Impede is a card that is decent on its own while adding reliability to/synergy with existing cards.

On its own, it's three thwart for three resources (two plus itself), which is the standard rate one would expect from a thwart card. However, if it's the first card you play in a turn (a very easy requirement to meet), you get the card back in your hand. It's now either three thwart for two resources (and thus moderately efficient) or something you can save in hand to use again next turn (increasing the reliability of your deck). This, by the way, is where its mirror card Clobber fails. Three resources for three damage (or even three for two) is very below rate for an attack card and means Clobber fails to stand on its own merits.

However, it's when you consider the reliability it adds and the synergy it has with existing cards that the card stands out. Knowing for sure that you will always (if you desire) have a thwart card in hand is very valuable for Heroes like Ms. Marvel and Gamora. Knowing you will always have a use for any resources generated by Sense of Justice or Power of Justice prevents waste/dead turns. Knowing you will always have a consistent reliable source of thwart on the main objective, helps to more easily ensure you trigger Clear the Area or Turn the Tide's requirements, allowing you to more confidently run these very powerful conditional cards.

Impede does have some limitations/weaknesses to keep in mind. Because it only benefits from being the first card played, you generally are not going to want to see multiple copies in hand. Similarly, because you can keep the card in hand turn after turn, there is less need to have additional copies in the deck. While Impede is moderately efficient as a one off effect, it's not so efficient that cycling through multiple copies is overly impressive compared to stronger individual effects like Clear the Area, Multitasking, or Lay Down the Law. All of this leads me to think Impede is a decent option as a single copy in most Justice decks but probably not as a two or three of.

Erathis · 2
Plan of Attack

If it hits, it's a card that thins down your deck and sometimes offers the utility of even choosing between multiple attack cards for the most relevant one. Otherwise you've just wasted a resource that could have paid for another card. Not sure I'd trust always hitting an attack event when looking at just 4 cards, but for a hero that is happy to swap into AE form fairly often (She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Groot) it seems like a good effect for 0.

voidstar · 4
especially good with Ms. Marvel, you can thin the deck really fast with this + Bruno — sedlak87 · 1

Great card and at a great cost! It allows you to choose any deck and discard the top card which can mitigate the luck factor quite a bit! expert troll strategy: you can mill the deck of your partner

Heriador · 2
Due to the wording in the RRG, the stack of Villain cards and Main Scheme cards are technically ‘decks’! And you’re guaranteed to guess the card type correctly! Best not to think too hard about this interaction... — Death by Chocolate · 1
As of right now, Doctor Strange's invocation deck is a legal target. This gives him another way to cycle through his invocations. Could be quite powerful. — Butthorn · 10
Hit and Run

Not a review per se but my cards show a cost of 3 rather than 2.

I need to put 200 words for this review sadly, but perhaps the masters behind this site can see it and make the change (then delete this).

Is this 200 words long now?

Oakwolf · 9
you're actually right. Deserves a like! — neothechosen · 1849
Good catch. I was looking at this entry and was like "I don't remember being as impressed with a 2 attack/2 thwart/2 cost card when I was thumbing through her deck...". 3 cost makes more sense for a Basic Event. — Bastionfour · 2
Yes its cost 3. I was starting to include it in more decks than expected I was like dang this is an awesome basic. But yea at 3 it makes more sense, useful but definitely not auto include. — jrec15 · 53



Bug is basically a cheaper beat cop for Agression. I always try to mulligan for him because yes he is that good. He can also ping off those annoying tough statuses on the villain besides thwarting every turn. Must play ally for Agression.

gustave154 · 8
I think he's lackluster in builds that don't want to make basic attacks. At that point if you're never going to basic attack, he's the worst 2 cost chump blocker in the game. Which can still be valuable but you probably have better options. — jrec15 · 53
But yea as long as you're planning on basic attacking he's a must include. — jrec15 · 53
The worst 2-cost chump blocker is still a 2-cost chump blocker, which is pretty solid. — Death by Chocolate · 1
What about clea — zephyr100 · 19
Honestly I agree - Clea is a a lot worse than most people think. — L3w15 7 · 3235