Phoenix is a Beast[master]

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andyr · 4107

Phoenix and her psionic friends can control the board and minions so strongly, and thanks to The Power of the Mind she can pay for all of that control.

This deck leans into a heavy use of minions while having tools to help for times when there are no minions in play since some scenarios are very minimal with (useful) minions (looking at you, Sinister Six scenario).

Take Control

Take control of minions using Karma. Superpower Training stays out until a minion you want to control comes into play. Use Phoenix's 3 THW to finish it and bring out Mind Control. Just keep track of your ally limit because Karma, her minion, and the mind-controlled minion take up all three ally spots.

Iceman, Pinned Down, and Mental Paralysis will freeze a minion until you can get a Psychic Misdirection to force the villain to hit a minion.

Sometimes it's hard to keep a minion out and wait for an enemy attack when you have Psychic Misdirection. Take control of your fate by using Taunt to force an attack. The card draw just replaces the resources used for all of this.

Moondragon will help the beast control by causing the minion to attack someone else. The best is when you can have that minion attack an enemy with retaliate. It's like damage spread with minimal effort.

This deck has a low set up threshold in order to work. So if no minions are out, play Phoenix's already really powerful cards (especially once she's unleashed). Telepathy is a great resource sync for extra resources.

With Phoenix's 3 THW, it's rare to have a side scheme stay out longer than 2 hero phases. And if no minions come out, Psi-Flail Strike will help control the villain until those wonderful, wonderful minions get revealed.

Phoenix can control the board through minions. It's what makes her a great beastmaster.


Character Role Decks:

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Jan 14, 2024 ChocoboBai · 944

Superpower training into Mind Control is so good! I like that you have a few more ways to make use of Psychic Misdirection here, in some decks it can seem situational.

Did you consider adding Cerebro so you can search for Karma when you need to? You could probably fit in another couple of side schemes with how easy they are to defeat. Render Medical Aid could keep a minion you stole in play for longer.

Jan 14, 2024 boomguy · 221

Awesome deck. Why not include Psimitar with all the psionic cards included here? That feels more valuable to me than Telepathy.

Also, is Ever Vigilant worth a look? removing 2 from the main and readying to potentially thwart for 3 more turns Jean into a burst-thwart machine!

Jan 14, 2024 andyr · 4107

@ChocoboBai I love the idea of using Cerebro for Karma. If I ever figure out how to do versions on here, I’d definitely trade out 1 Psi-Flail Strike for it.

@boomguy you could definitely sub Psimitar for Telepathy. In my playtesting, I would rather the resource dump and damage wasn’t really a problem (probably because once Superpower Training was finished, I’d flip Phoenix). However, I definitely think you’re right that there’s good value add to include it.

As far as Ever Vigilant, it’s a great card, especially for a Phoenix readies build. It’s just hard for me because Phoenix Suit isn’t a priority for me or Superpower Training, so gaining Aerial is hit or miss. But I definitely like the card for other Phoenix decks that center around readies.

Jan 15, 2024 Telcontar · 418

I think this might be the first unironic use of Moondragon I've ever seen...

Jan 15, 2024 andyr · 4107

:D Thanks, @Telcontar. I will say, it was a point of pride to have Moondragon have a Zola's Mutate with +2 ATK attack Zola and take retaliate damage for it. Made me feel like there was hope for Moondragon yet!

Jan 17, 2024 boomguy · 221

I played this deck quite a few times and really enjoyed it! Great build. I ended up swapping in 3x Bait and Switch to get the attacks flowing more consistently, and Electrostatic Armor. I took out Telepathy, Superpower Training, and 2x The Power of Protection.

I did a deck that was similar based on my favorite hero (Vision) that was fun, but this was great! Thank you for sharing!

Jan 17, 2024 andyr · 4107

That’s awesome! Thanks for the feedback and playing it! I definitely agree that Telepathy is probably very situational. I’m taking it through an expert next evolution, and my group doesn’t have a Justice player. So extra precision thwart on side schemes is nice for us, but that’s definitely not going to always be the case.

I love adding in more attack -> benefit cards. I’m a little surprised Superpower Training didn’t hold a benefit for grabbing (or re-grabbing) Mind Control, but still awesome subbing.

Once again, thanks for playing and posting the subs that you made with it :) I’d love to play the Vision deck if it’s published because it’s been a fun play style and I don’t play him as much as I want to

Jan 17, 2024 andyr · 4107

Just kidding, @boomguy! I did play the vision deck after your comment and loved it! Link for anyone who wants to play it.

Jan 17, 2024 boomguy · 221

Glad you enjoyed the deck. Nowadays I’d have Taunt in there! Glad to see people doing cool builds like this.

Jan 17, 2024 boomguy · 221

@andyr if you like this kind of thing you should check out our podcast! It’s called Winning Hand, and you can get it anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Jan 17, 2024 andyr · 4107

@boomguy just subscribed! Thanks for putting it out there!

Feb 04, 2024 Pots · 7

Just played this in expert mastermold, ridiculously fun! Did it in expert collector 2, still really enjoyed the deck. Great build!

Feb 04, 2024 andyr · 4107

@Pots thanks so much! I’m glad this deck had fun with expert mastermold!

Apr 16, 2024 MrSelfDestruct · 8

Just wanted to call this out as one of my favorite decks I have played in this game. So versatile, so many different ways to mess with minions. I love it.

Apr 18, 2024 andyr · 4107

@MrSelfDestruct, thanks so much! Definitely made my day reading that. It’s definitely one of my favorites, too!