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journeyman2 · 22322



The concept here is to cheat allies into play with "put into play" effects to line up Touched for economy pieces. Mill effects set up combos in the discard to increase the efficacy of a trait-based strategy. Once her economy is sorted, Rogue can play multiple signature events per turn

Note: MarvelCDB counts Touched towards the deck size, this deck is actually 40 cards not 41 cards

Rogue Rouge | Rogue Jaune | Rogue Vert

How Rogue Works

Rogue's main gimmick is attaching Touched to a character in play, gaining their traits for the round and also a bonus from Touched depending on the type of card touched


  • Overkill, retaliate, and stalwart are not traits so touching a character with those keywords, does not grant them. She must get them from the corresponding type of card on Touched or through other means
  • The traits gained from the card stay on Rogue, even if Touched moves, the character leaves play, or Rogue flips to alter-ego
    • Note that she will lose aerial if she moves Touched off an ally, UNLESS that ally itself had aerial in which case she will gain that trait for the round
  • Superpower Adaptation can only pull events of the same designation as the card that Touched is attached to
    • If Touched is attached to a basic ally, then you can get a basic event from the owner's discard pile; if attached to an aspect ally, then you can get an aspect event of matching color from the owner's discard pile; if attached to a signature ally, hero, or alter-ego, you can get a signature event from the owner's discard pile (she will not gain stalwart from touching an alter-ego)
    • Rogue can Make the Call allies from multiplayer discards, touch them, and use Superpower Adaptation to dig through the ally's owner's discard instead of her own
    • Longshot from Mojomania is owned by the scenario, and cannot be used with Superpower Adaptation
  • "Put into play" is a unique mechanic from "playing" a card that ignores that card's play restrictions. Just like how "put into play" does not trigger the when revealed effects on encounter cards, Summoning Spell and Make the Call allow for playing Ghost-Spider and Gamora, even when their play restrictions are not met
  • If Misled is coming up in the deck from Rogue's nemesis set, milling it off the deck with one of the many mill effects here will send it to the encounter discard without it ever triggering!

Hands, Touching Hands

Reaching Out

There are a couple "pockets" of cards to reach into:



Unfortunately, Rogue's signature events split her kit focus by rewarding touching the villain every turn as retaliate is always the best keyword for them. Stun, confuse, and tough are all worth much more than "draw 1 card" or "deal 2 extra points of value". The drawn card is often dead in many cases!

  • Bulletproof Belle is the real culprit that splits Rogue's kit. Easily her most effortlessly strong card, stopping 2 attacks any time it's played, and in multiplayer defending for multiple players since it can draw an attack away from another player. As a bonus, you'll get two pings of retaliate in most cases. The problem is: you never know when you will draw it! So often the best play just becomes: put Touched on the villain, status it with one event, and hope to draw into Bulletproof Belle, rinse and repeat. It's a pretty boring loop and can't even be manipulated with Superpower Adaptation since pulling it off Gambit leaves it unplayable, as Touched isn't on the villain!
  • On the other hand, Energy Transfer is her most flexible card. Being able to move Touched lets her do both trait-oriented and signature-oriented plays in the same turn! Granted, she will need economy setup to support this, hence the object of the deck. Readying Rogue for 2/2 is very flexible, more so once Rogue's Jacket is out to make her 3 ATK (you'll likely not be damaging a friendly character other than Spider-Ham, so her 3-THW is inaccessible with Energy Transfer). The heal is much appreciated since she'll be taking attacks, and the free 2 damage really turns this into: "heal 2, deal 2, thwart 2", which is great value!
  • Goin' Rogue is her next best event, able to target any scheme while still confusing the villain. Confuse helps her flip to alter-ego, granting her an additional card and a use of Weapon X, which is very key to her early game economy. Deft Focus and X-Gene are primarily here for these three events.
  • Southern Cross is pretty limited unfortunately. It does very little to help maintain board state, as dealing 6-8 villain damage is very low priority. Needing to target the same enemy with its damage and stun effects makes this lesser than Goin' Rogue and a worse Web-Shot. Often times this amounts to 4ER for a stun, which Rogue just can't afford until the late game

One, Touching One

We need some serious +1s, because Rogue has an economy problem, see caveats section down below. From experience, Rogue needs about two additional economy cards to start feeling like a normal hero, as a kit full of 2+ cost cards leads to turns of "play one card, make a basic action, and pass". It becomes very difficult to play trait-strategies when she can't line up allies and also play the trait-matching cards in the same turn

The goal here is to line up enough +1s to be able to start affording more card plays. Redundancies are in place to maximize the chances of propping up her economy, even if some of these are milled. Knowing what ally+economy trait combos are still left in the deck (or playable from discard) is very important to piloting this deck well or deciding when to Summoning Spell. All of these have pros and cons, but with enough overlap she can get her engine going!

