Symbiote Suit

Easily one of the best cards in the game, with a drawback that just barely keeps it balanced. This card can allow Iron Man to draw eight cards a turn , boost Aggression Hulk's STR to 6 or give Protection Hulk a 35 HP and 5 DEF, and turn Quicksilver into an unstoppable one-man army. The extra encounter card can occasionally make things tougher, especially if you spend a lot of time in alter ego, but overall, the 4 cost and extra encounter card are minor inconveniences compared to all the benefits it gives you.

Iron Man has a maximum hand size of 7, so he actually cannot ever get an 8-card hand size for any reason. This also means that Assess the Situation is useless to him once he has enough tech cards out, even though it uses him on the art and flavor text. — OrionJA · 7
I am so torn on this card. I want to love it but I feel the hazard icon is too high a cost. The resource cost of 4 balances out with the hand size bump (Avengers Mansion), so is the extra +1 to all stats and +10 hit points worth it for an extra encounter card every turn? I am curious to hear people's opinions but I have not had success with this card — Stretch22 · 190
@Stretch22: I have the same feeling. It really depends if you're — neothechosen · 5489
Oops sry for that! It depends if you've got enough setup in play, but also which villain you face (Ronan? Are you sure you want another encounter?). — neothechosen · 5489

This has become pretty much an auto-include card for all my solo aggression decks unless the character has very good threat mitigation on their own. Having access to 4 attack and 4 thwart plus a block for 3 is just too good to pass up most of the time.

SilverFox · 16

I like the unique-ness of this ally design, but I think it is the one of the worst Web-Warriors. If you removed the Forced Response, this would be about average based on cost and stats alone. So is the response ability a net positive or net negative? On the one hand, you could activate this guy forever taking no consequential damage; or, you use him once and he dies immediately. Obviously any ability that lets you peek at the top of the encounter deck like Falcon, Heimdall, Global Logistics, or Spider-Woman's hero ability lets you know whether or not you are safe to activate Ham. But with so many good allies already in the game, I would rather play somebody more reliable. Even among the Web-Warriors, there are 5-ish basic ones I would rather play. I certainly wouldn't fault anyone for playing this card for fun, but I think decks that are trying to be powerful and consistent will have many better ally options.

Stretch22 · 190
Clarity of Purpose


(She-Hulk breaks something nearby)

But seriously, this card is pretty annoying if you glance back at the Core Box and readily answers the question "Is Champions suffering from Power Creep"? Getting a 1-cost Wild generator that can be given to anyone (Ally or Hero) is ridiculous.

Obviosly, this is a fantastic card. There are so many ways to mitigate damage, plus you can use it on high HP allies and drain them for resources (not the most eficient use, but its still a possibility).

Judicator82 · 60
What ally are you putting this on where you get a positive return? Even in the case of "Groot blocking a 1-ATK minion forever" all you've done is create the world's most expensive Helicarrier. — Fry · 82
It's best a hero. If you pair it with down time you get about 5 resources for a recovery action. — vidinufi · 1
Of course it's BEST on a Hero. But I can see edge cases where you decide that you want to be able to generate two Wild resources a turn on an Ally you already had out, especially on an Ally that has very high HP and a low cost (Victor Mancha, Snowguard). Not efficient, but possible. — Judicator82 · 60
Black Widow's Gauntlet

Widow's Gauntlets are the glue that makes her Signature package sing. This low-cost Resource generator may only target a specific type of card, but the combination of the 8 Preparation cards included in her kit plus her Hero ability to ping for 1 damage each time she triggers one keeps this spicy. Add in some Aspect and Basic Preparations, and between 25% and 50% of your deck can be Preparations.

Comboed with her Safe House to keep drawing those Preparation cards over and over, Widow consistantly says "no" to the Villain over and over while chipping away at their hp.

Finally, these Gauntlets make some of the "meh" Preparation cards like Target Aquired and Espionage excellent, as they are played for "free" and also do a damage when triggered.

For Widow, this is an "S" tier card. Play it as soon as it comes up, it powers her entire engine.

Judicator82 · 60
While I agree with the content of your review, I do not like the way that you put down another user in order to get yourself over. — The_Wall · 105
I think the criticism was far on my part. Calling Black Widow's resource generators "awful" is not a fair valuation, and I wanted to write an alternative review that provides (from my own experience and the perceived anecdotal evidence of other players over the last couple of years) the outlook that most players actually share. — Judicator82 · 60