Sonic Rifle

I'm a bit surprised no one mentioned Iron Man yet:

  • it's a tech so it helps to have sooner a hand limit of 7,
  • once you have used the last charge it goes in your discard and Pepper Potts give you a mental resource for your Boot, to get the aerial trait,
  • once in alter-ego form, you get it back in your hand with Stark tower.
AlexandreP · 10
Because it's got charges, does it not stay in play until replaced by other 'restricted' cards? If so, then it can carry on providing +1 hand size long after its ammo is all used up... — MarkyG · 1
Higher density of tech cards, the possibility to pass in alter-ego twice without the villain scheming, and once you have all the parts of your armor in play, you can still get value out of the Stark Tower. Yes, once the 2 charges have been spent you have to discard the Rifle but overal I think it has a lot of value. — AlexandreP · 10
No, you do not have to discard the rifle when it uses its charges — Stretch22 · 56
Oh yes you do, it says Uses. My bad — Stretch22 · 56
Shake it Off

This card would also go really well with the Groot Ally. With 6 health he has a really good chance of surviving an attack. He will then heal 2 health and with the Tough he will heal 2 more health the next time he is attacked.

calderc23 · 71
Flora and Fauna

Does using this card require both Rocket and Groot to be in hero form, or just the one playing it? I know the other team-up cards refer to the specific hero names on them, but both Rocket and Groot have the same hero and alter ego names

PanicMoon · 1
Preemptive Strike

I have a problem with the timming. When do i have to play this card? After the boost card is turned faceup or before when i have to declare defense? I struggle with the new defence rule. We played this card always after the boost card turned face up. This proved to be very effective since when only one or no boost icon shows off this card is not effective. cheers

DaLurka · 1
Well since the card says "when a boost card is turned face up", I don't believe you have much of a choice. I think you've been playing it right. Way I see it, the new rules do not change this. However, I believe that in multi-player, if you play it when another player is attacked, you become defender (RRG 1.4 clarified this). — neothechosen · 2365
Agent 13

In a set where Avengers shine, Agent 13 stands out by... Well by not being an Avenger! If you still choose to call her to battle, she'll massively help you with that evergrowing threat level, both immediately and for a couple of turns. Captain America can always make her an honourary avenger to boost her up. She's a life saver in these tight solo games where threat blows up real fast, in a Captain America deck already well built for solo play.

Davidmc7 · 1
For a cost of 4 she removes 6 threat and blocks. If she was an Avenger she would be even better... — adsarf · 145