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andyr · 4107

Hulk is a Berserker

Hulk is a berserker! So let's do damage. Lots and lots of damage.

Attack and attack and attack…

There are two main ways to do damage:

Let Hulk smash. Hulk can have high damage output, so ready him and attack. Any time you get that Hulk Smash, use it. Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Limitless Stamina will ready him so he can attack more and more.

Throw an Ally

The other source of damage is by throwing allies at the enemy. So you use Sneak Attack to bring an ally into play. Then, either use the ally or use Earth's Mightiest Heroes to have the ally ready Hulk. When they are exhausted, use Go Down Swinging to do extra damage.

Sneak Attack is just an Action!

The best part about Sneak Attack is that it's just an "Action." So you can Sneak Attack in Alter Ego using Banner's Laboratory. You just need to have Honorary Avenger equipped.

If you sneak attack Black Panther, you can grab a Go Down Swinging to be able to use right away.

And if you draw Sneak Attack and Go Down Swinging without an ally, they are both physical resources that you can use with other cards.

So go berserk and do damage.

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Mar 02, 2024 GhostWithKnife · 64

If you're familiar with MTG, there's a card called Fling where you sacrifice a creature to do damage. The fact that there is essentially a Hulk Fling deck in Champions is incredibly exciting!

Mar 02, 2024 andyr · 4107

Thanks! I love the mental image of Hulk flinging an unsuspecting Captain America at the villain :)