Hammer Throw

I like Thor. With every new pack I find we get cards that help him overcome his original weaknesses. Must have played a hundred games with the God of thunder.

And still, I've come to believe that Hammer Throw, his most iconic card, isn't as good as I first thought, sometimes even sub-par.


By comparison with other signature attacks, it's overpriced. I hear you say "8 dmg is equal to Swinging Web Kick and you get overkill!"

Yes. But for Hammer Throw to work, you need Mjolnir in play. That' s 6 cards needed, not 4, to pay for all of it. So it means 1.66 dmg/card... not so hot. And Hammer Throw is a dead card without Mjolnir in play.

Pinpoint Strike does what Hammer Throw does for 4 cards (I won't count "being tiny" as an actual requirement).

I feel like a cost of 2 for Hammer Throw, or maybe a cost of 0 for Mjolnir would have been more fair.

neothechosen · 1849
Sorry, need to redo math 101! That's 1.33 dmg / card. — neothechosen · 1849
I think it's a little harsh to consider the cost to be 6 cards. Mjonir isn't being played only for the hammer throw, it's a card you likely would want in play anyway. The real downside is if you want to replay the mjonir afterwards you have to spend an extra resource to get it back out - making hammer throw have cost you 4 resources (5 cards). There is potential upside in hammer throw too though, if you don't intend on replaying the mjonir afterwards then you can spend it as a resource. In this scenario hammer throw only cost you 2 resources (3 cards). — L3w15 7 · 3235
This is a bit harsh. Mjonlir will probably already be on the table, and Mjonlir goes back into your hand making this only 5, not 4. — zephyr100 · 19
Agreed on what you guys said. And yes, maybe a bit harsh. Still, by comparison it has prerequisites that comparable attacks do not need to worry about. — neothechosen · 1849
Just re-played Thor, silver-aggro against Klaw expert. Hammer throw really shines... late game. Thor really needs a lot of resources generators to make it work. Once I was set up, however, every Hammer throw was played and felt great. Maybe I just expect Thor to be too much a "pu — neothechosen · 1849
Sry , i was saying, maybe I expect Thor to be a "pick up and play" like a lot of other heroes when he's really more complex. — neothechosen · 1849
Hall of Heroes

This is a pretty situational card, it can be good on minion-heavy scenarios like Ultron or Green Goblin, but be a dead card on minion-light scenarios like Rhino or Absorbing Man.

FYI, the Response only triggers after "you" defeat a minion, per the latest RRG that means it triggers on you basic attacks, Hero abilities (like Retaliate), events that deal damage (like Uppercut or Preemptive Strike), and upgrades on your hero that deal damage (like Jarnbjorn or Energy Barrier).

It will NOT trigger on ally attacks, ally abilities (like the response on Nick Fury), upgrades on allies that deal damage (like Power Gloves), or on supports that deal damage (like Tac Team or Army of Ants).

MyLtlePwny · 18
Why do say that after the RRG, this does not trigger response from allies and other supports ? From the post on FFG: "As a quick rule of thumb, the word “you” on upgrades, events, resources, and encounter cards refer to your identity, whereas the word “you” on allies and supports does not. Hopefully, this will help clear up all that grey area." So i understand that the You from this support cards is able to be triggered by everything, since here it does NOT refer to just my identity. — z3r0cul · 1
Wiggle Room

The FAQ on this card is out of date. FFG changed the ruling, now using an event with the defense trait event DOES count as defending. The updated Rules Reference Guide was published on FFG's website, but has since been removed, you can view it on Hall of Heroes here: hallofheroeslcg.com

I am a big fan of this change, it bothered me that using an event with the attack trait counts as an attack, and using an event with the thwart trait counts as a thwart, but this was not true for defense.

MyLtlePwny · 18
This is, technically and awkwardly, not true. Wiggle Room DOES count as a defending per the new RRG, but NOT because it has the Defense trait. Traits are defined as the bold and italicized words just under the art and, by definition, have no inherent effect on game rules. The reason why Wiggle Room counts as Defending is because the ability text itself is ‘labeled’ with “(defense)”. The same is true for attacks and thwarts. The traits don’t make them count as attacking or thwarting - only the labels. — Death by Chocolate · 1
Stark Tower

(Core Set perspective) A really sweet card. Getting an armor piece back every round (while you're setting up in Tony form) means that this can act as a pseudo additional (and cheaper), Helicarrier/Avenger's Mansion (with the downside of not being as good for other players at the table).

Being able to discard armor pieces for resources (often the same piece multiple times), with the ability to grab them back later when you're ready to play them, gives you fantastic flexibility.

Blackhaven · 1
Down Time

This is my favorite card in the game. Your deck only needs one copy, and you play it when you see it. By adding just two recovery, most characters can now recover around half of their printed hit points. Recuperation becomes a better option in deck building. If you are going to recover, this card makes it a much easier choice to make. Newer players should definitely try this card.