Booster Boots

This is missing the "Max 1 per player" designation that the card has.

Since I'm here, this is a great card that's really grown on me. I think it's a staple for survivability for the Guardians especially with Star Lord. Of course preventing 1 damage is great, and yea there's a chance you could kill a crucial card.

But the thing is you're still cycling cards. What's the benefit of that if you don't get the card in your hand, you may ask? Shuffling your deck puts all those big hitters back in your deck. For Star Lord, that means more Sliding Shot which is HUGE as well as more encounter cards from the shuffle. Rocket gets more weapons to cycle and really benefits from the survivability. It's less crucial but still useful for Gamora. Unfortunately doesnt work for Groot effectively since his counters interrupt before booster boots can trigger. But overall, great card.

jrec15 · 53
Pulse Grenade

Looking forward to make this card valuable. My first thought is, put it into play, play Heimdall to rearrange the top of the encounter deck and then BOOM! Also, Scarlet Witch should be able to add a little magic to make things interesting...

neothechosen · 1849
This looks like binder fodder to me. Best case scenario, you're getting 3-5 damage for 3 cards. — Bastionfour · 2
Not wrong, and that's why I said "looking forward to making it valuable". Who knows what new cards to come might combine with it? On the bright side, in theory, it can already go as high as 6 dmg for 3 cards - 2 if you used the power in all of us to pay for it. That's better than uppercut, granted, less reliable. It also can be a target for mean swing. — neothechosen · 1849
I think it is also important to remember that the grenade can sit in play until it is needed, so you’re paying a premium for the delay until it is needed. — Death by Chocolate · 1
Ever Vigilant

Just a few words about this one, don't let the stats fool you, the card is actually 2 costed, not 4.

Now to fill the 200 words required to post this : a card that's impossible to play for most heroes, hard for the rest, with the exception of Iron Man (loves to get aerial anyway) AND, of course, Thor, who could get a second 3 ATK from this, plus control over the main scheme... (OK, I'll have to try something with it now). Mjolnir making you aerial might be useful after all (same goes for Agile Flight and Dive Bomb).

neothechosen · 1849
Dr Strange, Wasp, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Star Lord can all gain the Aerial Trait from upgrades. Spider-Woman can gain it from an event. — playgroundpsychotic · 1
All true, but also Iron Man. Still, for a lot of these characters, it's a lot harder than the sweet deal you get out of it with Thor. — neothechosen · 1849
I prefer the optimistic approach of playing dress up with my heroes. I have these fancy upgrades and I usually assume they’ll get played. — playgroundpsychotic · 1
I get it! Eventually you'll get around to play the right card. My point was only "easier for some heroes". I've actually tried Dr.Strange with it, since anyway you'll want the Cloak of Levitation in play, and with Strange's draw power you can't really be stalled too long. It combines well with casting multi spells. — neothechosen · 1849

Knowhere is an incredible card for Star Lord!

It compares to Avengers Tower but, for Star Lord, even better. Indeed, the + 1 ally applies to any kind of ally, not just avengers like the tower does. And while it does not help you pay for the ally (which shouldn't be too hard with "what could go wrong?"), it gives you a card, which is even better. AND since Star Lord makes every ally a Guardian, it works every time.

It will, however, be far less impressive with other heroes. First, it's only playable by the few Guardians we have so far but, more important, they do not share Star Lord's "turn everyone into a guardian" ability.

neothechosen · 1849
Warp Reality

Personally i think this is one of the best removal from the game because it's not just preventing treachery like most cards does, but it prevent an encounter card completely. Always keep this card in hand to prevent disgusting attachment or side scheme and you're gold.

Boi · 1