Cost: 1.

Hero Action (thwart): Remove 2 threat from a scheme. If this removes the last threat on that scheme, draw 1 card.

"Don't be scared, honey. Just think about how jealous the other kids will be when you tell them how Iron Man rescued you." — Tony Stark
The Rise of Red Skull #49.
Clear the Area

Of course this card is good with Jessica Drew/Spider Woman, as it's a low cost Aspect card.

I have also found it especially useful with Miss Marvel. She can exhaust her suit to play it for free, use Shrink to increase it by 2, and get rid of most side schemes (in two-player) and draw a card.

Very efficient!

Without the right circumstances I feel like this card doesn't do enough. In the right circumstances it's an A-tier card.

Judicator82 · 110
You forget that removing 2 threat for 1 cost is very efficient. :) Gaining a card back makes it even better, and that should be easy to control in a Justice deck. Plus, it is a science resource, which is always handy for For Justice, Iron Man's boots, etc. — ecamel · 11
Very efficient and an excellent card for Solo play since most Side Schemes will only have 2-3 threat when they come into play. — kneebiter · 1