Avenger. Spy.

Thwart: 1. Attack: 1. Defense: 1.
Health: 11. Hand Size: 5.

"Superhuman Agility" — Interrupt: When you play an aspect card, Spider-Woman gets +1 THW, +1 ATK, and +1 DEF until the end of the round. (limit once per round for each aspect.)

The Rise of Red Skull #31. Spider-Woman #.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Spy.

Recover: 3.
Health: 11. Hand Size: 6.

Double Agent — Choose two aspects instead of one during deck-building. You must include an equal number of cards from those aspects in your deck.

Action:: Look at the top card of any deck. (Limit once per round.)

The Rise of Red Skull #31. Spider-Woman #.
Jessica Drew

My favorite Hero in the game! Her base stats could have all been 0 and I would still use her. She can do anything and everything. It’s so much fun constructing decks with her. She’s amazing!

Even a simple thing like being able look at the top of your deck before attacking with Hulk is unexpectedly great! Love it!

Chiznad · 29

Spider-Woman is a fantastic hero with a lot going for her:

  • excellent signature ally with build-around potential (Captain Marvel)
  • not one but two repeatable resource generators (Finesse)
  • stat line is effectively 3/3/3 most of the time, if not higher
  • potential for cross-aspect shenanigans
  • a bundle of efficient event cards

About the only thing she doesn't have in her 15 is hard hitting attacks, so make sure you remember to pack some way to get through the villain's HP!

Fry · 233
Venom Blast is a fantastic 5 damage for 2 cost, and she is easily boosted to 3 ATK regularly. Have you had much trouble doing damage with her? — Judicator82 · 118