Shoulder Cannon

Im a huge Warmachine fan from the comics and this I feel is his best upgrade by far. Being able to clear a Stun status or ping off a Tough and go to town with the rest of your ammo is not to be understated. Also great for finishing off the current stage of a villain without wasting any excess damage from other attacks from cards or upgrades. If you manage to get Munitions Bunker and Agent 13 combo happening thats an insane amount of essentially resource free damage you can spit out.

If you pair him with Cyclops and get a target with "Exploit Weakness" on it, then thats 2 damage every shot for that turn! Thats a pretty amazing combo.

And if the target is confused and you have the "Float like a Butterfly" upgrade, then it becomes 3 damage per salvo (although it does seem to be harder to confuse villains nowadays with Steady and Stalwart in alot of them).

Plasma Pistol

I stand by most things that have been said about this card in the other reviews. It's not good, but people fail to realize that this card is situational. It's not an attack, therefore it ignores any restrictions on those effects, ignores retaliate, pings off tough cards for heroes with few attacks but high damage, and the restricted keyword is a non-issue for heroes that don't use other restricted cards. The damage is low, but it can save a dead turn for sure, and that 1 extra damage is never wasted. I feel like this is a very similar case to Resourcefulness, where you invest a resource + card to have another resource at hand for when you need it most. This is the same but with damage, and heroes like Iron Man get a ton of value out of it in the early stages of a game. Later on, you can use it as a resource and an energy card for powerful effects like Repulsor Blast and Captain Marvel's energy attacks. The main benefit of this card is that it's basic, so any deck can take it. It's never an auto-include, but the heroes that can use it well will get lot of value out of it.

The Power in All of Us

Apparently, this card can pay for C.I.T.T,'s ability, and likely any other abilty printed on a basic card that requires paying 2 resources of any kind, which means this card's value will only increase as we get more of those. Aside from that weird interaction that I never thought was allowed in the rules, this card is amazing for decks that like stacking 2-3 cost basic cards. But don't get caught on it, most decks prefer having 2 extra cards of something else, and going over 40 cards is almost never recomended. IMO, use it with decks that have tons of basic allies and upgrades and supports, but skip it if you think that you could use those 2 copies of Into the Fray or something.

"Now I'm Mad"

I'd give this to Hulk for yucks. (More words added here because of character count.) Isn't that funny? Because he has 0 Thwart anyway. Get it? In addition to Combat Training, he could have an ATK of 5. Pretty good!

nerman8r · 4
Weapon X

Great economy for a card that acts as a re-usable way to thin your deck and fill your discard with targets for the likes of X-Men Instruction or Make the Call.

Notably this is a great addition to a Gambit deck, with plenty of hits that are fantastic even if staying in Alter-Ego - Molecular Acceleration, Creole Charmer and Rogue.

BigGriz · 2