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dr00 · 40709

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Here's my latest Aggression Ms Marvel deck that I've been having quite a bit of success with. The build will obviously go through quite a few changes once Thor comes out. A few cards may seem a bit out of place, but overall it still works really well, especially for minion-heavy encounters.

I initially put this together after I heard about the interaction of Melee with Embiggen! in that it turns into a 5/5 damage attack, which is pretty great. In doing so, I also just fell in love with the way Ms Marvel plays and how consistent she is with all of her cards, like her alter-ego ability, Aamir Khan, and Bruno Carrelli. Ms Marvel already does so much damage with Big Hands and Embiggen!, and I've added the aforementioned Melee and a couple Uppercut and Relentless Assault for some added layers of damage. No Tac Team and just focusing on as many Attack events as possible to get the most value out of Morphogenetics.

Ms Marvel also manages threat quite well too, and Chase Them Down complements Sneak By and Shrink to help her consistency in dealing with that.

Hulk is mainly in the deck as a meatshield. It may seem weird to have Hulk in a deck and not plan to attack with him, but he can tank quite a few hits for only a cost of 2. When we can build a deck with more , I'd definitely advise attacking with him more. There's an equal chance of just discarding him as there is for all the other effects, but tanking a hit or two and swinging for 3 is still really solid for 2 cost.

No Combat Training because you're almost exclusively relying on your events, but if you're playing multiplayer, definitely try to squeeze a couple copies in to help other players. Both caps, She-hulk, and Black Panther especially will be using their basic actions to attack quite a bit. I would suggest taking out either Uppercut or Relentless Assault to make room for them.

The future looks bright for this deck with all of the fun cards coming in Thor's pack*, but i think there's a lot of great value here already. It's an absolute monster at clearing away an army of minions.



April 2021 Update:

A lot has happened for Ms. Marvel Aggression since this deck was first posted. Here are some of the best cards to try:



The Champions Brawn, Ironheart, and Spider-Man all make wonderful thematic and mechanically wonderful additions. Quite a few new Avengers have joined the ranks, such as Sentry, She-Hulk, Spider-Girl, Thor, Valkyrie, and Wasp. I like Brawn, Ironheart, and Sentry quite a lot personally, but most ally options are relatively side-grades of each other.


Whewlad. There's been some huge changes for the event suites for MMA. Namely, Drop Kick, Into the Fray, Moment of Triumph, Press the Advantage, and Surprise Attack are good standouts. Beat 'Em Up is also a solid event, just remember that it's not an attack and cannot be buffed with Embiggen. My favourites so far have been Drop Kick, Into the Fray, and Moment of Triumph. Although Press the Advantage looks really great (and is cheap), I'd rather be using bigger events for more damage. Surprise Attack seems tailor-made for Ms. Marvel, but you can only use it once every other turn. You can however store it on Bruno until next turn, but I like to have more agency. It is definitely not a bad choice either way though.


Hall of Heroes is the only thing to speak of that's come out that does really well with Ms. Marvel in a minion-focused deck. With her repeated trips to Alter-ego and plethora of events that can knock out a lot of minions, you'll have plenty of counters and plenty of chances to draw some cards. Boot Camp seems like a big investment for something you're likely not going to focus on.


A lot of upgrades that have been released focus on dealing damage directly or using a hero's ATK stat in some way, which don't really help Ms. Marvel since her base stats are low and direct damage from non-event sources can't be improved with Embiggen!. That said, Martial Prowess is quite an important addition for certain styles of MMA, especially ones that want to play big events, multiple events per turn, and especially things like Drop Kick that require or you're better off just playing Uppercut. The last good upgrade is Follow Through, which aids overkill events like Into the Fray and Relentless Assault.

Bringing all of this together, in my opinion there are two main archetypes for MM-A: minion-focused and villain-focused. What I want to stress is that just because one is focused on one other the other, it certainly does not mean it only does that. A primary goal of any deck is to get the villain's health to 0; it's all in how you get there.

