Aerial. Thwart.

Cost: 3.

Play only if your identity has the aerial trait.

Hero Action (thwart): Remove a total of up to 5 threat from among schemes (as you choose).

Star-Lord #29.
Agile Flight

[EDIT: the cost for this card has been corrected] at 3 cost is a niche card that probably won't see much use outside, although the ability to split is nice. Compared to Inconspicuous and Giant Help, which cost 1 and 2, and remove 3 and 4 threat, respectively

So I played this card in a Spectrum deck. Spectrum has two resource generators in her Hero set and built-in Aerial, meaning this card is usually affordable, and in hero mode it is always online. And Spectrum is even a character who wants to be switching forms regularly, which means she wants big thwarts! If anyone wants to play this card, it's her. I even included 2x The Power of Justice and a Helicarrier, just to ensure that once I needed to, I could play this card and at least one other in a turn.

And in Singleplayer at least, I pretty consistently did not play it.

Now, this is specifically tested for Singleplayer, where threat numbers are always low. It might have more value in Multiplayer, where you run the risk of getting to 10-15 threat consistently. But this is my experience for this card: basically useless in Singleplayer. Crisis Averted gets basically the same review, sans Aerial.

DaLucaray · 15
I think even in single player this is helpful because you don' — erikw1984 · 6
I think even in single player this is helpful because you can distribute it among schemes as needed. You can knock out multiple schemes as once with this, especially when their threat levels are low. — erikw1984 · 6