Jessica Drew


Avenger. Spy.

Cost: 3.
Health: 2.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Response: After Spider-Woman enters play, confuse the villain.

"This is what I wanted: helping the innocents by hospitalizing the guilty."
Core Set #11. Captain Marvel #1.


  • For 4 ER (Effective Resources) you get a 2-use Ally and Confuse.
  • Confuse is amazing. Preventing the Villain from scheming means one member of the team can get the maximum value of their Alter Ego actions/abilities/cards/hand-size without major threat consequences.
  • The greater the Villain’s scheming abilities (base value, triggered abilities, encounter deck boost density), the greater the value of this Ally.
  • 2 HP might seem like a weakness, but it in fact means that you get the full 4 ER’s worth of value in 1 turn (2THW/ATK + block + Confuse).
  • I estimate playing her between 4 ER and 8 ER of value depending on the board state.
  • I think this Ally’s value is way higher than her cost and will almost always play her if she is in hand.

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Francois · 206
Good analysis by Francois. A couple of points to add: — Ionichk · 9
She's Avenger traited and her ability is — Ionichk · 9
'enters play' so it triggers when she's returned to play with Rapid Response or Make the Call. — Ionichk · 9