Toe to Toe

Toe to Toe is not for the unprepared and faint of heart, but it can be a staple card for aggression decks that employ layered strategies. In general it has 4 major situations where you'd use it:

1) Minion Control - this is a cheap way to eliminate low attack minions from the table. Combined with retaliate, it take out most HP bags. Spider-Girl also has a lot of synergy with this card.

2) Counter-attack Trap - Counter-Attack from the Black Widow pack is a card that can be set-up before it's you use Toe to Toe not only on the same turn, but as a late stage play in a previous turn. This combo can be use on larger minions with moderate attack, or the Villain themselves. Captain America or Spiderman are the best choices for this strategy as CA has retaliate for additional damage, with Shield Blocks and Captain America's Helmet for emergency stops, and Spiderman gets extra card draw and back-flip emergency stops in addition to being an AE flip away from healing back up to fill. This is it's most efficient use.

3) Stun-lock Supplement - In decks with layered amounts of Stuns (Dropkick, Mocking Bird, Hero Kit Stun) you often find yourself able to stun multiple times in a single turn. Generally this would go to waste, but Toe to Toe is cheap enough that it can be played in between a pair of Drop Kicks or the like, allowing you to avoid the precursor attack AND the Villain attack coming from the next round. This is it's safest use.

4) Aggression/Protection - As of the time of this type up, Spider-woman is the only Hero option that can pull this off. But with Protection cards like Indomitable, Unflappable, Electrostatic Armor in play and options such as Counter Punch, Preemptive Strike and Desperate Defense in your hand, Toe to Toe can not only deal it's 5 damage, but provide all the bells and whistles a defense action warrants in this situation, while getting the stat buffs from playing cards from both aspects

As a general practice, this card should be considered by retaliators, those that struggle with minion control, and heroes that have good inherent healing, hit points, or damage mitigation methods. With proper deck-building, defeating a villains on turn 3 isn't uncommon

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Black Cat

This is soon to be the hand's down best Signature Ally in the game (Written before Ant-Man and Wasp packs released)

Black Cat has a unique (or in the very least rare in the future) trait of no consequential damage when she attacks. This allows her to ping turn after turn without being taken off the table.

But, unlike Support upgrades that also do one damage, Black Cat's ally status allows her to get buffs from Upgrades. Honorary Avenger is needed to play some of these on her, but a Sky Cycle, Inspired, and Power Gloves can turn Black Cat into a board clearing, villain killing, eternally on the table terror!

Earth Dragon · 408
One ping every turn for 2? Yes please! — batman · 1

I think this is the best card of all the cards?

Hawkeye hits like a truck and is incredibly versatile, but "pays" for that flexibility with his 1 def and 9 hp. How can he hope to put out consistent damage when he can't take hits?

Mockingbird is the answer.

Hawkeye's other signatures are tightly synergized, once you have his board set up you won't have problems playing an arrow each turn. The basically leaves you free to put all your resources towards recouping and replaying Mockingbird every turn, then using her ability to block all damage from the villain.

It's bonkers. You prevent so much scheming because you're in constant hero form, you're hitting for solid damage and slinging an arrow every turn.

Even if you don't have the full engine setup and she's played more normally you can get her out, spend three to thwart 4 (which is fine value) then pay the cost to bounce her back to your hand to play her down again.

This card basically singlehandedly patches Hawkeyes glaring weakness. Play it. Love it. Never let her go to your discard.

Hawkeye's Quiver

So…in the past, I made a mistake. I said before that no, you do not shuffle. But Caleb and I have talked very recently. And we decided that anytime you search, you always shuffle. We will update the rules reference eventually…to make it that you always shuffle. – Boggs

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Mean Swing

Aside from being an affordable and thematic card for Thor, Mean Swing is a great addition to Black Panther decks, as it can target both Energy Daggers and Panther Claws (which Wakanda Forever! doesn’t exhaust).

A word of caution, though: unlike its cousin Skilled Strike, this card does not stack with itself.

Skilled Strike can played “When your hero makes a basic attack”, and this condition is satisfied whether you are playing one, two or even three copies of this card.

Mean Swing can be played “When your hero makes a basic attack”, but each copy of this card also requires you to exhaust a Weapon upgrade on your hero.

In other words, if you draw three copies of Mean Swing during your turn, you need three weapons in play to make the best of it.

If you run Jarnbjorn in your Black Panther set up you could play three copies of Mean Swing. Exhaust Energy Daggers, Panther Claws and Jarnbjorn to add +9 to your basic attack. — Novawyrm · 29