Cost: 2.

Play only if your identity has the Genius trait. Max 1 per player.

Resource: Exhaust Ingenuity → generate a resource.

Ironheart #27.

Alter egos with the genius trait: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, Ironheart, Hulk and Wasp.

Ingenuity is a great resource generator. Rocket Raccoon likes to go in ae to use his ability so I think it fit him well. Spidey needs to go to ae to heal so I think is a great card, also you can use Peter´s ability to pay one of the resources needed. With Tony I am not sure, played some decks that heavy focus on tech upgrades and cards that are not too expensive, so I think maybe it will be useful but not to a level of the previous cases. Wasp has some expensive cards and a great ability in ae so it could work. I never played with Ironheart (but given is a card that came with her I would expect that suits her well) and Hulk so you can comment to add that info. Remember that you need to be in ae to play the card but not to use it after that.

Clintparker13 · 125
Question here: Once it is "played", does the requirement for Genius no longer apply to "exhaust" it? I.e. once you've played it in Alter-Ego, can it be used while in hero form (where identities might not be geniuses anymore). — Oakwolf · 13
yes, once you played it you can use it in any form because it says "resource" and that type of resource generator has no restriction to use it. — Clintparker13 · 125
With respect to Iron Man, this card can ensure you always have that mental resource to trigger the Rocket Boots. — MightySchoop · 34
Just a reminder that your “identity” is the double-sided hero/alter-ego card, so your “identity” still has keyword “genius” regardless of which form you are in. Therefore, you can play/use this card in either hero or alter-ego form. — Melosh007 · 1
Your identity only has the traits of the active side (not both sides at once). — Possibly1769 · 1
Has there been a ruling about that? @Possibly1769 Because I feel like the theme would be weird if Spider-Man, Rocket, Iron Man, Ironheart, and Wasp would cease to be geniuses when they are heroes. The only one that I feel might make sense for is Hulk, which can be interpreted as a whole other identity. However, it would make this card a little strange since they didn't put Alter-ego Resource down instead, since Genius is not on anyone's hero side of an identity card. — Nomad · 8