Cost: 1.

Alter-Ego Action: Exhaust Nakia Bahadir → reduce the cost of the next card you play this phase by 1.

"You're too sweet, squishy muffin. You give people way too much credit." — Nakia Bahadir
Ms. Marvel #8. Ms. Marvel #12.
Nakia Bahadir

Nakia pays for herself the first time she's used and is pure value from then on out.

You'll be in alter often in order to take advantage of Kamala Khan's personae draw engine, so she's definitely one you want to see in an opener along with either Bruno Carrelli or Aamir Khan.

Voidrift · 93
If I use Nakia in alter ego and flip to Ms. Marvel, will my next card have reduced cost? — Mr.Fonts · 1
Yes — Doc7 · 2