Cost: 2.

Hero Action (thwart): Remove 2 threat from a scheme. Then, if you have the Aerial trait, remove 2 threat from a different scheme.

"This is one of the more impressive messes I've ever seen." -- Carol Danvers
Core Set #12. Captain Marvel #2-4.
Crisis Interdiction


  • For 3 ER (Effective Resources) you get 2 threat worth of value, or 4 if you are Aerial.
  • If you are not Aerial, or if there is only one scheme to remove threat from, then this card is bad.
  • If you are both Aerial and there is more than one scheme out, this card becomes good value.
  • Since this card’s value is largely tied to Aerial, you need to add the subjective cost of getting the Aerial keyword, which depends on the value Aerial adds to your whole card pool.
  • Unfortunately the card is not worth playing with only Captain Marvel’s base Aerial cards and options.
  • See my Cosmic Flight review to read my full thoughts on Captain Marvel’s Aerial Options.

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