Avenger. Vehicle.

Cost: 3.

Play only if your identity has the Avenger trait.

Resource: Exhaust Quincarrier → generate a resource.

"Too bad we could only get one of these." -- Hawkeye
Black Widow #23.

Although it lacks the ability to transfer its benefit to another player, for any Avenger this should be strictly superior to the Helicarrier in solo mode. When used to play a card it is at worst functionally equivalent and providing even on the villain's turn is fantastic. It's easier to power your Rocket Boots Iron Man, charge up your Lightning Strike Thor, meet with the Superhuman Law Division She-Hulk, power Photonic Blast and Energy Channel Captain Marvel, or land a Heroic Strike Captain America. Of course there are many more potential interactions with allies and neutrals. Bear in mind it is unique when building group decks. I expect this should see play

FreqKing · 14
You forgot that it has the most tongue-in-cheek flavor text in the whole game. Huge point in the card’s favor. — ImpossibleGerman · 540
Agreed! — FreqKing · 14
Mind, Alter-egos are have not the Avenger trait. So, for instance, you cannot use Quincarrier for SuperHuman Law Division — ekalel · 1
I don't think that's true. You can put the card into play only as an Avenger. After that it's ability will continue to function regardless. — FreqKing · 14
Yes, I was wrong. You only need to be in hero form to summon it. Then you can use it without restrictions. — ekalel · 1