*Villain-Focused Suite

In my view, a villain-focused deck primarily has hard-hitting events and status effects and deals with threat by racing the villain. For events, the king above all is Drop Kick, which ticks many of the appropriate boxes: high damage, stuns, and drawing cards is always fun. Don't forget Martial Prowess; this along with Biokinetic Polymer Suit means you only need one in hand to get the full kicker. To further complement that, Press the Advantage can push for more damage (and more cards!), and in a pinch, can swing for 4 with Embiggen! to help take out a troublesome minion. Mockingbird and Spider-Girl are good additions, helping to ensure that you have a statused enemy. Melee can work well if you also have to deal with high-HP minions, hitting them and the villain for 5, but the barebones skeleton should be something like:

*Minion-Focused Suite

Unlike the previous, there are actually many options if you want to focus on minions. The main events include Further options include Chase Them Down, Into the Fray, Melee, Moment of Triumph, and Relentless Assault. Chase them Down and Into the Fray reward your good deeds with removing threat. Melee of course makes a return as an option here; it's just a really versatile card, and has fun interactions with Embiggen!. You can take out two <6 HP minions or one minion and hit the boss for 5. Moment of Triumph works well with Into the Fray and Relentless Assault, healing you for any overkill damage you do. This is not absolutely vital though, as you can simply save Kamala's action to heal for 5 and spend that card as a resource instead, so it's all up to personal taste. But it's not just about events.

Although the options for supports and upgrades are quite shallow, the available options are very strong. Hall of Heroes builds over time every time your events defeat minions. With most other heroes, I generally suggest building to 6+ counters so you can draw twice on flipping, but with the frequency Kamala flips to alter-ego, you can easily draw in hero form almost exclusively. If you find yourself with an excess of counters, you can store some important pieces on Bruno Carrelli. Another great option is Follow Through, which increases the 'overkill' of Into the Fray and Relentless Assault, so if your deck includes both of these, give Follow Through a try. And finally, Martial Prowess returns as a great inclusion for an event-based deck.

For dealing with threat, there are two strong ideas. One is to lean heavily on Into the Fray in lieu of Chase Them Down; the other is using them both together as they require the same thing after all: a minion to defeat. If you focus more on Into the Fray, it allows you to forgo Shrink on your first deck pass and only go for Embiggen! and Follow Through. However, you want to go for the higher setup time (or replace Follow Through with Shrink), Chase Them Down can remove 6 threat with Shrink and Morphogenetics--which is quite strong out of aggression.

Here are some sample skeletons to get you started:

No Chase Them Down / Shrink

Chasing Them Down

Big Minion Melee


Instead of focusing on one, you can focus on dealing damage wherever you need it. Drop Kick is still the best for dealing with the villain. Into the Fray and Relentless Assault require minions and deal quite a lot of damage and waste no damage. And finally, Melee, like always, fits in just about any deck depending on your playstyle.

Here's the skeleton:

All the skeletons save the final have 8 cards. Simply add from there. And of course, it's your deck, so make your own changes and experiment! Get out there in the mosh pit and have fun smashing, champions.


Jan 02, 2020 Bronze · 257

Yeah, she can do some serious bust double playing some events. I don't find myself using Uppercut all that often since Big Hands does the job better resource cost wise and is much easier to play twice in a single turn. But it has it's moments. Melee I have found is a nice multiplayer card and like to run 3 of in those situations since it is a bit situational in some games. Nice write-up.

You like Bruno Carrelli? I don't tend to get much out of him or play him, but I like Aamir Khan and Nakia Bahadir a lot along with Biokinetic Polymer Suit. I almost don't typically run the Avengers Mansion or Helicarrier with her just cause she finds them pretty quickly, but I do run some of the new cheaper 2 cost resource generic cards to fill in some gaps. It will be interesting to see what events come out that support her as time goes on.

Jan 02, 2020 gamedog · 1

Th best use I’ve found for Bruno is to park situational until I new them: Chase Them Down or Melee when there are no minions out; Power of Protection with no aggression targets in hand. The temptation is to try to build a “perfect turn” but it’s too awkward because you need to be in Kamala form and have the right card in hand. I actually find it easier to build combos on the bottom of the deck with Amir.

Jan 06, 2020 Elhannan · 282

Bruno Carrelli is literally Ms. Marvel's solution to her hand size problem - she often can't keep in hand all the stuff she needs to, so she stores a few essential but not immediately needed pieces of her plan on Bruno. Also a good way to not cycle your deck too quickly - alongside Aamir Khan.

Jan 08, 2020 Carniceromolon · 1

Hi! I have a doubt, is mandatory to exhaust Msmarvel after use his skill?

