Cost: 1.

Hero Response: After your hero defends against an attack and takes no damage, exhaust Hard to Ignore → remove 1 threat from the main scheme.

"I will die before I yield!" — Drax
Galaxy's Most Wanted #17.
Hard to Ignore

This is a card every protection player should be aware of going forward. Outside of Bait and Switch, this is the only Protection card that explicitly removes threat, addressing one of Protection's greatest soft spots. Unlike similar Protection cards in this vein - Unflappable, Electrostatic Armor, and Dauntless - Hard to Ignore lacks the "Max 1 per player" restriction, allowing us to jam 3 in a list and not think twice about it.

Obviously this goes up in value the more you want to be defending and the greater ability you have to prevent damage. Groot fits the bill best due to his growth counters, but Spider-Man and Quicksilver also come to mind as heroes who can defend often.

For a 2 card investment, we expect about 3-4 threat removal (Inconspicuous, Multitasking, Lay Down the Law), and we can definitely get there with Hard to Ignore.

A strong card I think you should play!

Stretch22 · 349
Don't forget the Hulk! I just built a deck with Hard to ignore yesterday... most fun I've had with Hulk! — neothechosen · 8853
I'm loving this with Spidey in solo. I can imagine Black Widow also enjoying it. — RabidHobbit · 10
Just keep in mind that Crisis shuts this card down, completely, and it can't be used on Side Schemes, so Threat Removal is still needed to take care of those. — RabidHobbit · 10
Yeah, going through my old reviews and seeing how they hold up. Protection remains horrible at answering side schemes and has to rely on the basic or hero cards to do so. Hard to Ignore is still ok, but not as revolutionary for protection as I thought it might be — Stretch22 · 349