Swinging Web Kick


  • You are paying 4 ER (Effective Resources) for 8 damage, which is excellent.
  • Burst damage on this scale is great against retaliate (looking at you MODOK)
  • Great for focusing down a Villain stage or a troublesome high HP Minion.

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Francois · 16


Peter Parker

  • Has a low recovery which is largely irrelevant due to Aunt May.
  • He has an average hand size of 6.
  • His Scientist ability is always welcome as it allows him to more efficiently play his 6 card hand size.
  • It may also come in handy if Alter-Ego only cards are printed that require a resource.
  • There might be a archetype in the future which makes use of his and Black Cat's affinity.


  • A THW of 1 is really bad and combined with only a situational threat removal card (Spider-Tracer) in his character card pool, Spider-Man will not be leading the charge as far as thwarting is concerned.
  • This is somewhat offset by the fact that Spider-Man will spend the majority of the game in Hero Form.
  • Still, without a dedicated thwarter (or in solo), Spider-Man is very vulnerable to threat (to Side Schemes in particular).
  • ATK 2 is average and here and there will help out with Minion control.
  • DEF 3 combined with Spider-Man’s defensive card pool is phenomenal.
  • 10 HP is on the lower side of things; however it should not be a problem due to Spider-Man’s excellent defensive options.
  • Spider-Sense effectively means you have a 6 card hand size in Hero Form, which is great.
  • It is also not limited to once per round, which means every time the Villain initiates an attack against you, you draw a card. Might have some interesting combo potential with future cards.

Spider-Man’s card pool is focused on mitigating the Villain’s turn. He plays very much in the moment with very few cards that stick around for the long-term.

Aspect parings with Spider-Man


  • The Aggression Aspect provides effective Minion control to Spider-Man’s card pool. It also brings more (if slightly less efficient) damage dealing capabilities.


  • The Justice Aspect brings cards that cover Spider-Man’s greatest weakness, thwarting. With this Aspect Spider-Man becomes a true Jack-of-all-trades, able to participate in every facet of the game.


  • The Leadership Aspect brings in multiple Ally choices that can help mitigate Spider-Man’s weaknesses while simultaneously supporting his strengths. Such across the board versatility does come with a slight cost ratio premium.


  • The Protection Aspect very much doubles down on Spider-Man’s main strength, mitigating the Villain’s turn and defending his fellow teammates.

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Francois · 16


  • The harder the Villain hits, the better this card’s value.
  • This card can prevent effects that trigger when the Villain deals damage to you.
  • As long as you prevent 3+ damage, this card is good value.
  • A Hero Reaction so it’s a “blank card” if you draw this in Alter-Ego or with a draw effect during your turn.
  • Don’t keep this card in hand hoping for the perfect Backflip.
  • Use it instead of defending with Spider-Man so that he is ready to defend for others or against an unexpected attack.

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Francois · 16
Black Cat


  • For 3 ER (Effective Resources) you gain 1 THW and unlimited 1 ATK attacks.
  • Her Forced Response could potentially cover up to two-thirds of her ERC (Effective Resource Cost), which lessens the initial tempo loss from playing a long-term Ally.
  • Ideal for pinging Tough.
  • Inspired on her is excellent long-term value. In fact, any upgrade that interacts with her attack would have tremendous long-term value.
  • She is potentially the best long-term value Ally in the game.
  • A -archetype might be a possibility with her Forced Response, and Peter Parker's Scientist ability.

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Francois · 16

Loki is a way harder nemesis to deal with than any of the others. The chance for him to heal with the random mechanic means you really only want to defeat him when you know what is coming or you have no other option and have to hope. Otherwise you are wasting actions and damage unless you get lucky.

McV0id · 1