Jan 08, 2020 Voidrift · 91

If you're referring to her Ms. Marvel ability Morphogenetics, yes. Exhaustion is specifically called out as the cost to use her ability. It is not mandatory to use Morphogenetics after you play an event. So you could play a Big Hands to get rid of a minion, but save the Morpho for Sneak By if threat is currently worse, or vice versa.

Jan 09, 2020 dr00 · 40709

@Bronzesorry for the late reply. here's what i wrote on BGG about Bruno

my best advice with Bruno is on turns where you swap from Ms Marvel to Kamala, put any extra hero action events on him. that seems to be his best-use case, but on turns where you start as Kamala Khan, one thing that really helps is:

first, use Aamir, Teen Spirit, Avengers Mansion, etc. and use all of your card draw,

second: look at your cards and costs, taking into account Ms Marvel ability, Nakia, her suit, Helicarrier, etc. after you've done that, if you realise that you'll have a card leftover that you won't be able to play, put it on Bruno before you swap

it requires a bit more extra accounting, but it takes your Ms Marvel plays from good to great, as you can squeeze out some excess stuff you wouldn't have used anyway on previous turns and pull them back for a big turn later on.

i would also point out that this is something you'd probably want to get better at doing solo games instead of multiplayer.

and all of that said, i seem to be extremely unlucky as Ms Marvel and almost always draw treacheries that force me to discard an upgrade or support, and Bruno ends up drawing the short straw every time (once he even had a card tucked away on him). i've only used him to his full potential in one game, but it felt really strong. i think i would put him down on the bottom of the list of Ms Marvel's strong cards, underneath her alter-ego ability, Aamir, and Nakia, but i also think i've been rather unlucky with him and don't fault the card, just my plays or my luck.

i might end up saying that he's really bad, but i haven't ruled him out just yet.

Jan 09, 2020 Carniceromolon · 1

@Voidrift thanks!

Jan 10, 2020 macrobat · 1

There is only two in the core set of “chase them down” are you sure it’s not 2 or do you have two core sets?

Jan 10, 2020 macrobat · 1

@dr00 sorry can’t edit my post but my question was for you

Jan 10, 2020 dr00 · 40709

@macrobatthere are 3 copies in the core set.

there is a full playset of every card in the core set, so unique aspect cards (like Tigra and Hulk) are just 1, Power of... cards (like The Power of Aggression) are 2, but every other aspect card is 3. Also, all the basic cards have 4 copies (so you can have 4 players with 1 copy of each out of the core)

perhaps you're just looking at the starter decks for Spider-man/Captain Marvel? those are just made from the existing cards. you'd have some cards left over that weren't used if you follow those. hope this helps.

Jan 20, 2020 Old Ben · 1112

I've been playing Ms Marvel/Aggression a lot recently, and absolutely love the deck. One issue I have found in solo, though, is when you're in alter-ego and draw Advance she can end up just adding all the threat to a scheme in a single turn. Against Klaw especially, not only is it possible but it's likely he'll put all 8 threat down in a single phase if you're not prepared. I've taken to adding in some copies of Emergency to counter - with Shrink it can be a very timely prevention of 3 threat going on the scheme.

Jan 21, 2020 dr00 · 40709

@Old Benhey, thanks for the comment and glad you're enjoying this too! i've also found that as a problem for solo. i generally play two-handed a lot, but i think i should try some more true solo. Rhino is another example of a villain who can seemingly win from nowhere

about Emergency, i wonder if it works with Shrink. i have a feeling that 'remove' and 'reduce' are not synonyms (as far as the game is concerned) and therefore don't combo. i couldn't find an answer though, but i'm fine assuming they work together for now. Emergency already has enough trouble as it is lol. we gotta give it something

Jan 23, 2020 thebaker · 1

Just built a pretty similar deck for my first games with Ms.Marvel - I thought Avengers Mansion felt misplaced - have you been able to make use of it in your games? (True solo).

Also, what is the explanation for Melee + Embiggen being 5/5 and not 3/3+2? (I have not really followed the discussion after the initial reveal - wanted to wait untilI I got the packs).

Jan 24, 2020 dr00 · 40709

@thebaker Avengers Mansion is a very good card. it's not a priority given that she has so much really strong card draw, but it's still really strong. i typically play 2-handed solo, but i do some true solo as well and really like it.

the ruling was given on facebook. i don't have a link to it, but it was confirmed that Embiggen! works with Melee that it essentially increases the value by 2, so it goes from 3/3 to 5/5

Jan 26, 2020 thebaker · 1

@dr00 Thanks! I agree that AM is good, but I felt I never really had time to play it in this kind of deck. But I guess when you play true solo against expert Mutagen Formula you don´t really have time for anything . . .

