Superpower. Thwart.

Cost: 2.

Hero Action (thwart): Remove 3 threat from a scheme. If this removes the last threat from that scheme, draw 2 cards.

Patrick McEvoy
Wolverine #11. Wolverine #13-14.
Track by Scent

This card feels like the designers realized they did absolutely nothing for Wolverine's thwarting, so at the last minute they were like "what is he earned two cards?"

As Wolverine's only threat mitigation card, it's...passable. But that's the point, really. Wolverine isn't about the slow chess game. He moves and acts, relying on his healing to compensate for miscalculation.

So I would normally feel this card has too high a cost for a hero card. But when you take the theme into account, it lines up nicely.

Though I would have been happy for Wolverine to have no threat mitigation and replace this with another awesome attack card. You can always mitigate threat in the aggregate, lol.

MacGhille · 190
You're calling a much better version of Clear the Area merely "passable"? — erikw1984 · 6