms. Marvel herself, as I don't want to wait until her hit points are almost gone before taking a recovery.

cnalexander · 42