Max 2 per deck.

Interrupt: When you spend this card to play an ally, that ally gets +1 THW and +1 ATK until the end of the phase.

Cyclops #18.
Effective Leadership

This is a strong resource card that gives you a little free value without much opportunity cost. The only issue is leadership has so many good resource cards, that you are competing for slots. If you want to play Genius, Energy, Strength, The Power ofs, Band Together, Innovation, and Effective Leadership all in the same deck, maybe with some identity-specific resource cards too or upgrades like The X-Jet, you are going to have too many turns with a hand full of resources and nothing to play. You'll just have to decide what's best for you. If you have an ally-readying strategy with Command Team or Quicksilver, Effectively Leadership does get better. There's also a little combo with Mirage.

Stretch22 · 557