Ms. Marvel now dominates

DukeWellington · 4931

This list honestly plays S tier quality.

Ms. Marvel is one of my favorite heroes in the game because she is totally unique from her stat line to her host of alter-ego abilities. Similarly to Black Widow, she is actually stronger in alter-ego form, which is why she shines with the justice aspect. The new cards from Scarlett Witch bring her up to her strongest level yet, as this list shows.

First, there is Multitasking, wow. It interacts with Shrink in the same way that Melee interacts with Embiggen! allowing you to remove 8 total threat from two schemes for a cost of 1! If Clear the Area wasn't already so good it would be her best thwart card. As is, I put in two copies because it's situational, a good candidate for Bruno Carrelli, along with Followed.

Second, there is Turn the Tide--the most perfect Ms. Marvel card ever, and probably the most common target for her hero ability. With Embiggen! it does 5 freaking damage for 0 cost! You will be hoping a side scheme comes out. If you need to use it twice (because you returned it to hand) you can coax the villain into scheming with Swift Retribution only to clear the area again. Sense of Justice helps pay for it all, which isn't saying much because it's all so cheap, just look at that cost curve! I actually considered cutting the double resource cards because everything was so cheap, but they help pay for the allies in the deck, especially Red Dagger.

But wait, there's more! The final card, not to be overlooked, is Recuperation. Ms. Marvel spends a lot of time face tanking and using that 5 recovery. In fact, there are games where I use her recovery more than her hero ability. Now, with Recuperation I don't have to sacrifice a hero ability to keep her ready for recovery. It's a beautiful thing.

With Wiccan and all the familiar favorites, the games I've played with this deck have blown me away. Ms. Marvel is now a dominant hero in justice, up there with the best. Once she gets set up and rolling I don't know how Ms. Marvel loses, seriously. She's a lot of fun.


Mar 08, 2021 neothechosen · 9705

I had not considered the impact of those cards on Ms Marvel, which I often overlook. Thx for your keen insight!

Mar 09, 2021 Heyenzzz · 1

Great deck!! The justice cards in the scarlet witch pack are really what justice needed. And in this deck with ms. Marvel they really shine. Dirt cheap, recurrable and great value together with Shrink.

Mar 10, 2021 adsarf · 313

Thanks for this deck @DukeWellington (or should that be 'your Grace'?). I've also enjoyed using Wiccan, Turn the Tide, and Multitasking with Ms Marvel, but I think my version is more oriented towards true solo, as I've put much more emphasis on limiting the villain's scheming:

Mar 10, 2021 608gamer07 · 1

Just tried this against Absorbing Man and easily handled him. Excellent deck! I had a blast with it. Honestly it was also my first time playing Ms. Marvel and she’s incredible!

Mar 11, 2021 DukeWellington · 4931

@608gamer07I'm glad to hear it! Ms. Marvel can be tricky to play sometimes so I'm glad you had such success on a first play.

Mar 11, 2021 Incredibul · 3242

This looks awesome!

Mar 11, 2021 adsarf · 313

@DukeWellington I tried your deck as you suggested in your comment on mine. I haven't got Red Skull so I proxied Clear the Area and substituted Skilled Investigator with Nick Fury.

First game against Ultron, Drone Factory, Invasive AI, and Ultron's Imperative came out in quick succession so any deck would have struggled. I managed to land a total of 7 damage. Kept The Crimson Cowl in play for a couple of turns by staying out of AE but once we advanced to Assault on NORAD the number of drones just multiplied relentlessly, with the effect that Ultron could complete the scheme in a single turn. Once we were on Countdown to Oblivion I could at least remove drones faster than they were appearing but not fast enough to beat the clock, and I finally fell to a humble Assault.

Tried again, because that was a fairly rough draw. On the second play through I managed to control the drone numbers better, but couldn't keep Crimson Cowl in play any better. Went AE with zero threat and zero drones only for Rage of Ultron to come out, which meant 11 threat placed on Assault on NORAD in a single turn. Had managed to get 20 damage on to Ultron by the time he knocked me out though.

I'm not claiming to be a great player, but I don't see how I could have avoided the second loss with this deck.

I'm certainly convinced that Clear the Area is a great card and will play it regularly if Red Skull comes back into print.