  • The X-Jet is expensive, but playable right away with the bonus of being useful in the villain phase for Bulletproof Belle, but the downside of being dead while in alter-ego
  • Helicarrier is useful in both forms, but doesn't help with Make the Call or Bulletproof Belle
  • Clarity of Purpose is cheap and unrestricted, but costs health and isn't usable in alter-ego. Energy Transfer can help heal off the accumulated damage
  • Deft Focus works on 8 of Rogue's events, but not being usable on Bulletproof Belle is a drawback
  • X-Gene is useful to pay for Bulletproof Belle in the villain phase, but being restricted to signature events and only being playable in alter-ego are HUGE drawbacks, so this should never be the primary economy option
  • The Sorcerer Supreme grants card draw rather than resources, which is generally superior and can help keep Rogue in hero form. Its low-cost and ease of access with all the ways this deck recurs Kaluu makes it shine
  • Quincarrier is easily the least restricted economy option, working on every card in the deck and being pretty easy to set up with continuous Kaluu access, but affording a 3-cost card from hero form can hold it back
  • Ingenuity is another great unrestricted economy option that is cheaper than Quincarrier and also works with Bulletproof Belle. A 6 resource turn with both this and Beast (or Make the Call into Beast), can result in an instant Ingenuity off the double resource that Beast pulls, making this a go-to option. Beast's up-front cost makes this harder to set up than Kaluu in most other situations.
  • Web of Life and Destiny is another source of card draw, the best exhaust target for Across the Spider-Verse, and grants access to playing Ghost-Spider normally (rather than "putting her into play"). It can be played for free once Ghost-Spider is out, but is limited to only granting resources on turns where she leaves play
  • Weapon X is a key source of mill, but also gets Rogue's Jacket, Gambit, and Superpower Adaptation very reliably, the former are playable in alter-ego and the latter when flipping up. The damage can be healed off with Energy Transfer. The main drawback is being only playable from alter-ego

Note that in multiplayer, Rogue can touch a mutant alter-ego to be able to play X-Gene and Weapon X from hero form, making them much easier to get down

Good Times Never Seemed So Good

  • Team Training extends the "good times" with our allies. An extra hp is an extra turn where Rogue can draw into the matching trait card. For example, after playing Beast, Rogue now gets 3 turns instead of 2 to draw into Ingenuity, a 50% odds increase!
  • Rogue is going to be eating a lot of attacks, since chumping her allies means not using them for their traits. Extra ally hp means she can sometimes basic defend and still not have to worry about threat or damage thanks to allies taking care of it


Pour Some Sugah on our Multiplayer Partners!


Rogue excels most in multiplayer with multiple discard piles to tutor from. Unfortunately, most of the time her own events are better to grab than anything else, and being able to grab an event at a time that 1) it is playable and 2) she can afford it is very difficult to accomplish. Stalwart on command is also not beating out the status utility of putting Touched on the villain. If built with a specific partner in mind though, she can really shine! A Protection partner can pass her a Dauntless for instance!

I've put together a handy spreadsheet analyzing multiplayer partners for Rogue, primarily looking at:

1) What traits does the hero bring?

2) Does the hero have aerial access so she can get aerial+stalwart at the same time?

3) Noteworthy events in bold

4) Does the hero have a signature ally, and what traits does that ally provide?

5) Does the hero have superpowers in kit that Rogue can play with her own copy of Deft Focus (after taking them with Superpower Adaptation)?

