Cost: 2.

Captain Marvel gains the Aerial trait.

Hero Interrupt (defense): When Captain Marvel would take damage, discard Cosmic Flight → prevent 3 of that damage.

Core Set #17. Captain Marvel #12-13.
Cosmic Flight


I really do not like this card. If you don’t build your deck to accommodate it, it essentially results in 6 blank cards (Crisis Interdiction; Captain Marvel's Helmet; Cosmic Flight). But let’s try to review the card objectively.

  • For 3 ER (Effective Resources) you get the Aerial trait, as well as the ability to discard the card to prevent 3 damage.
  • Unfortunately the two effects are (largely) mutually exclusive. If you want Aerial you can’t use the Interrupt and if you do use the Interrupt, you lose Aerial.
  • This in effect means you are either playing the card to constantly have Aerial (with the Interrupt ability as a nice-to-have safety net) or you are building your deck around Captain Marvel's Helmet; Protection Aspect and the Interrupt ability, with Aerial as an accidental bonus here and there.
  • Paying 3 ER to get Aerial for only Crisis Interdiction and Captain Marvel's Helmet is too much of a tempo hit to make it worth it. As more cards are released that use the Aerial keyword, this card will undoubtedly become more valuable and a whole Aerial-Arche type will revolve around it.
  • Paying 3 ER to avoid 3 damage is not great, however if combined with the Protection Aspect and Captain Marvel's Helmet it becomes a case of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Against Villains that have abilities/effects that trigger off successfully dealing damage (ex Stampede; Rage of Ultron) this card gains extra utility and value.

All said, I still don’t like that unless you go for a very specific build, 6 of Captain Marvel’s cards (Crisis Interdiction; Captain Marvel's Helmet; Cosmic Flight) are essentially blank resources.

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Francois · 64
Crisis Interdiction is good enough for emergencies even without Aerial. And both it and Cosmic Flight have energy resources, so they're easily rechanneled. — OrionJA · 4