Player Side Scheme
Cost: 1.
Threat: 3.

Victory 0.

When Defeated: Each player may search their deck and discard pile for an ally and put it into play. (Shuffle.)

"Blue team, rendezvous at my location!" — Bishop
Andrea Di Vito & Laura Villari
NeXt Evolution #18.
Call for Backup

I think this is the best player side scheme in the NeXt Evolution box (after Technovirus Purge). It lets players reliably summon their Voltron targets, or whatever ally they need in that moment. The ally also gets any put into play affects that don’t stipulate that they enter play “from your hand”. Beast is an especially good target, since his high cost can be a bit prohibitive otherwise, and his enters play ability lets you fish out a double resource (or a triple if you happen to be Domino) while you still have a handful of cards to use the resources on. Compared to the other PSS cards this one might be under costed, it should probably either cost 2 resources to play or more thwart to clear.

jamman39 · 7
It is so versatile. You can get Professor X for confuse, Mockingbird for stun, Beast is great like you say. You can also bypass Trait restrictions and get a Ghost-Spider or Gamora — Stretch22 · 557
For Web-Warrior heroes, this is a great way to cheat the Peter Parker ally out without having to abide by his requirements! — fbracht · 59