From this analysis, and having run a few of the combinations I've come up with some ideal and not ideal pairings:

Top Characters Rogue Likes:

  • Spider-Woman

    • Rogue gains access to events and traited allies from 2 aspects!
    • Plenty of superpowers!
    • Can ready SpW out of turn by stealing Self-Propelled Glide, even giving Rogue aerial!
    • Pheromones is a pretty darn good event to steal!
  • Adam Warlock

    • Access to events and allies from all aspects!
    • Good superpower cards that even mill her deck!
    • Access to mystic events of all colors, that also mill her deck!
    • Superpower Adaptation->Quantum Magic->anything from her discard!
  • Storm

    • Storm with her cape out and Hurricane in play means Rogue will simultaneously have retaliate, stalwart, and aerial for her events!
    • Stealing Storm's events can even trigger the special on her weather cards!
  • Star-Lord

    • Ability to gain the guardian trait in addition to the trait on all of the allies he runs, basically turning any ally into a useful dual-trait ally!
    • Gaining the guardian trait is great for Blaze of Glory!
  • Scarlet Witch

  • Honorable Mentions

    • Vision (through his signature ally) and Miles give her access to strong dual-traits! Rogue can even trigger the specials on Miles' identity with his events!
    • Gamora gives her access to events from multiple aspects!
    • Venom grants her strong events and Locked and Loaded that can tutor weapons in a weapon-based Rogue deck!
    • Doctor Strange is generically strong with good traits and Master of the Mystic Arts to trigger his Invocations!
    • Rogue can steal Defender of the Nine Realms to set up Get Over Here! here for a Thor partner!
    • Perhaps my personal fave: Rogue can use Parental Guidance to put Bulletproof Belle underneath George Stacy for Ghost-Spider!

Top Characters that Like Rogue:

  • Groot

    • Rogue can place growth counters on Groot!
    • Rogue can then steal max strength Groot events!
  • Nova

  • Cyclops

    • Touched on the villain means Cyclops' Optic Blast is always active!
    • Rogue gets access to his Psionic traited ally and can also use his Tactical Brillance to grab tactics from her discard!
  • Spider-Ham

  • Ironheart

    • Rogue can place progress counters on Ironheart!
    • Rogue can recur "Go for Champions!" for the both of them!

Worst Rogue Pairings

What are your thoughts on the best and worst Rogue partners?

Other Cards and What Not to Include

Various "40th cards" have cycled in and out over the months

  • Team-Building Exercise is actually quite bad, as most trait-specific upgrades and supports don't actually have the related trait themselves. Already needing the trait in order to activate TBE, doesn't help very much and sacrifices the opportunity to put Touched on the villain
  • Rapid Response can help keep Kaluu or a traited ally in play
  • The Power Ofs help offset her economy
  • Adam Warlock is another Mystic traited ally with a neat ability, but Kaluu's dual-traits, lower cost, easy access, and survivability lead to him being cut
  • Maria Hill is a fine 40th, but isn't the best hit off Summoning Spell due to lack of good traits
  • Black Panther is completely unnecessary thanks to Superpower Adaptation
  • Spiritual Meditation should always be a consideration for a Mystic deck, but no basic mystic allies means that it can't be pulled from Superpower Adaptation
  • Moon Girl is theoretically great if Rogue can ever get Ingenuity, Quincarrier, and The X-Jet in play at the same time, but requiring Beast to already be in play sinks her
  • Honorary Guardian helps to play Gamora naturally and the extra health is appreciated when face tanking to save the allies, but needing Gamora to already be in play was too difficult and the opportunity cost of putting Touched on the villain or another ally was high
  • Beauty and the Thief is hard to recur since it relies on having both Gambit and a basic ally out

Rogue Caveats

Skip straight to the comments if you want, the remainder is existential Rogue design analysis

I was so excited upon the Rogue reveal that she became the first hero I played on the same day as reveal. I was ready for Spider-Woman's reign at the top of my list to be seriously challenged by another hero with creative and free flowing deckbuilding. But Rogue has some serious shortcomings that will become more apparent once she becomes more widely available. Here are some takeaways of three months of testing with her:

  • Rogue has the worst economy in the game (aside from arguably Hulk). Her kit is 31 total resource cost, or about 2 resources per card (I'm estimating Superpower Adaptation at being 2-cost most of the time), without any resource cards, abilities, or upgrades
    • For comparison, Hulk's kit costs a total of 30 and he has both a resource support and triple resources, though lacking in hand size. Still, not a great comparison for Rogue to have
  • Not being able to move Touched except with Skin Contact or Energy Transfer is incredibly limiting. To make matters worse, Rogue's kit has more benefits for not touching friendly characters, splitting her focus. Rogue is often at odd with her own aspect cards, compared to a hero like Spider-Woman, who is incentivized to play her aspect cards

These two major shortcomings leave her actual play to leave something to be desired compared to her theory crafting. A severely restricted economy and split kit make running any trait-focused builds difficult

  • For instance, a deck focusing on a single additional trait is usually inferior to running a hero that has that trait already, and makes multiplayer a fight over who gets to play the unique cards of that trait.

  • On the other hand, a deck filled with multiple traits has difficulty lining up those traits with any consistency, drawing dead hands.

I ran into limitation after limitation after 50-something test plays across various decks, aspects, and traits; usually resulting in frustration and disappointment. The most success I've had with Rogue is to play her completely ignoring the only unique thing she brings to the table; statusing the villain like a discount Miles Morales and ready-stacking with 3-stats from Jacket, using Utopia and Ever Vigilant; while Dauntless gives her retaliate and Med Team Gambit gives her reliable event recursion in the same vein as Team Training Kaluu in this deck.

But not leveraging her trait ability in any way is not interesting to me. For me to be satisfied I need:

  • A build that utilizes more than one trait (so as not to be inferior to a hero that naturally has that trait), but in a manner that is unique and successful to her

I'm presenting this deck as what I consider the best way to leverage her uniqueness for all you fellow Johnny players out there! Hope you fellows enjoy it and see you at the next convention!


Feb 24, 2023 dr00 · 42059

ROWYCO: Rock Out With Your Call for Aid Out

Feb 24, 2023 InigoMontoya · 4362

Love this deck even if we disagree on Rogue in general! :)

Was it confirmed that Rogue can trigger Miles' events? If so, I think that pushes him to the top of the list for me. If you can pull off Venom Blast or Spider Camouflage, you don't really need retaliate to trigger Rogue's status effects.

Feb 24, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4709

You think Sweet Caroline, and I think “I Believe in a thing Called Love” by The Darkness and it is really stuck in my head now!

Feb 24, 2023 neothechosen · 10380

Very cool!

Feb 24, 2023 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7920

I appreciate the candid reflection on Rogue at the end. I've found this the same so far, and feel like her best way to play effectively is to put Touch on Gambit with a Dauntless so that SPA can pull her Stun/Confuse based events over and over. Very much like Miles like you said...

I also found that I tend towards readying effects too. One cool version I've found was to play Victor or Jocasta as both have Android and Avenger tags. Then I can use Reboot or EMH (plus Ever Vigilant) on myself if I touch one of them instead of Gambit for extra activations. Additionally, Jo can store Bulletproof Belle which is the best defense card since Vision's Mass Increase IMO.

Feb 25, 2023 ripb3 · 50

That Ghost-Spider interaction is pretty nuts. Great writeup!

Feb 25, 2023 ArielFriedrichGauss · 14

How can you play Gamora? You need the Guardian trait from another source to play her, right?

Feb 25, 2023 NocturnalAnimal · 16975

@ArielFriedrichGauss Make the Call gets around that as you put the ally into play, you’re not actually playing them. So any requirements as such are ignored, you just pay the ally’s cost.

Feb 25, 2023 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7920

@ArielFriedrichGauss Additionally, Summoning Spell also 'puts into play' as opposed to 'playing'

Feb 25, 2023 journeyman2 · 22322

@dr00 LOL

@InigoMontoya I think Miles has a real argument! It was confirmed in which I sent in while working on the partner spreadsheet haha. So maybe he boots Scarlet Witch or Star-Lord out of the top 5?

@Mikepelf brb while I delete the write-up and do it again

@neothechosen Thanks dawg!

@teamcanadahockey2002 I'm glad you appreciated it, cause I almost deleted it entirely! Seems like we've had similar experiences too. Don't remember if this made it into the final cut of the write-up, but I found even trait readies were worse than just Utopia+X-Men since Utopia doesn't have the opportunity cost of putting Touched on an ally. Bulletproof Belle is insane and because of that really splits her kit. You can't even give yourself Retaliate to trigger it, you must put Touched on the villain.

