Cost: 3.

Hero Action: Give your hero a tough status card.

"It's unbreakable skin, man. Don't you know who I am?" — Luke Cage
Thor #21.

Unfortunately, this card in my opinion is horribly overpriced.

What do you want to get from it: negate next attack.

Baring some exceptions (Rhino with Charge or Bulldozer) you can use ally with 1 hp to do just the same, except an ally will do something before that - Mockingbird will stun the enemy and thwart/deal damage (for the same price), Nick Fury costs 1 more but will give you back most of his cost, the list goes on and on, but in my opinion, the more cost 3 or less allies we get, the even worse this card will become.

TL;DR: if you think of using it, don't, flood your deck with cheap allies instead

Aatxe · 7
I have to ag — Southy · 332
Ignore last comment, site messed up. I have to agree though. Negating one attack is not much. I wouldn't even run this in my Cap Protection deck, just run 3 copies of Expert Defense. — Southy · 332
I run this in a Black Panther aggression deck that already has all the cheap allies and still wants more of the effect. The physical resource is the main draw, mostly because I can't stand Honorary Avenger. Yet it also lets you stay on the offence for longer in exactly the same way that allies do; the retaliate is only 1 point but its about what you'd get out of Mockingbird. So yeah, this is an example of cards being actually better in practise than game theory suggests. — The_Wall · 112
One of the worst cards in the game, by far. With some exceptions; you could play a cheap ally to get the same result if not better (because it might have an effect and it gets to THW/ATK first). I honestly hate this card. — RolandWright · 1945
It`s the only Superpower, that is no Hero Card. If you play Deft Focus, you maybe want consider that. — Orkatum · 1

This card is garbage. Sorry but is what it is. I'll never waste all my hand (minus one card) to pay for this piece of crap. It should include a text like: "Reduce the cost of this card by one for each ally you control" (Upgrade or support, if allies would mean too much discount.)

Agree that it's unplayable at the moment. I'm hoping that Luke Cage makes us rethink this card (e.g. +2 ATK while tough). I like how this card has the superpower trait so it can become relevant with deft focus in the future. — LegendaryChampion · 1
With deft focus in play, in a deck focused on grey with "the power in all of us" and ther usual 2 resources cards, you're getting close to playable, although it's far from a card like "muster courage" which can end up giving 3 tough statuses for the same price. I agree it's not a good card, but yeah, a future hero with bonuses for being tough may just pull it off. — neothechosen · 7787
As the previous reviewer noted, you are basically always better off just playing any 3 or less cost ally, which will block an attack but has other upside. We can corner case the heck out of it but in practice, I will never play this — Stretch22 · 252
I would love to see someone run the Toughness Challenge where you put 3 of these in your deck and try to make it work somehow. Lol! — lightninlad · 1

Really has been a bad card for a long time, but not sure if its slightly improved with Colossus now. With Deft Focus you can technically get it out for 2 and perhaps thats worth it for all the other triggers he gets for having a touch status card. I gave it a try the other day but something still didn't feel quite right, I regularly prioritized other cards in my hand, so I say that its still not worth it for now without more playtesting.

coreyjson · 1