Death by a Thousand Cuts

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andyr · 4107

Gamora is iconic with her swords. She's definitely the Samurai. She uses her swords to tremendous effect. This deck seeks to capitalize on weapon damage.


Every samurai needs their equipment. For Gamora, you want to get her weapons, Gamora's Sword and Godslayer. If you can draw and pay for them, that's great. If not, use Superpower Training and Lock and Load to grab them. Then, equip your Honed Technique and amplify the damage.

Sword Techniques


Do heavy single damage. Gamora can do 7 damage with her basic attack when you exhaust Godslayer and use Mean Swing with Gamora's Sword. That's usually 40-50% of a villain's health in solo.


When the enemy hits you, hit back. Use Counter-Punch and Crosscounter to do damage back and use Gamora's Sword to do more damage back. On the second time through the deck, it's not uncommon to get two of those in hand. Do some damage with them, and remove threat.


Use Fusillade to do big damage. Since Gamora has two Keen Instincts to pay for everything, she can get out big damage with good resource utilization. Fusillade can exhaust Gamora's Sword, do 7 damage with Honed Technique, then do 1 damage from Gamora's Sword since it's ability doesn't cost an exhaustion.

Gamora with her swords can do many damage and spread that damage because her sword can do damage to anyone, Crosscounter can do damage to any one, and her hero ability can do damage to anyone. She can precisely finish side schemes and minions while doing big damage to the villain.

Character Role Decks:

Each of these decks are meant to be mixed and match in multiplayer with the other role decks below. Feel free to check out some of the other character roles


Feb 15, 2024 Castlefrank47 · 211

This deck is awesome, I hadn't played gamora in over a year and I ran this deck tonight. I breezed through mutagem Formula, Mysterio and venom. Excited to test it out more, thanks for sharing.

Feb 15, 2024 andyr · 4107

Thanks, @Castlefrank47! That’s super cool to hear. I’m glad it’s been a fun deck to play.