Mar 11, 2021 DukeWellington · 4931

@adsarfWell you just had to take her up against the one villain she struggles against. I almost noted in the write up that Ultron is her worst matchup because she doesn't have sweeping or ping damage, which I suspect you knew and chose specifically :-) It's all good though. I just used this deck to beat expert Klaw with Anachronauts, a brutal scenario, and it was rough (2 acceleration tokens) but she got the job done. This is my favorite deck right now and I'm having fun with it.

Mar 11, 2021 DukeWellington · 4931

@Incredibul you should have said "this looks incredible". missed opportunity for a dad joke

Mar 11, 2021 Incredibul · 3242


Mar 11, 2021 adsarf · 313

@DukeWellington I'm not that clever. It was just what I had on the table.

The tough games are the best ones, especially playing solo, but I'm afraid you haven't weaned me off my Under Surveillance.

Mar 11, 2021 DukeWellington · 4931

@adsarf Under Surveillance is a great card. It would have helped against Klaw and I might consider including it in the list.

Mar 15, 2021 Daringhour7 · 65

Agreed 100%. I’ve been playing old campaigns two-handed with Protection Spidey and Nerves of Steel from the Quicksilver pack alongside Ms Marvel Justice and it is a pure joy. They can do it all.

Mar 15, 2021 Daringhour7 · 65

Forgot to mention...I really like Lay Down the Law + Sense of Justice because I find my self flipping a lot and getting 6 THW w/ Shrink just feels like a great value

Mar 16, 2021 BeatDGameMC · 2295

i would consider beat them up x2 for ultron games

Mar 17, 2021 Schmendrix · 4154

Were it me, I'd probably treat the Swift Retribution slot as flex. I can't see ever playing that card, especially in solo. Against Zola or Mutagen Formula, I'd probably swap it for Stealth Strike. Against Ultron, as per BeatDGameMC, probably swap it for Beat 'Em Up.

Mar 18, 2021 DukeWellington · 4931

I can agree with the last three comments. Swift Retribution can be quite good in certain contexts, but the fact that it only damages the villain holds it back and in some matchup it becomes totally unplayable. It's a good place to squeeze in cards like Beat Em Up for matchup specifics. The other cards that can work as flex slots are Followed and Recuperation. Also, Lay Down the Law and Under Surveillance are both excellent cards that I can't argue against.

Finally, Schmendrix is a great name. I knew you were the last.

Mar 22, 2021 Daringhour7 · 65

Nice to see that the card pool now allows for more creative options. You don’t need For Justice to have an effective THW game. It’s an effective card...but man is it boring. Additionally, you no longer need “Power of” cards since there are so many 1 cost events. Can’t wait to see what the Guardian of the Galaxy packs bring us.

Mar 25, 2021 StrangeThor · 1

This was great. I was struggling with Red Skull expert vs. Ms Marvel Justice. Took him down first try with a modified version of this deck (I just took out the Swift Retribution cards, no need for Red Skull to scheme any more than he already does... replaced with Quake, Lay down the law and Under Surveillance, but I didn't end up using any of them). Multitasking and Lay down the Law were the MVPs. Thanks!

Mar 26, 2021 OrionJA · 8

I'm pretty sure you don't need Swift Retribution to double-tap with Turn the Tide. Thwart a scheme to open a response window and play Turn the Tide. Morphogenetics (as a response to playing the event) should take place inside that window and after you finish resolving Turn the Tide, I believe you come back to the "responding to a scheme being thwarted" timing.

Mar 29, 2021 DukeWellington · 4931

@OrionJAWithout an official word to contradict me, I have to disagree with you, just from your own description. You say that Turn the Tide is in response to thwarting and Morphogenetics is in response to playing the event. In my interpretation, unless I can be shown otherwise, a response timing window closes as soon as you do something else, so using Morphogenetics would close the response opportunity with the thwarting. That timing window doesn't just stay open for you to come back around. That's how I have played and will continue playing.

Mar 29, 2021 DukeWellington · 4931

Thanks to everyone for blowing this list up. I didn't expect it to become so popular. I appreciate all the feedback as well, and I have become persuaded that Swift Retribution is not good enough to include. I hope you will check out my other lists. I am excited for Galaxy's Most Wanted and I love this game :-)

Mar 29, 2021 OrionJA · 8 a developer has said you can play Wiggle Room or Counter-Punch twice on the same attack, so I don't see why Turn the Tide would be different.

