Cost: 1.

Hero Action (thwart): Remove 2 threat from a scheme. If you paid for this card using a resource, remove 2 threat from a different scheme.

"A hero isn't the one who always wins. They're the one who always tries." — Spider-Man
Andrea Di Vitto & Laura Villari
Scarlet Witch #13.

The most value for your buck thwart card there is! Seriously, you can THW 4 for 1 ... which isn't too hard to make happen with the justice aspect. This is going to hurt Expert Klaw with 2 side schemes at the start of the game...

neothechosen · 8820
It's certainly a strong card, it does have tough competition from clear the area though. By default both cards remove 2 threat for a 2 card investment. The kicker for clear the area is that it's half the cost, whereas for multitasking the kicker is double the effect. This makes both cards very comparable. Personally I still think clear the area edges out because it doesn't require their to be 2 schemes in play, but but both are solid cards. — L3w15 7 · 9989
Totally agree with you, Clear the area has been one of my favorites for quite some time now. It's cheap, a decent THW for the cost and a good way to cycle through your deck. Multitasking is somewhat more conditionnal but fills a blind spot for heroes with low THW capabilities. Overall, I feel the new Justice cards are really a cool bunch! — neothechosen · 8820
I'm guessing, similar to Embiggen, Ms. Marvel can boost the event to 4 and 4 with Shrink? — Feral9 · 8
Yes, that's right. Makes it broken as hell with her! — neothechosen · 8820