Anyway, cool deck, and as you write, will be even more fun after Thor.

Mar 18, 2020 Mr.Bottle · 1

I always play alone. Klaw is hard to beat. The only way is to have a Wiggle Room and some theft engine handy. The rest goes alone. My idea is to avoid the alter ego as much as possible. When I use it, it is to find the Wiggle that I don't have! The deck is amazing, they are very interesting sirens. I see tremendous use of Nick Fury.

Aug 08, 2020 MrDragonFox · 1

Just ran this build vs Green Goblin + A Mess of Things. Very strong build! I tend to shy away from aggro builds, but I really liked how smooth this rolled. I almost never felt pressured. Recurring Melee to use with Embiggen just allowed me to do so much work clearing out minions and hitting Gobbo. Almost felt unfair.

Aug 14, 2020 mistergross · 1

This is one of my favorite decks to play. Now that Hulk is out, thinking about tossing in a Martial Prowess and 2-3 Drop Kick's.

Aug 17, 2020 Mag · 12400

One of the best decks in DB history for an underrated hero.

Aug 19, 2020 dr00 · 40709

@MrDragonFoxglad you enjoyed it! Yes, i agree that aggro in general doesn't feel super great, especially solo, but i think Ms. Marvel really makes it shine

@mistergrossi was hesitant and first, but i'm starting to come around on Drop Kick. i'm still waiting for Hulk, but I'll probably update the deck after i do. Martial Prowess is definitely going in though

@Hall of Heroesyou're the best, mag <3 (also, i can comment again!)

Oct 14, 2020 captainsqually · 1

Hey @dr00any updates post Hulk?

Oct 18, 2020 dr00 · 40709

@captainsqually hey, yeah. Martial Prowess and Drop Kick are definitely great.

i was initially hesitant on Drop Kick, but Synth Suit and Martial Prowess mean you only need one physical to get the kicker, which isn't bad at all.

also Press the Advantage is not bad, especially in multiplayer if you have enough people with stun/confuse, but even without it, it's not a bad deal with Embiggen

i've been planning to do an update once Wasp hits, but I guess with the delays, I might as well do one after Ant-man and see what Aggression/other Basic cards come in that pack, so hopefully i'll do another soon and see what shakes out.

Mar 06, 2021 Sithian79 · 1

I want to try this out just based on the deck name lol

Apr 06, 2021 dr00 · 40709

@Sithian79 glad you like it ;)

also just commenting to ping everyone subscribed here, but I've (finally) updated the deck after all this time. thanks for everyone's patience. hope you enjoy the additional write-up.

Apr 08, 2021 capecodLCGguy · 7

Wow! @dr00 did the impossible - made his HoF Mm Aggro. Deck...BETTER! Thank you for this gift...signed, all of us Ms. Marvel-stans

Apr 11, 2021 dr00 · 40709

@capecodLCGguyyeah! glad i could help and glad you're enjoying it! ms. marvel truly is one of the best heroes in this game :D

Jan 11, 2022 Sky1992181 · 1

@dr00 Any new updates to this deck?

Jan 12, 2022 dr00 · 40709

hey @Sky1992181 thanks for your comment! unfortunately, not really.

As One! seems like a neat card to try to build around, and you could use it every turn with Morphogenetics, but the setup seems a bit problematic, especially with Teen Spirit dumping everything in your discard. i think it would be really fun and strong when it works, just not very consistent

i think "Fusillade" could maybe be something some day, but there aren't a lot of great weapons. Jarnbjorn is amazing, but there's only one in the deck. Hand Cannon doesn't really do much, so you're playing less valuable cards like Plasma Pistol or Pulse Grenade just to turn it on, and at that point, you could just play Uppercut or Relentless Assault without having to rely on building for it.

that said, there's an aggression version of the training cards in Vision's pack that looks like it'll be great! flip to alter-ego, place something on the bottom of your deck with Aamir Khan, then shuffle it and something else into your deck so you draw it faster. seems really solid. and i'm sure Sinister Motives will have a lot of really cool stuff when it comes out next year!