Clear the Area

Of course this card is good with Jessica Drew/Spider Woman, as it's a low cost Aspect card.

I have also found it especially useful with Miss Marvel. She can exhaust her suit to play it for free, use Shrink to increase it by 2, and get rid of most side schemes (in two-player) and draw a card.

Very efficient!

Without the right circumstances I feel like this card doesn't do enough. In the right circumstances it's an A-tier card.

Judicator82 · 16
You forget that removing 2 threat for 1 cost is very efficient. :) Gaining a card back makes it even better, and that should be easy to control in a Justice deck. Plus, it is a science resource, which is always handy for For Justice, Iron Man's boots, etc. — ecamel · 9

The value of this card is based on how many times you can use it. It is a total waste if you only use it once before the ally dies, but adequate if you can use it twice, and potentially rather efficient if you can use it more times. Here are some ways the card can be used:

  1. The simplest default use is to pick a hero with 3 hit points and Inspire them. You will get to use the Inspired bonus for 2-3 points of extra thwart or attack before the ally goes down. This is a decent return on your investment, an OK play when you have nothing better to do, but not good enough to be the reason you put the card in the deck. This card is cumbersome to use since you need a healthy ally you can leave alive for multiple turns in order to get the payoff. Since you often aren’t in a good position to play it, when you are in a good position you want it to be an exciting, strong play. 2-3 uses is reasonably effective but not exciting.
  2. I generally feel the bread and butter of this card is in a deck with First Aid (or an ally with Med Team). You find some ally with 3+ health and 2 thwart, Inspire them, and then repeatedly thwart with them and heal them back up. It eats up an ally slot but is a very efficient way to remove a ton of threat over time.
  3. Sort of a compromise is to Inspire an ally with a lot of hit points, like U.S. Agent. If you can Inspire him, thwart with him 4 times, and chump block with him, then your small investment in Inspire will have removed a respectable 4 extra threat. Or you can Inspire Goliath, thwart 3 times, then get a bonus on his glorious finishing blow. Or you can use a card like Team Training to give your characters extra hit points and thus make Inspired more effective.
  4. A different use for Inspire is as a part of certain combo decks. With a Teamwork deck, for instance, how can you resist playing Inspire on The Vision to get the highest bonus possible on your Teamwork action?
cnalexander · 10
I'd add a bullet point for the interactions with Iron Man and Ronin, and Inspiring Presence and Team Training to your healing options. — OrionJA · 4
I added a comment for cards like Team Training. There are indeed many more specific cards that combo with this, but I wanted to keep the review short and readable rather than go through all of them. — cnalexander · 10

The analysis provided detailing the cost-per-resource aspect of Jarnbjorn is an important thought process, but it does not detail the full value of the card as an upgrade.

One of the most important uses of Jarnbjorn's ability is that it provides an additional source of damage. Minions and Tough often require you to provide damage from more than one lane, and this provides a readily available source.

Further, should you build a physical resource heavy deck, Jarnbjorn will provide you an avenue to spend that extra resource you don't have use for this turn. As victory is decided by damage, it's always useful.

Judicator82 · 16
Hammer Throw

Throwing the Mjolnir is how Thor will kick butts in solo games. Lightning Strike is pretty situational to be honest in solo, as there won't be so many enemies deployed at once. Luckily, the hammer is very easy to get to your hand when in alter ego form.

Compared to Swinging Web Kick, we gain overkill which gives 100% of those 8 damage most of the time. Flavor wise, it is also very satifying to throw the hammer and having it going back to our hand. And can be used for an extra resource if needed to top off a very explosive turn.

batman · 1

When this card was first revealed it was seemingly dismissed by most, even by Team Covenant during their deck building discussions.

While the Upgrade itself seems inefficient, this card's true value is overlooked: the Resource Icon is a wild, a rarity outside of "Power of [Aspect]!" and Signature Allies.

If you have a Hero build that requires specific resources to activate cards, this might be considered for inclusion.

An example is Iron Man. Thanks to Repulsor Blast, it is efficient to include a majority of Energy resource cards in your deck, while Rocket Boots require a Mental Resource. You could include this and always have a Mental resource to trigger Aerial.

Judicator82 · 16
I had not thought about that use for Iron Man. I usually run Enhanced Awareness to power my boots, but this card would be better. — Novawyrm · 29
This card doesn't work with Repulsor Blast because it doesn't have a PRINTED Energy resource. — LubosV · 1