Armor. Tech.

Cost: 2.

Captain Marvel gets +1 DEF (+2 DEF instead if you have the Aerial trait).

"This is so cool!" — Jessica Drew
Core Set #16. Captain Marvel #11.
Captain Marvel's Helmet


  • If you don’t have Aerial, this costs 3 ER (Effective Resources) for only 1 DEF, which is terrible.
  • What makes it even worse is that it brings Captain Marvel only to 2 DEF, which means defending has to compete with Captain Marvel’s equally useful thwarting and attacking.
  • If you do have Aerial, 3 ER for +2 DEF is good value.
  • Being able to get to 3 DEF means that there is definitely a High DEF-Archetype available to Captain Marvel.
  • Since you need Aerial for this card to be worth playing, you need to add the subjective cost of getting the Aerial keyword, which depends on the value Aerial adds to your whole card pool.
  • Unfortunately the card is only worth playing in a Captain Marvel Protection build.
  • See my Cosmic Flight review to read my full thoughts on Captain Marvel’s Aerial options.

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