Main Scheme. Stage 1
Klaw's mysterious, red-hooded employer is really the genocidal android Ultron.

Contents: Ultron (I) and Ultron (II). (Ultron (II) and Ultron (III) instead for expert mode.) Ultron and Standard encounter sets. One modular encounter set (recommended: Under Attack).

Setup: Put the Ultron Drones environment into play. Shuffle the encounter deck. Advanced to stage 1B.

The Crimson Cowl
Main Scheme. Stage 1
Starting Threat: 0. Escalation Threat: 1.
Threat: 3.
Ultron is using the components Klaw delivered in order to build an army of Ultron drones.

When Revealed: Each player puts the top card of their deck into play facedown, engaged with them as a Drone minion.

Core Set #137. Ultron #4.
The Crimson Cowl

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