Aerial. Mystic.

Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 1.

Response: After Adam Warlock attacks or thwarts, discard 1 card at random from your hand. If that card's printed resource has:

- Remove 3 threat from a scheme.

- Heal 3 damage from an identity

- Deal 3 damage to an enemy

- Choose one of the above.

Star-Lord #11.
Adam Warlock

How does this card interact with Rocket Raccoon'salvage ? I guess we can apply both effects, in any order you wish, right ? (in this case, it's OP)

Munegu · 8
Wow, I did not consider that! Indeed,it seems that you get both effects. The only downside is you lose salvage and its effect since it is discarded and not "spent". I guess it depends on you needs, but I can see how your idea is very appealing. — neothechosen · 10156
Exactly, you lose the "spent" effect. But might be funny. You can even play around Air Supremacy/Schadenfreude (Rocket might be Aerial) to have fair combo — Munegu · 8

I've built a couple of decks around Adam Warlock now, after I learned the trick from @Jistme's Hulk deck (https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/11145/hulk-adam-warlock-united-we-stand-1.0). If you have a deck which is really built around a single energy type, then he can be very reliable in the effect he produces. For Hulk the gives powerful thwarting, which Hulk really lacks (https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/11373/two-fist-fighters-1.0), for Captain Marvel the gives great healing power (https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/12493/captain-marvel-cosmic-energy-1.0). I haven't done one with yet. Wasp might be a good choice, but dealing 3 damage is less powerful than either of the other two.

He is such a fantastic ally that I can't see myself getting the Adam Warlock hero to the table very often. Spectrum has 6 in her hero kit though, so that is appealing...

adsarf · 359
Couldn't just play your cards before using Adam Warlock, leaving the card you want to use as the only card to play? That way you wouldn't have to manipulate your whole deck to use the ability to want to use. — ManNtheArena · 16
Nova also has a lot of Wild, which could make it interesting — Revan3421 · 1

This ally is less chaotic than I assumed at first glance now that I've learned how to use him:

  • His ability is a Response, not a Forced Response, so you can choose not to trigger it.
  • You could fill your deck with the resource icons you want the most, but a better way (IMO) is to play out your hand until you have one card left which has the icon you want to discard.
  • That said, Heroes who load their decks with specific icons can be quite good. Captain Marvel in particular may be a good candidate because she wants lots of icons anyway. She can take a hit and heal fairly easily with Adam Warlock on the table.
  • I'm running this in Rocket Raccoon right now, and I don't mind holding a Salvage back for the discard because it produces two effects (unless there's a ruling somewhere that says it doesn't). Salvage's own ability won't trigger, but I'm also running Beast (and Rapid Response) so that I can get it back in the same deck pass (possibly twice).
  • Any deck which runs multiple cards with a icon can use this to great effect too. Black Panther may be another strong Hero candidate because of his three Vibranium (which you can also get back with Beast) and two of his Wakanda Forever! also have , although you should be playing those rather than discarding them methinks! His Ancestral Knowledge lets you shuffle cards back into your deck as well, giving you multiple ways to get the discarded cards back.

I'm having a lot of fun with Adam Warlock in Rocket Raccoon right now, but I may revisit the core heroes with him as well!

Can you choose not to fire the ability? Or you have to discard whenever you attack?

I have been searching for this, but not being able to find a response

Its not clear the ruling, they have to improve the rules reference

feliara8 · 2
I would assume you have to. It's worded very similarly to the hulk ally who clearly is mandatory. — L3w15 7 · 10749
Hulk is FORCED response, Adam not. Has a simple Response. With Adam you can choose. — AndreaGPL88 · 1
Yes, the rules are explicit. ‘Response’ abilities are optional unless they are a ‘forced response.’ — Death by Chocolate · 4