Apr 13, 2021 budgetcanoe · 1

So I was never a huge Mrs. Marvel fan, mostly because I was just busy with other heroes, not because I didn’t care for her. I saw this deck after starting a GMW campaign and thought “hmm this seems like it could go well with agression QS”. So I swapped out the Swift retribution’s for some for justice and lay down the law, as well as giving QS a heroic intuition and skilled investigator in exchange for a turn the tide. Holy crap. This deck is insane, one of the best I’ve ever played with, great job! Running her with QS really doesn’t feel fair, even in expert GMW. Just so much burst damage and thwart, from either of them, at almost any time. The amount of flexibility those two have is ridiculous. So all that to say, thank you for this deck! It’s incredibly fun and I’m going to be playing two handed with those two for a while to come!

Apr 19, 2021 Daringhour7 · 65

Now that GMW is out, slotting in some Deft Focus could really ramp up the resource efficiency and damage...playing & recurring Big Hands...not to mention laying down some of her other cards on the cheap.

Apr 19, 2021 Daringhour7 · 65

BTW...I still really have no idea who Ms Marvel is but her standard kit still make her the tops.

Apr 20, 2021 Man-is-Obsolete · 3074

Just want to say that I agree Ms Marvel now dominates, especially in Justice. GMW needs a lot of threat removal and being able to play Multitasking once for 4 each with shrink, morphogenetics it back, and play it again for 2 each is just an insane combo and if you have her suit and a sense of justice in play you’d still have 4-5 cards in your hand. Just an amazing Hero, by far the most fun to play as.

May 03, 2021 Malkavian · 1

I had been using the popular Aggression deck for Ms Marvel and enjoying it, but this looks amazing. Thanks so much for posting it!

May 10, 2021 mtaylor0182 · 7

@DukeWellingtonDo you think this build will work well against Mutagen Formula? I have a decent Ms. Marvel Justice build but it doesn't handle those minions very well. I know this set up is tough against a minion heavy encounter deck but I'm determined to make it work. I'm going to try running your set up tonight.

May 11, 2021 DukeWellington · 4931

@mtaylor0182I have had a ton of success against expert Mutagen (standard is easy). Just swap out Swift Retribution as discussed in the comments, fully setup Ms Marvel before advancing to the final stage so you can burst through in 1 or 2 turns.

May 11, 2021 mtaylor0182 · 7

@DukeWellingtonI just played Mutagen expert and LOVED the play. It's super fun and challenging to determine the order I play cards. LOVED IT! Just for fun I then played Red skull two-handed with this and Rocket Leadership. Also super fun! Great build. Your insights definitely made my deck better.

May 12, 2021 Maurice_AndrewsJr · 2

Can you explain how Shrink allows you to remove 8 from two different schemes? From reading it, it appears that it would allow for 4 off of one scheme, and two off of another, instead of applying that extra two from Shrink to both instances of the thwart.

May 12, 2021 adsarf · 313

@DreamShatterah the Hall of Heroes FAQ at covers this. Same interaction as Melee.

Jun 01, 2021 sparetomato · 1


Sorry about that, but that villain/modular is the bane of my MC experience! I really find it difficult to manage. I either end up being swarmed by the Masters or threating out.

Ms. Marvel is one of my favourite heroes in the game - for the same reasons you've mentioned. I really enjoyed reading her comics and I think the implementation in the game really fits with her style. She has a lot of support from her friends in her Alter-Ego form, and in the game you're constantly switching back to AE to lean on their abilities.

Once her board state is set up, she's great fun to play, and this deck has amazing card draw and resource generation to help you get there.

Having beaten Klaw and The Masters of Evil three times with this deck, I'm definitely adding Under Surveillance over Swift Retribution to keep that safety net on the threat in pure solo, but thank you for sharing this really fun deck!

Jun 09, 2021 Vortilion · 181

"First, there is Multitasking, wow. It interacts with Shrink in the same way that Melee interacts with Embiggen! allowing you to remove 8 total threat from two schemes for a cost of 1!" Why 8? Its 6: 2 + 2 + 2.

