Warren Worthington III


Aerial. X-Men.

Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Reduce the cost to play Angel by 1 if your identity has the MUTANT or X-MEN trait.

Cyclops #19.

Angel is obviously a good value - 2 cost for a 2-attack ally with 3 hp is clearly above curve. But I just find myself not including him in decks. You obviously don't want to pay the full 3 for him (maybe there's an Aerial deck that is okay with his full cost, but that seems sketchy), so he doesn't go in non- X-Men decks. In X-Men decks, there are just a lot of really good options in every aspect, and he doesn't specifically synergize with anything - he's just good value.

So, like, a C+ or B- card that goes in if you've used all the A and B+ cards already and need another ally.

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