Attack. Defense. Thwart.

Cost: 1.

Hero Interrupt (attack/defense/thwart): When you would take any amount of damage, prevent 3 of that damage. Deal 1 damage to an enemy. Remove 1 threat from a scheme.

"That decision will be your last!" — Gamora
Gamora #4. Gamora #4-5.

Crosscounter is completely bananas. Cost of 2 (one card, one resource) prevents three damage, deals two or three damage (Gamora and Gamora's Sword), and removes two threat (Gamora, again). Sometimes you don't even have to pay the resource, because Keen Instincts will do that for you! Would love to have ways to get to play this more often, because it's so very good.

Fry · 242
Jocasta (new Protection Ally in Vision's pack) can pull it from the discard. you can get even more value of you let a friend bring Jocasta and you play leadership to run loads of Make the Calls and Rapid Responses! — Death by Chocolate · 4
I really don't see the appeal of running leadership for Gamora. Leadership doesn't have a single thwart event, and only two attack events which are both very bad. — chaosof99 · 19
Flow like water makes this even more bonkers. — Rocksteady1986 · 21
Fast forward 10 months, and leadership now has some bonkers attack and thwart events (Go All Out and Push Ahead). Leadership Gamora is kinda insane with stat boosts now, and Crosscounter just makes it even more awesome because now she has powerful attack, defense, and thwart events from anywhere she wants them.. — KLSanchez · 15