Avenger. Spy.

Thwart: 1. Attack: 1. Defense: 1.
Health: 11. Hand Size: 5.

"Superhuman Agility" — Interrupt: When you play an aspect card, Spider-Woman gets +1 THW, +1 ATK, and +1 DEF until the end of the round. (limit once per round for each aspect.)

The Rise of Red Skull #31. Spider-Woman #.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Spy.

Recover: 3.
Health: 11. Hand Size: 6.

Double Agent — Choose two aspects instead of one during deck-building. You must include an equal number of cards from those aspects in your deck.

Action:: Look at the top card of any deck. (Limit once per round.)

The Rise of Red Skull #31. Spider-Woman #.
Jessica Drew

My favorite Hero in the game! Her base stats could have all been 0 and I would still use her. She can do anything and everything. It’s so much fun constructing decks with her. She’s amazing!

Even a simple thing like being able look at the top of your deck before attacking with Hulk is unexpectedly great! Love it!

Chiznad · 8