Pepper Potts

This card is similar to Helicarrier, but strictly superior for two reasons. 1) It is not an action, which means it can be used during the Villain phase if needed. 2) It gives you a typed resource. Obviously, when playing Iron Man you should be paying close attention to the order in which you discard your cards. This has all kinds of synergies, with powering your Rocket Boots to go aerial being the most obvious within your hero deck. For extra fun, discard a Tech Upgrade from hand with the desired resource type to pay for a card. Activate Pepper Potts to take the resource, then add it back to your hand using Stark Tower.

FreqKing · 23
Also, once pepper is down, any turn in which you draw a 2 resource card (genius, strength, energy) you get to use that card to generate resources twice — WillPovey · 2
Great review. It’s ok for it to be strictly better than Helicarrier since it’s a hero card, but technically Helicarrier has one big advantage: it can be used for another player. Pepper can’t generate resources for a friend. — KingOfRohan · 441
Make the Call

Make the Call is a fantastic transformative card with some minor drawbacks to consider. MTC effectively functions as a toolbox card that allows you to use the right ally for the right situation. Regardless of who the owner is (in multiplayer games). Note that due to the wording of MTC; you cannot reduce the cost of the ally with cards like Helicarrier or Avengers Tower, because it is not being played. You also cannot use Quinjet. You CAN, however; use The Power of Leadership or Super-Soldier Serum and other cards like them. For the time being, I would say that this is a 3-of card in any leadership deck.

Othello · 212
Good review. Particularly effective for heroes than can discard cards quickly, Iron Man using Repulsor Blast or Futurist for example or Ms Marvel using Teen Spirit — FreqKing · 23
I don't see a time when this won't be a 3-of. Its utility only increases the more allies we get - and unlike just playing an ally out of hand, MTC can be used out of turn via called action to fetch a Maria Hill to give everyone more options. — Voidrift · 46
I see a lot of Leadership decks without this card... I have no clue why it is not a certain 3-of card. Seriously getting Nick Fury 3 times in one deck pass is even OP. — Ben_Bos · 1
Legal Practice

Since this says remove 1 threat from A scheme for each card... does that mean I can split up the threat removal between multiple schemes/side-schemes?

I really like this stay-in-alter-ego alternate play style for She-Hulk, by the way. It might not be as "competitive", but it's a nice wrinkle.

Dragonclaw · 1
Legal Practice can only remove threat from a single scheme. — Dorkeye · 1

If you can build for a steady drip of - which is easier than ever thanks to Enhanced Reflexes - Nova can put out an impressive amount of damage.

Captain Marvel and Iron Man are likely to have the biggest incentive to stack energy right now.

Voidrift · 46
Nova is an absolute MVP for my Captain Marvel Protection deck. Being able to kill a minion before it finishes its attack feels so satisfying. — dr00 · 1626
What does "initiate an attack" mean, specifically? For instance, can you use Nova if you are choosing to defend for an attack against an ally? — Dragonclaw · 1
Wiggle Room

Ms. Marvel is very resilient in any aspect thanks to this card, which she can trigger with Morphogenetics in the case of an Assault or Gang-Up. Her very high REC value makes her one of the few 10 HP heroes who can facetank a Charge and bounce back for more thanks to this event.

Voidrift · 46