Cost: 3.

Uses (3 attack counters). (Enters play with 3 counters. When those are gone, discard this card)

Action: Exhaust Tac Team and remove 1 attack counter from it → deal 2 damage to an enemy.

Core Set #56.
Tac Team

It's a tough one to review against the other damage aggression cards because unlike the ones from the core right now, this one doesn't need to be used up the turn you get it. It doesn't do a lot of damage in burst like some of the other cards, but it still does a significant amount of damage compared to a card such as Uppercut. I tend to choose something like this over them unless I need the damage immediately because there are plenty of times in the game where that extra 2 damage can be easily put to use finishing a minion off or not over damaging other targets with some of the higher burstier cards that would be overkill.

Bronze · 225
As the difficulty of the scenario/mode goes up, it feels like tempo becomes a little more important, and efficiency a little less important. I've been taking Uppercuts over this, lots of 5-health minions running around! — Blackhaven · 3