@ripb3 Thank you so much!

@ArielFriedrichGauss See what @NocturnalAnimal and @teamcanadahockey2002 said! If you look in the FAQ section of the write-up, it explains how "put into play" ignores play restrictions! So Summoning Spell spam can get her into play (and then she'll immediately draw a card and will for the next 2-3 turns as well), or you can Make the Call for her when it is the right situation to do so! Sometimes she can draw you Summoning Spell as well!

Feb 25, 2023 Arczi · 1

Very solid deck for very solid and interesting Hero. My first deck with Rogue and I will definitely try it not once.

Feb 25, 2023 journeyman2 · 22322

@Arczi Thank you so much friend!

Feb 26, 2023 ArielFriedrichGauss · 14

@journeyman2 whoop I overlooked that part, thx for reminding!

Feb 26, 2023 Floecki93 · 2

Thank you for this deck. Played it two times against Klaw and this deck is nothing for me. Everything goes around having one card in play to play the others because of the trait (for example mystic). It‘s not my kind of playstyle. Maybe i’m too dumb to play that. But thank you for testing.

Feb 27, 2023 journeyman2 · 22322

@Floecki93 This deck has a very unique playstyle, so I can see it taking some getting used to for some.

You want to mill heavily into the discard while being aware of what is left in your deck. For example, half your deck is in the discard and you know Ingenuity is coming up in a turn or two? Make the Call for Beast, and in 1-2 turns, play Ingenuity. If you have Ingenuity already, it’s even better because now you can play it with the double resource Beast got you.

If you have Ingenuity in hand and Beast still in the deck? Attach Touched to Kaluu and play Summoning Spell to hit Beast, then next turn, play Ingenuity!

One difficult decision point is that touching allies is a huge tempo cost, since it is one round where you are not statusing. So knowing when to keep statusing the villain and when you can take the tempo hit to touch an ally is delicate and will take experience with the deck. The tempo hit will pay off over time as Rogue slowly improves her economy and board state!

Hope this helps!

Feb 27, 2023 journeyman2 · 22322

@Floecki93 I should add, Superpower Adaptation smoothes it out a bit too. If Summoning Spell didn’t hit Beast? Use Superpower to play it again and hit a second ally. If you deck out, even better because now Kaluu will be in the discard and ready for you to Make the Call on. If you draw Summoning Spell before Make the Call, no worries because you can get it back later with Superpower. And every ally that misses the shuffle just means you know with more certainty what Summoning Spell will hit.

For example, in the scenario where you play multiple Summoning Spells, hopefully you also line up the matching supports/upgrades with those allies, meaning that Summoning Spell is more likely to hit allies you still need to see, on the second deck pass

Feb 27, 2023 NocturnalAnimal · 16975

Really clever deck, I have to say. I’ve been back and forth with regards to what to do with Rogue, and havn’t given her too much thought. Having read through your excellent write up though, I’ll for sure be giving this a bash on the table!

Feb 27, 2023 NocturnalAnimal · 16975

Also, I can’t get that gosh darn song out of my head now! Ha

Mar 02, 2023 MikeyG242 · 1

Fantastic write up and analysis thank you for doing this. I tried this deck tonight and had the same frustrations as you. It was 'fun' in theory but nothing really quite lined up enough for me to win against Expert Ebony Maw. I was really excited to play the deck but from a power level standpoint on solo it just didn't crack it unfortunately.

Mar 03, 2023 ChocoboBai · 1055

Will have to try this out soon, looks like the best way to use multiple traits without having to rely on other players.

Reading through this is a great place to start for building Rogue decks in general. The points about her economy and splitting touched between villain / ally are important.

I'll have to try out some of your recommendations for heroes to pair with her too!

Mar 05, 2023 Erathis · 16

Considering how far this deck goes to get every little piece of card draw/resource generation it can, I'm surprised Moira MacTaggert didn't make it (and didn't even get a mention). It's basically a second The Sorcerer Supreme without the Mystic requirement (assuming you flip every turn, which you want to do for Weapon X anyway).

