Cost: 2.

Hero Interrupt (defense): When the villain initiates an attack against you, cancel that attack. If you paid for this card using only resources, stun the villain.

Venom #3. Venom #3-4.
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Am I the only one particularly annoyed that you can play Behind enemy lines with sense of justice, but this and savage attack seem to have their needed resource reversed when looking at Nerves of steel and martial prowess ?

Apart from that, amazing card. Prevent 2 attacks for 2 resources is amazing. Have an hellicarrier out and use venom's power to bypass the requirement for specific resources on any Venom's event, and you're golden.

Galdanor · 1
Unfortunately I don't think helicarrier can be used during the villain phase because it's an action. I've been using one enhanced physique in my decks (outside aggression which has lots of strength resources). — itsevaaan · 1