Avenger. Soldier.

Thwart: 2. Attack: 2. Defense: 1.
Health: 12. Hand Size: 5.

Rechannel — Action: Spend a resource and heal 1 damage from Captain Marvel → draw 1 card. (Limit once per round.)

"I never quit."
Core Set #10. Captain Marvel #.
Captain Marvel

S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier.

Recover: 4.
Health: 12. Hand Size: 6.

Commander — Action: Choose a player to draw 1 card. (Limit once per round.)

"It's my job to protect the Earth and everyone on it."
Core Set #10. Captain Marvel #.
Carol Danvers


Carol Danvers

  • Has a useful Recovery of 4.
  • Her commander ability is very useful. Drawing a card is very strong. Being able to give that card draw to the Player of your choice is insanely good.
  • Use her ability to set up efficient hand play turns for the team or use it to give card draw to the Player with the most impactful cards in deck.
  • A hand size of 6 is average.

Captain Marvel

  • Both THW 2 & ATK 2 is useful and will see use during the game.
  • Her Health of 12 falls into the average category, though her low DEF 1 undermines this a little.
  • Luckily her Rechannel ability helps to keep her in the fight while also being extremely useful to filter through her deck.
  • Note that her Rechannel ability (besides needing damage to heal) only requires a -resource; so if you can generate a -resource without discarding a card to generate the said resource, you effectively increase your hand size by 1.
  • Hand size 5 is average for Hero Form.

Captain Marvel’s character card pool is divided into two extremes. On the one hand you have strong, efficient cards and on the other hand you have weak upfront combo-y cards. With her strong card draw/filtering she might be the best Hero for those who wish to play combo focused decks. Regardless of your play style, her strong abilities will help lead any team to victory.

Aspect Pairings with Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel already comes with a few high damage options. What she lacks, and what the Aggression Aspect provides, is efficient low damage attacks and Minion control. With her card draw/filtering and the Aggression Aspect you will always have the right attack for the right target.


The Justice Aspect seems to be favoring -resources which make it a natural fit with Captain Marvel’s cards and abilities. A weakness of Justice is that it needs threat to be present to make a contribution. Captain Marvel’s reliance on -resources means that Justice -cards that do not have a use this turn can be fed to her Hero Ability or cards.


Since playing Allies does not care in which Form your Character is, and since Captain Marvel prefers to consistently flip between Forms to maximise card draw, the two complement each other nicely. Additionally Leadership provides bodies to block the Villain’s attacks, minimising Captain Marvel’s reliance on her inefficient defense cards.


The Protection aspect gives Captain Marvel’s defensive cards actual value and combined with her Rechannel Ability she can stay in Hero Form a long time. Since she should be Aerial, she will also be contributing some thwarting events.

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Francois · 208
Just a slight clarification: you mentioned that Captain Marvel's Rechannel ability "only requires an energy-resource." For newer players, the fact that the "heal 1 damage" precedes the arrow indicates that *you must* have damage to heal in order to get the card draw. In other words: healing is part of the cost that you *must* pay to use the Rechannel ability. — diesel · 152
Francois: Thanks for the catch! Fixed it. Really liked your Jarnbjorn review. - EJ — Francois · 208