Player Side Scheme
Cost: 1.
Threat: 2.

Victory 0.

When Defeated: Each player may search their deck and discard pile for a WEAPON upgrade with a cost of 3 or less and put it into play. (Shuffle.)

"We'll need guns. Lots of guns." — Cable
NeXt Evolution #19.
Lock and Load

This is very easy to include as long as you have a useful weapon upgrade to get. In aggression alone, you could search a Hand Cannon for a Follow Through deck or have this be like a second copy of Jarnbjorn in your deck. There are also many heroes with powerful hero-specific weapons like Gamora with her sword, any of Rocket's toys, or 2 of Black Panther's Wakanda Forever upgrades, so this is a nice tool for those decks. These player side schemes have done an awesome job of helping you make decks built around a few specific cards be much more consistent!

Also, the flavor text is a John Wick quote right?

Stretch22 · 522
It was a quote from The Matrix, I can't remember, but it may have been referenced in John Wick as well. — Harleqyin · 1
Good call. Matrix is the original reference, but John Wick has the same line — Stretch22 · 522