Avengers Mansion

Ahh Avengers Mansion… If you don't love your opening hand already, this could be worth mulliganing for. But uhff, that 4 cost! Unless you can generate a resource with an identity’s ability and/or play a resource generator (e.g. Peter Parker + Web Shooter), that's pretty much your opening hand gone. I might not include Avengers Mansion in every deck, and it might be a Basic card but I always consider including it when deck-building, something I cannot say for many cards. That early game card draw every round really is so tempting. So how do you play efficiently?

If you’re an Avenger, you’re in luck. With Team-Building Exercise you can play Avengers Mansion one cheaper, bringing it to a more affordable cost of 3. But you would ideally have to get Team-Building Exercise in play before. Definitely worth it in an Avenger allies heavy deck and TBE even lowers the cost of the Quincarrier and Avengers Tower too. So thematically, Avengers Mansion is paying off, potentially in spades. And when you consider that some Avengers have smaller hand-sizes (Hulk, She-Hulk, Thor and Vision in AE), Avengers Mansion can help get the most out of them. But how do other decks not based around Avengers benefit from it?

For other small hand-sized heroes, such as Drax, SP//dr, Colossus and Ironheart (early game), the extra card is most welcome, especially in Hero form. However, playing it might be difficult in the early game. In multiplayer, having more than one Avengers Mansion can help smooth costs between players, making these heroes more tempting when teaming up. It can also be fun to strategise around whose needs are the greatest, while building and maintaining comradery, especially in tough times when a plan (and a bit of luck) pays off.

The Power In All Of Us can help bring Avengers Mansion out easier in a Basic focused deck (allies, upgrades etc..) and Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Gambit, Domino and Hulk, to name a few, have built in high resource cards in their hero repertoire. In Leadership, using Band Together to pay for Avengers Mansion could be risky and nigh on impossible early game without a dedicated strategy. However, Avengers Mansion is also so much more than all that. There’s a reason I think it’s a valuable card, despite its high cost. The focus on card draw.

An obvious cop-out, I know. It says it right there on the card. But each and every round, there is one thing I look forward to. Drawing up my hand after the player phase and seeing what wacky combination my deck has given me to mess around with. There’s a reason card draw is considered to be so good. It gives you potential. And in essence, to me, Avengers Mansion tests the efficiency of my deck and how steam-lined it is. But what do I mean by that? When I consider including Avengers Mansion in my deck, it makes me think about which card I would want to draw. I might be looking for upgrades and supports early on, sure. But what about when it’s mid to late game and things are heating up? What is the ace up my Avengers Mansion sleeve? Sometimes all it takes is that one card to turn the tide. Whether that card’s an extra resource (or two with the double Basics), or an opportunity to give another player a chance to clear the board. It simply helps the game flow better and can quite literally bring out the best aspects of the game.

Glockenspeel · 49
See this a must have for SP//DR because of her low hand-size, but cards that generate resources... other than that I see your point of this card — sidjay · 1
Call for Backup

I think this is the best player side scheme in the NeXt Evolution box (after Technovirus Purge). It lets players reliably summon their Voltron targets, or whatever ally they need in that moment. The ally also gets any put into play affects that don’t stipulate that they enter play “from your hand”. Beast is an especially good target, since his high cost can be a bit prohibitive otherwise, and his enters play ability lets you fish out a double resource (or a triple if you happen to be Domino) while you still have a handful of cards to use the resources on. Compared to the other PSS cards this one might be under costed, it should probably either cost 2 resources to play or more thwart to clear.

jamman39 · 5
It is so versatile. You can get Professor X for confuse, Mockingbird for stun, Beast is great like you say. You can also bypass Trait restrictions and get a Ghost-Spider or Gamora — Stretch22 · 348
Digging Deep

You only have room for so many resource-only cards in your deck, but Digging Deep has tons of combo potential that will spawn entirely new decks built around this effect (shared by White Fox). The number of cards that can discard this from your deck is surprising high, and many are cards you'd be happy to play anyways. A non-exhaustive list includes Weapon X, No Quarter, Global Logistics, Caliban, Piotr's Studio, Repulsor Blast, Aunt May & Uncle Ben, and Cosmo. Of course, it is insane with Domino, and Star-Lord too can place it on top of your deck with his Alter Ego ability. Assuming you also want to play Energy, Genius, Strength, and maybe some Power ofs, I might play a few more resource sinks or card draw to make sure my resources go to use each turn...otherwise you can have some awkward hands. I think we will see some really powerful decks with 3x of this card!

Stretch22 · 348

I have a doubt with this card and Cable. His own side scheme, Technovirus Purge says that characters other than Cable cannot remove threat from it. My question is... ¿if I Attach Overwatch to another scheme, can I discard it to remove threat from Technovirus Purge when another character thwarts to the attached scheme?

I'd say yes, as I'm the owner of the overwatch card, and It's me who is using it, therefore, removing threat from Technovirus Purge. I'd just want to know if anybody can confirm that I'm doing right.

wehehe · 120
Yes. Upgrades are considered an extension of your identity. — Stretch22 · 348
Then, the sinergy between this and Spider-Man is just bonkers :O. I used Yesterday to remove a scheme just found with one way or another and TVP with spidey — wehehe · 120
FYI, the Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Justice ally removes threat upon entry, but this is not a "thwart", which is necessary to trigger overwatch. — Stretch22 · 348
Question on this specific matter, if another player attaches overwatch to a side scheme, and I controlling cable thwart that side scheme, can I trigger overwatch on Technovirus purge? What if I place overwatch but someone else thwarts, can overwatch remove from Technovirus purge? And last case, another player places overwatch and thwarts on it, can they remove from technovirus purge? I'm very confused. — Normochampion · 1
1. No. The Overwatch is considered to be done by the other player's identity, not Cable. 2. Yes, that is OP's question. 3. No, same reason as 1. All three could apply the following logic: Does the Cable player control the Overwatch? If yes, it can remove from Technovirus Purge. If no, it cannot — Stretch22 · 348
Ouch, I completely skipped the "by a thwart" part. It was too good to be possible — wehehe · 120
Plasma Rifle

Works great with Graymalkin feeding that sweet energy every turn. The card text actually reads "Exhaust Plasma Rifle and spend a Energy resource --> deal 1....", not Strength as pictured here at release. :)

DeckHardCain · 55