Cost: 3.

Uses (3 medical counters). (Enters play with 3 counters. When those are gone, discard this card.)

Action: Exhaust Med Team and remove 1 medical counter from it → heal 2 damage from a friendly character.

Core Set #80.
Med Team

The obvious comparison to including this card is if you had 3 First Aid cards. This is definitely the better value. For 1 card, you can accomplish what it takes 3 cards in a non-protection deck to do. Furthermore, because using First Aid requires 3 cards, as opposed to one for Med Team, it costs 6 effective resources (3 to pay for each of them and 3 for the cards themselves) to heal 6 total damage vs. 4 for this one. I haven't played Protection much but I'm going to be trying it out again soon with a Thor deck and am eager to see how this fits in with it.

jamesonT · 8