Aerial. Skill.

Cost: 2.

Play only if your identity has the aerial trait.

Hero Action: Ready your hero and remove 2 threat from the main scheme.

"I feel like I've got the whole weight of the world on my shoulders." — Captain Marvel
Star-Lord #30.
Ever Vigilant

Just a few words about this one, don't let the stats fool you, the card is actually 2 costed, not 4.

Now to fill the 200 words required to post this : a card that's impossible to play for most heroes, hard for the rest, with the exception of Iron Man (loves to get aerial anyway) AND, of course, Thor, who could get a second 3 ATK from this, plus control over the main scheme... (OK, I'll have to try something with it now). Mjolnir making you aerial might be useful after all (same goes for Agile Flight and Dive Bomb).

neothechosen · 9705
Dr Strange, Wasp, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Star Lord can all gain the Aerial Trait from upgrades. Spider-Woman can gain it from an event. — playgroundpsychotic · 1
All true, but also Iron Man. Still, for a lot of these characters, it's a lot harder than the sweet deal you get out of it with Thor. — neothechosen · 9705
I prefer the optimistic approach of playing dress up with my heroes. I have these fancy upgrades and I usually assume they’ll get played. — playgroundpsychotic · 1
I get it! Eventually you'll get around to play the right card. My point was only "easier for some heroes". I've actually tried Dr.Strange with it, since anyway you'll want the Cloak of Levitation in play, and with Strange's draw power you can't really be stalled too long. It combines well with casting multi spells. — neothechosen · 9705