Jun 09, 2021 Schmendrix · 4154

Both instances of Thwart increase by 2, so 4 and 4. Similarly, Embiggened Melee hits for 5 and 5.

Jun 09, 2021 Schmendrix · 4154

Does Ms. Marvel’s Embiggen work for both instances of damage for Melee?

Embiggen will add two to each instance of damage dealt by an attack, so Melee will deal five damage to one enemy and five to another


Jun 09, 2021 Vortilion · 181

Ok? Thats weird. From the text I would say it increases the TOTAL thwart/damage. Its text is very unclear then... Thanks for clarifying.

Jun 09, 2021 Schmendrix · 4154

I agree.

Jul 12, 2021 sparetomato · 1

Checking in on this deck again as I completed a clean sweep of Absorbing Man - End of game had 0 threat on any scheme, 0 minions and I even used Ms Marvel's base attack to finish the villain off.

A great opening hand saw me pull all of her signature supports and I was able to get them all out on turn 1, even being able to hide an "Energy" under Bruno as this deck is so cheap I didn't need to spend it round 1.

Turn the Tide is definitely an MVP in this deck, combining brilliantly with Multitasking. Thanks @DukeWellington for sharing.

Aug 20, 2021 ninedown · 1

oh geez I just did beat standard klaw and the Anachronauts. I had to muss with the deck a bit, put in under surveillance, take out the swift retribution, replaced with a couple of, and I feel silly saying it, but 2 haymakers and 2 crew quarters. The under surveillance was sooooo needed, and I liked having the haymakers instead of the swift retributions so I could attack minions if needed.

Thanks much @DukeWellington this deck is soooooo fun.

Also ty to @BeatDGameMCfor the heads up on the beat em ups

I wish I was cool and could hyper link the card names but this is my first post.

Oct 26, 2021 Daringhour7 · 65

Now that Nebula cards are available, I think there is another play style in Justice that works well with Ms Marvel…beating down side schemes to trigger effects.

Starting with One Way or Another, bring out a side scheme of your choosing and draw 3 cards (you have at least 7 cards now). Then beat down the scheme with Clear the Area and Shrink (if needed) and exhaust Hero to recur Clear the Area (you still have 7 cards). Then play Turn the Tide with Embiggen! for 5 damage (you still have 6 cards). In all this, perhaps you triggered a copy of Justice Served to ready your hero. Then play a full hand of cards to do whatever else you can and recur with Morphogenics again to further resource your conquest. Other cards like Followed and Making an Entrance lean into this play style and Jessica Jones pairs nicely with One Way or Another.

If you don’t have a One Way or Another available at the start of your turn it’s still easy to remove all the threat from the main scheme and start triggering your rewards.

Oct 26, 2021 Daringhour7 · 65

Thinking something like this…

Oct 26, 2021 Daringhour7 · 65

Forgive my haste…I play-tested above idea 3 times versus Midnight/Glaive scenario (it was already set up on the table) and while it won 3 of 3 before the encounter deck cycled, it was not what I would call efficient. It struggled late-game when there were no more side schemes to pull. However, it was enjoyable while it lasted and presented interesting choices as Ms Marvel gameplay normally does (unlike other heroes that feel like they drive themselves…looking at you Nebula). Bottom line: better in theory than in practice.

Feb 23, 2022 Vortilion · 181

What would you pair her with in a 2-player game? Just curious.

Feb 23, 2022 Daringhour7 · 65

Not sure what the OP would say…but I pair Ms Marvel (similar to this list) with Protection Spider-Man. He can defend for both of them throughout game with a deck list built around Nerves of Steel, Never Back Down, Desperate Defense, 3x Hard to Ignore, Unflappable, and a couple Indomitable. MsMarvel can cover all the damage and thwart by herself if Spider-Man is protecting her. Deft Focus way be a worthy sub for Helicarrier as MsMarvel has a lot of superpowers. Lay Down the Law is also good sub for Swift Retribution if you need some more thwart out of her.

Jul 15, 2022 wojciech · 7

It was hard for me to learn how to play Ms Marvel, but after a couple of games with this deck, she is a really good champ. Need to try with aggression