Cost: 0.

Response (attack): After your hero thwarts and removes all threat from a scheme, deal 3 damage to an enemy.

"Back, you rabble!" — Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch #15.
Turn the Tide

Great card addition to Justice pool for dropping damage. Also, it stacks, so you can either do multiple attacks on multiple enemies or pile upon on a single target. Great way to turn a basic thwart into an attack for better efficiency.

DoxaLogos · 179
Notably, this gets worse in multiplayer as you won't always be the one with enough thwart to finish off the scheme. Still an incredibly rate though for Justice to deal damage — Stretch22 · 273
As long as you have a thwart event or anything that can thwart and qualifies as an Action, you can always be the one to remove the last threat from a scheme, even in multiplayer. — Killbray · 3

A great card that has a wonderful flexibility in the wording of the card. As it doesn't require a basic THW action, you can utilize any Thwart event to trigger this card. You may also deal the damage to any enemy, so no restriction on the Villain, a minion engaged with you, etc.

Best of all, it is 0 cost!

My only real criticism here is the art. Wanda's chest is ridiculously enormous, from the angle of the picture her boobs look to be the size of her head. Without any support, those things would be out of control in a combat situation.

Judicator82 · 94