Cost: 2.

Play under any player's control.

Max 1 per player.

Resource: Exhaust Sense of Justice → generate a resource for a Thwart event.

Quicksilver #30.
Sense of Justice

Finally, Justice gets its resource equivalent to Martial Prowess and Nerves of Steel. It combos great with For Justice, Lay Down the Law, and Multitasking which get a boost with mental resource as payment. Also, it allows you to save your Quincarrier resource for other important resource triggers that may not have a mental requirement like Concussive Blow or paying to discard attachments. As always, it's good to get upgrades and supports down to thin your deck out for all the events and fresh allies to flow more.

DoxaLogos · 155
Indeed a cool card! More limited than the carriers, but still relevant specifically, as you said, if you can save your carrier for something else! — neothechosen · 5513