Cost: 1.

Hero Resource: Exhaust Biokinetic Polymer Suit → generate a resource for an event.

"What about that polymer you were working on for the scholarship? The super snot?" — Kamala Khan
Ms. Marvel #9. Ms. Marvel #13.
Biokinetic Polymer Suit

The great thing about Ms. Marvel is that she's always capable of powerful burst thwart or damage, no matter the aspect she plays or what janky game plan the deck is on.

This + Morphogenetics essentially makes your first Big Hands or Sneak By free.

Voidrift · 86
Also you can use this in the villain phase to pay for an event to interupt. — walkecr · 1
Fantastic card. The Wild resource should also mean you always have the right resource type for cards like For Justice! or Concussive Blow, which is great. — Blackhaven · 2