Nick Fury also looks pretty good here. Given how many "dead" card you have in the deck (if you're missing the correct trait), having Nick available to toss a bad hand and draw a fresh three seems quite worthwhile. Plus a big draw like that helps find cards you're looking for (ie have Beast in play, draw three to try and find Ingenuity, ect...). He's also a pretty good hit off Summoning Spell.

Mar 14, 2023 journeyman2 · 22322

Thanks @NocturnalAnimal! Was definitely doing a lot of humming while writing

@MikeyG242 Glad you're enjoying it! Though I'm surprised that Ebony Maw is giving you trouble, as this deck cleared much more difficult scenarios for me. I'll have to try that match-up now and see what the issue is

@ChocoboBai Thank you so much! You've had some eye-catching ideas yourself recently

@Erathis Moira is specifically a multiplayer card for me except in select builds. This deck just doesn't flip enough to utilize her and I would rather have better resource gen. In contrast, Weapon X is getting two cards every flip, vs Moira's one, mills cards into the deck, and is a great early game card to get the engine rolling, all for less cost!

Nick Fury was actually in the original draft! For the exact reasons you said. I ran into a few problems with him however. Namely, I don't often want to dump my hand on him if I have one of the combo pieces and I'm trying to dig for the match. Or often, the cards you draw still don't leave a playable card in hand (expensive/situational Rogue cards, trait cards that are unplayable etc). He is great to draw 3 off Spell, making it resource neutral, but hitting him means not hitting a trait ally to set up the match. Professor X makes it in because he actively aids with not putting Touched on the villain by allowing us to confuse and thus making Goin' Rogue better with the ally option. I don't think Nick is wrong for the deck, but he does get in the way of the concept a bit. Most decks are usually better with him in them!

Mar 14, 2023 Erathis · 16

I don't get the argument about Moira/Weapon X. If you're flipping down to use Weapon X regularly (I don't really see why you wouldn't since as you mentioned Weapon X is very good) then you're getting the benefit of Moira too. If you're not flipping down then Weapon X does nothing and probably should be something else. They don't compete with each other/need to be compared against each other, they go together.

Mar 15, 2023 journeyman2 · 22322

@Erathis Thanks for weighing in! Weapon X is best in the early game, it takes the place of an AE support (Rogue is one of the few heroes without one), accelerating the deck's goal: milling things to draw into Superpower Adaptation/Make the Call (even getting us SpA right away!). It gets us set up with better resource generators, that eventually replace its own usefulness. I don't really see them as not competing, since Weapon X gets us 2x the resources of Moira for 2/3 the cost. It pays itself off the turn after it is played, while Moira needs 3 flips to alter-ego to do the same. Being down 1 card the turn it's played vs 2 cards is a huge difference when trying to afford a trait-based strategy with Rogue. The difference with Sorcerer Supreme, is that once Sorc is out, there isn't much reason to flip to alter-ego anymore.

This is a pretty tight list, and I'm not sure I'd drop any card without making a sacrifice somewhere. When compared to the other generators, Moira just doesn't cut the mustard, except in multiplayer, where at least one player is likely to be in alter-ego all the time. But usually I'd recommend a player with better economy than Rogue to be the one to bring her.

Mar 18, 2023 Arczi · 1

Sp far the only Rogue deck I've tried and I really enjoy it. It is a bit tricky, because sometimes you just want to play some card, or ally, and you can't, but still it has so many possibilities, it makes the game very interesting.

Apr 01, 2023 Zenclix · 1

Looks like a fun deck, thanks for posting. Question, I understand how Gamora and Ghost Spider get into play, but how is Quincarrier played? Thanks again!

Apr 01, 2023 Zenclix · 1

Ahh I think I see. Touched on Kaluu?

May 07, 2023 Menegod · 8

Lovely deck, tried out and it was hella fun. Non the strongest deck in mc, but that's i not a problem (don't think rogue is one of the strongest heroes). It is absolutely one that make you think a lot and use her uniqueness at its best. The only thing I didn't like is prof X that can slow you down a bit if you pull it out too early with a tutor effect.

Jun 24, 2023 eapfel · 1

Great deck! FYI, it's been recently ruled that Touched counts as part of Rogue's deck (yes, I know it doesn't make sense), so the 41 count is correct on this deck.

Aug 22, 2023 Immanent · 1

will digging deep and white fox fix the economy issues of this deck?what changes would you make to include them?